Tube Talk: Mad Men: New Business


Its time for new business as Don deals with some old faces.


Mad Men: Season 7: Episode 9: New Business: GRADE: A

Don seems to be dealing with women of the past again this week. Last week it was the ghost of Rachel and now its Megan and their divorce. We get to see Betty for a brief moment who is getting her masters is psychology since people like to talk to her apparently. Yeah I don’t see it either. The proceedings of their split seemed like a mutual thing when agreed but money of course has gotten the better of them in their proceedings. Allowances and all and well she comes along with her mom and sister to get her things from Don’s place. This whole portion of the episode is great mainly for Jessica Paré’s performance as we see what we’re used to in a upbeat, more positive Megan transform into an angry, bitter version of herself. She’s just getting all her things form Don’s while dealing with her mom, Marie, and her sister. Marie in this episode is so full of bitterness herself she could power a nuclear plant with it. She keeps dissing at Don any moment she can for what he’s done. Megan is so relieved when she gets to leave and have lunch with Harry Crane about getting some more roles, but of course Harry turns this more into a chance to try and finally nail Megan, which Harry relates as to why she isn’t getting that many parts right now. Things take a worser turn when Megan sees that Marie has bribed the movers to take all of Don’s furniture out and needed Roger to help with the bribe, well before they defiled the place. What a great day to have your mom comment on your failed marriage while she sleeps with another man.

Seeing how Megan just keeps getting shit on shit piled on her is fascinating by the time we get to her and Don’s meeting where she states, “I wasn’t going to give you the satisfaction of knowing you ruined my life.” Don writes up a $1 million check and Megan is free. Megan is so done with giving any fucks she’s barely phased when her sister tells her Marie is leaving their dad for Roger. Megan is finally free, but her happiness came at a price that she will always remember and that was the most fascinating part of the episode that still stayed with me after watching it. Don has ruined Megan on love and marriage. Don went about this all wrong, ignoring Roger’s advice while trying to give Pete, who looks more punchable in golf clothes, advice on rebuilding life after a failed marriage, but yet he seems to have kept his promise and took care of Megan. He wasn’t trying to do anything to hurt her, he just wanted what was best for her in the situation.

Speaking of Don, he and the rest of us get to know a little more about Diana the waitress. Don can’t seem to get her out of his mind and tries to get to know more. Diana seems to be cut from the same cloth as she’s had a troubled past. She had a child die and she abandoned her other child with her father back in Wisconsin and Don appears to be the way she forgets about it. She doesn’t want him dragged down in her emotional baggage, thinking he hasn’t dealt with this sort of thing. Don still wants this, he wants her. Don’s the most level headed and well adjusted character in this whole episode in all honesty. Don’s become more fascinating by the episode on Mad Men and this week’s was no exception.

Oh and we get a surprise return of Linda Cardellini and Syliva Rosen as she, her husband, Don, and Diana share an elevator. Awkward.


The main subplot involves Peggy and Stan working with much talked about photographer Pima Ryan (Mimi Rogers) for a vermouth commercial. What Stand doesn’t care for about Pima is what Peggy does as she sees her ambitious self inside of her. She too could give less a fuck what men think of her. What I loved most about this is how vulnerable we get to see Stan be as he is clearly intimidated  by her work. Seeing another side of Stan via Jay R. Ferguson’s performance was great to see as he and Peggy light up the screen together but his chemistry with Mimi crackles, especially in the dark room. Mimi Rogers brings such a force with her as Pima, an ambitious woman who is aggressive in what she wants and knows how to go and get it. Peggy admires this until Pima seems to try and seduce her. Its a nicely done moment that conveys the awkwardness perfectly. Her seduction gets Stan to loosen up after they do it in the darkroom, but Peggy says she won’t be giving her another job.

This was great to watch in how Pima up-stirred Peggy and Stan and what this could do to them going forward in the season. They don’t know what to think now and need to figure out how to deal with that.


Mad Men has one its finest episodes in a while dealing with worlds being up-stirred for many of our characters and how it affects them and will. Don is ready for a true final chapter in his life and seems to want it in Diana so I’m interested to see if she stays around. I honestly think this season could be going anywhere so I’m not making a guess as to how it all ends.

Tube Talk: Mad Men: Severance


So many characters feel like they’re under severance as start driving down the road to the last episodes of Mad Men.


Mad Men: Season 7: Episode 8: Severance: GRADE: A-

Ah it feels good to be back in…April 1970? Yes people we have truly escaped the decade that was the 1960s. I have to say that was something I honestly didn’t see coming. I thought the final scene would be seeing whoever was left by the series finale transitioning into the 1970s, but this was a pleasant surprise, even if it did confuse me through a good part of last night’s premiere before I re-watched it to make sure I got my shit right.

Looking back upon the episode one must ask the same question that Peggy Lee did when her song played in this episode, “Is That All There Is?” Which has also been a long standing theme in Mad Men of each character in one way or another what this all means and we get more of that with this premiere.

The opening after the credits this week was a delight in how much its a classic Don Draper moment to be with a model for a possible mink advertisement and he uses his greatest weapon, his words. His seductive charm, just pouring on word after word and she is hooked on it then you pull back and see its in an audition. Also not surprising is that Don is right back to a different woman every night, which begs me to ask if Waterloo is truly the last we’ve seen of Megan, because at least one more appearance or an epilogue for her would be great to here. Maybe a better fate than one of Don’s familiar flames, Rachel Menken. Don suddenly is thinking about her, seeing her in the face of another model trying for the mink ad. Its weird for him and us to see Maggie Siff, but then Don learns the sad truth that Rachel has recently died from leukemia.

The effects of this are clear throughout the show and they work well. Its a great way to bring back and send off Rachel without having to suddenly place her right into the episode. The show does this respectively and its really good to see. The after effect plays heavily into Don’s actions such as how he gets fixated with this waitress that looks similar to Rachel to the point they have some back alley fun, getting things all mixed up and his funeral visit which he so isn’t welcome at by Rachel’s sister. Rachel’s sister plays as a great indication as to how the affair Rachel had with Don. The sister tells Don, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what you’re looking for here.” If that wasn’t enough, Rachel’s kid was certainly then a wake-up call for Don the life the live he wants. But knowing Don, if does live the life he wants, is he even really gonna be happy about it?

Don is the person that’s comfortable living the lie. You can see this in the opening with Roger as he regales their lovely ladies with tales from Dick Whitman’s actual childhood and how Roger even said how Don loves talking about growing up poor. That’s one the most fascinating traits I’ve loved about Don but I feel like at some point before the end, he’s going to crack.

640 (1)

Speaking of going after the life not lived, lets have a focus on Ken Cosgrove. While not as played down and more overt than Mad Men has been in a while and compared to what Don went through in the premiere, I still really liked what happened with Ken as its some of the best stuff with him in a while on the show. Ken is still good at his job and seems to enjoy it but his wife sees something else. She wants him to be happy which is why she prompts him during a talk to quit his job and get off pursue his writing passion. That’s not so easy for Ken, part of his identity is his job, its a good part of who he is. Ken’s storyline runs a gambit of things from then being fired by Sterling Cooper & Partners because their new parent company, McCann-Erickson, holds a grudge against him. Ken’s stunned reaction says it all. He’s happy, he feels free, but finds that he’s not really that excited about it now. How convenient that his father-in-law is retiring from Dow Chemical because after a talk about lives not live with Don, Ken’s back in the game as Dow’s new head of advertising. As he tells Roger and Pete, “It’s going to be way worse than that. I’m going to be your client and I hate to tell you I’m going to be very hard to please.”

Joan and Peggy are off in their own corner of episode plots. I shouldn’t say corner as much as sharing the stage. Peggy and Joan are doing with with Topaz and when meeting with McCann-Erickson partners they have to deal with so many sexually charged jokes about them both. That’s the set up for their own little stories in how they deal with it. Peggy powers through the meeting with a plastered smile whereas Joan barely keeps speaking.

The elevator ride after has to be one of the best scenes Mad Men has ever done. Its rich in tension, animosity, and great acting. Joan is ready to just let loose in anger but Peggy actually goes about it in a positive way by reminding them they did just a get a win in there. Joan particularly is harassed in the meeting with her figure and Peggy even suggests she brought it upon herself with how she dresses which shows off her figure. Peggy is then immediately shut down by Joan. Joan goes on a shopping spree to calm down, which even then the words linger in her mind. Is that all there is to, Joan? Well from past seasons we know certainly not but even in her prime right now and with so much she’s proven to everyone, Joan can’t help but even think about that question.

Peggy is set up by her brother-in-law on a date and it goes well. So well that after some win she’s ready to possibly hop on to Paris, but can’t find her passport which gets her out of the situation, but deep down she kinda wanted an out. She’s obsessed with her career because she loves what she does. Everyone needs an outlet sometimes, but Peggy doesn’t wanna seem to find herself one.


Mad Men sets up the true end nicely with its return. When I heard the season was being split, I wasn’t too much a fan, but seeing the transition in time from here and last May, I like the idea. Its really good that this happened and works in the shows benefits. Everything there is to love about Mad Men is there, even mustaches now via Roger and Ted. We often think about the life not lived, it inspires a little curiosity in us all to explore different things, but it can sometimes upend things, much like for our characters here.

Batman Eternal #52

One year later and here we are.


Batman Eternal #52
Written by James Tynion IV; Drawn by Various

When reading the first issue, and also the last few issues, of Batman Eternal, you know with what it showed at the start, it had to build up to one hell of a final issue where a lot of shit would go down. This issue didn’t disappoint.

This issue begins with a nice surprise actually where Cluemaster was on his way to Harbor House, the mansion of the Court of Owls and finds them all dead around a dinner table. This takes place within the events of Batman #10 during the Court of Owls storyline. Cluemaster is there to get funding for his crusade against Batman and discovers Lincoln March who is revealed to be the one who did in the Court and so on takes all their money to help finance the events of Batman Eternal and I have to say, I loved this twist. It really was a nice little inclusion and back detail of the story I loved to see not just for the tie-in to one of the most recent greatest comic book stories written, but for the set as to how this all came to be. Its nicely plotted and then we’re off to the races with a familiar scene of Batman and Lincoln flying about the skies of Gotham which even Bruce remarks on quickly ends the tour.

Really I think this issue is great and well worth the price. It honestly is and something I think is gonna be one of the best single Batman issues ever. This gets to the core of Batman, Gotham, the Batfamily, the meaning of being a hero, it just hits on so much. The moment Gordon talks to Gotham and tells them they are all Batman that night have GCPD precincts light up makeshift Batsignals is seriously like every kind of awesome thing ever combined. It really is a cool moment as the fight between Bruce and Lincoln go on. The fight itself is great, nicely paced, well drawn to show everything going on, and just furious, brutal action. I even love the makeshift Batman costume Bruce makes up to keep his identity secret, its really nice.

The battle gets better with the whole Batfamily swinging into action, even the Birds of Prey and Talon. Yes Talon from the criminally underrated DC book during the New 52. Go pick up the trades please, its worth the read. Advertisement done, its a really cool but not much happens with the whole group and Lincoln makes an escape. Its a nice moment with the build up of seeing everyone individually kick ass but would have been nice to see everyone just get up on Lincoln.

Really that’s where the main story ends for this and we have epilogues and this is mixed part. There are good epilogues like Time Drake and Stephanie Brown being introduced to each other after Tim has a nice heart-to-heart with Harper and Jason Bard resigning with Maggie Sawyer as his replacement and offering the whole story to Vicki Vale. That works on the development between both characters and gives Bard a nice little ending. I was fine with Batwing and Jim Corrigan but they seem to just put a bow on the whole Arkham ghosts thing. That was my issue was just how neatly this big part of the issue got wrapped up, but I gave a nice chuckle when Jim offered Batwing a spot on his team in Gotham By Midnight. I actually do hope Batwing shows up over there.

Batman also just growls at Catwoman for still dealing with the mob and stealing some things while putting on a good face during the riots. Yeah slightly confusing as I’m not too sure where this lines up with the recent issue of Catwoman where they seem to have mended some fences and she’s about to be Catwoman again while still being the head of crime, it was pretty confusing is all I’m saying. Then we see Commissioner Gordon and Barbara relax and catch up, a sweet moment. Though Jason tries to work up the courage to admit he has feelings for Barbara and well I see how that developed over the book I’m not too sure about how that good work. Its a nice little idea to tease, but I’m not too sure how that could work in the long run. Like honestly, I love Batgirl, but Red Hood? Let’s keep with the possible suitors in her own book.

Though we do see what happened to Lincoln and that he was caught by the Court of Owls and is being buried alive. How fitting. The final scene with Batman and Gordon together again is just great. They admit, man things just suck, but this is what we do.

The varying art styles fit this book perfectly as much like the book itself, it goes all over the place, but with each segment, the art feels organic to what is being done. Honestly really great stuff.

Now overall I’d say Batman Eternal is kind of a mess and much like any weekly series has the chance to do, it went all over the place. Sometimes it worked some times it didn’t. This book seemed to lose its way plenty of times and that was frustrating. Especially within the last ten issues or so where they should have gotten more build up going. Execution is what its all about and overall I’d say the execution was pretty good, solid. Its honestly a really good story with plenty of great moments to be mined within the long history of Batman. Its honestly just god. I find this last issue so great, but the event over all just pretty good, but I really recommend it.

If there is one story to really make you proud to be a Batman fan, its this.



Batman Eternal #51



Batman Eternal #51
Written by James Tynion IV; Drawn by Alvaro Martinez


Anyway Lincoln fucking March! Yes he is the mastermind behind all of this and man the issue was actually already good before but his reveal pushed it towards being a lot better.

Cluemaster’s ego of course got the better of himself as he passed himself off as the mastermind, wrapping us back round to the very beginning of Eternal #1. Cluemaster does know now who Batman and the writing in the scene and honestly between Batman and Cluemaster is very good, touching on the mythos and history of Batman himself. Its got some good fighting as well thanks to returning artist Alvaro Martinez. Its nicely paced and well drawn. Its some exciting stuff and of course before Cluemaster and keep going on and being the grand master of all Batvillains, up come Lincoln March who slits his throat. Well takes care of Cluemaster knowing the whole identity problem.

Lincoln March again makes sense given we didn’t see a body exactly at the end of the Court of Owls storyline and how personal he is to Bruce being his supposed brother. Within the last two issues of that he made for a great foe and I’m excited to see him back, if even for an issue. He’s that good a villain to play off of Bruce as its pretty damn personal.

This issue finally got off its ass and kicked things further into motion and I love that. Even the brief parts with the GCPD getting ready to fall into action to protect Gotham City. That’s some great writing to see things patch up there, but man I hate how Steph leaves this book. She’s done her part and is like, “Peace!” LAME! Even how the Arkham Escapees are just taken care of so quickly, but again its the penultimate issue so shit has got to get wrapped up and you know it kinda is for the better.

Eternal is finally showing more signs of life as it reaches its end and I am ever thankful for that!

RATING: 4.5/5

Prattling Panels: Nailbiter is the best comic book you’re not reading

Now before I continue, Prattling Panels will not be a video series as I planned, its back to text since I have so many other ventures ongoing right now that are keeping me incredible busy. Prattling Panels will be a once in a while thing when I wanna talk about a certain comic, like today’s piece or say like a profile on a certain writer, artist, character, and run, or thoughts on the industry as a whole.

This is also the first Prattling Panels piece not just on Starman Cinema in a while, but my first post on Rant EM Radio. Host of my show, the What Are You Reading Comic Book Show.

So here we go and we’re gonna start with the best comic book you’re not reading right now.


Nailbiter is a recently published monthly horror comic from Image created by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson who write and draw the book respectively. The text on the Image website describes this book as being Twin Peaks meets SE7EN and I think they honestly got it best. The premise of this book is about a town called Buckaroo, Oregon, a town that has become infamous for being the birthplace for sixteen most vile and deplorable serial killers in the United States. The central mystery at work in the book revolves around NSA Agent Nicholas Finch. He is on suspension for the murder of a witness he was interrogating, but goes to Buckaroo in search of his missing friend, FBI Agent Eliot Carroll who has said to have solved the mystery as to the mystery of Buckaroo.

Right off the bat when I heard of this book I was interested in where it could go with such a premise, to explore what could drive someone to madness as to harm and hurt innocent people. Also for the fact that Finch needs the titular Nailbiter’s help to find his partner. Enter Edward Warren.


He is the 16th Buckaroo Butcher who eats the finger nails of people he kidnaps and then just chews their fingers off and kills them. Edward is for the lack of a better word, weird. Williamson writes such an unsettling character in Warren. He just sounds creepy and looks unsettling with his platinum and his smile that just sends chills down your spine. Edward is all around fascinating as a character from his trademark as a serial killer to his connection to the case being a prime suspect but also the former boyfriend of town sheriff, Sharon Crane. That’s right, former high school sweethearts. That was a nice little twist that added layers to both of them.

About Sheriff Carter herself, she of course deals with all the crazy in town. She puts up with a lot but seems to have a somewhat chipper attitude most of the time, well before Finch comes into town. All eyes suddenly set their sights on Buckaroo again and now not only does she have the investigation, media, and past with Edward to deal with, but also tourists coming to see what the hell all is up with this place and all, including Brian Michael Bendis. Yeah not kidding, comics writer Brian Michael Bendis makes an appearance in Nalbiter #7 to come and do research on Buckaroo and its citizens to start writing a comic book based on the fact Buckaroo has birthed so many serial killers. Have I lost you yet?


He of course spends time with Sheriff Crane but the best part of the issue is his interactions with Edward who turns out to be a fan of Bendis’, particularly Ultimate Spider-Man. Can’t blame him I love it too. What happens with Bendis in discovering Edwards and several things about the town made this admittedly gimmicky issue very entertaining. It didn’t halt the main story or anything, it actually kept it going pretty smoothly.

Finch is a solid enough lead character to be following. He seems to be someone who has left the Buckaroo nonsense behind so many years ago but gets dragged back in to go find his friend and now is completely engaged to find out the mystery of Buckaroo itself. The supporting cast from Alice to Crowe to Morty help fill out the book. Its got memorable people as much as I love how characters drive a story, I think the real start of Nailbiter is the town of Buckaroo itself.

Williamson doesn’t halfass the idea of a town that seemingly breeds serial killers. He has completely thrown himself into creating the small little rustic town and its inhibiters. Williamson states he did all the research possible for the book and it shows with how the mindsets of some of the killers are, more so Edward since he’s the most fleshed out one because we follow him, but each one is perfectly defined and memorable.

The Book Burner, The Terrible Two, The Blonde, Lucha Eliminator, Whistler, and much more have all come from this little slice of Americana. They have each left their own little mark on the town and people, especially their relatives, really want to forget that, but with the town being such a fascinating subject as it is it never really is forgotten. Especially since there is a special plot in the cemetery, too many people already studying the town, and of course the Murder Store. Yes the Murder Store, ran by the grandson of the Book Burner, Raleigh Woods. A store dedicated to the sixteen Buckaroo Butchers is operated and ran right in the town itself and he doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about it.


The book has such a rich story and world that is explored in many facets. Issue #6 for instance focuses itself on Alice, who seems to have a keen interest in the Buckaroo Butchers herself, as well Finch’s investigation. She’s the focus of the issue and is our narrator, talking about living life in Buckaroo who runs into a pregnant woman who is determined to give birth to her child in Buckaroo so he can become the next Buckaroo Butcher. Its a great issue that delves into the obsession society has about serial killers. A wonderful study of what people could see in these people and why so many of them seem to gain a following. It adds a new layer of unsettling creepiness to the proceedings with that idea and how it’s explored with this expecting mother. It creates a nicely wonderful one-off story that still has a focus on some of the proceedings from the first five issues.

Another great exploration as to the town’s effects on people is in issues #9 and 10 where a school bus driver Crowe snaps one day having seen the town effect so many people and having driven many of the Buckaroo Butchers himself. He gets a plot to want to purify the current children of Buckaroo and make sure they don’t follow in the same fate as the previous sixteen. These stories are what I love most of the book itself, its reach over everyone, its connection to something more than a simple murder mystery. Williamson again isn’t half-assing this idea and is creating a reat world here.

Of course the writing of a comic is even better when its go art to compliment it. Enter Mike Henderson.


Mike Henderson is great fit for a book like this. He has a nice roughness to some of his pencils, especially when dealing with the Buckaroo Butchers and when they carry out their murderous actions. His layouts are lovely and whenever he’s able to do a double page spread, its beautiful, honestly just great stuff, some of the best in comics right now. His little background details add more to the world of Buckaroo than you’d think as it really helps to flesh out the book and Buckaroo itself. He compliments this book on various levels that make it a treat to look at.


As for the latest issue, #10, the mystery hasn’t been solved but the upcoming eleventh issue is being promoted as a new story arc so you could start there but you’d be missing out on so many good things if you don’t go out to your local comic shop or wherever you happen to get your comics and read the first two trades which are available right now.

Nailbiter is a scary, interesting, fascinating book that simply can’t be missed and will get you hooked right away. Go check it out!

Batman Eternal #50

This book is pissing me off right now.


Batman Eternal #50
Written by James Tynion IV; Drawn by Alvaro Martinez

50. Issue #50 and we still have no goddamn answers! We get a red herring with Cluemaster taking down Batman at the end of the issue. Yeah Cluemaster. It is a red herring since he was seen as one of the pawns being used in the first issue, Steph said she saw Bruce Wayne as the mysterious figure planning all of this, Riddler gave a riddle as a clue, and Ra’s was apparoached by someone who is Batman’s darker half.


Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.03.09 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.05.48 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.07.28 PM

Cluemaster isn’t that smart or much a genius, unless there was something hidden that good about his whole identity, but again its a red herring. Cluemaster has a superiority complex about himself so he could just easily be overstepping his boundaries within the plan and he wants to make a name for himself as being the one who takes down Batman and is gonna get shown up next issue.

This issue is still just a mess overall. We still don’t have much with Steph’s side of the story, who impersonated Bruce, how is Gordon gonna be brought back into the GCPD, and oh yeah WHO THE FUCK IS BEHIND ALL OF THIS?! Obviously that goes back to who impersonated Bruce, but man I’m so pissed at this issue I kinda can’t keep most of my focus!

All the Arkham escapees are dealt with ease but whatever, that seemed like small footnote in this whole story. Bard and the GCPD get Gordon out of danger as Penguin escapes with Killer Croc because they are totes BFFs!

Is it possible to find a simple full on answer in this book? Two issues left to go and this book needs to buck the fuck up.

Alvaro Martinez does really damn good art for the issue.

RATING: 1.5/5

Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Sabotage


I’m telling y’all its a sabotage!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 19: Sabotage: GRADE: B

This week continues the overarching thread of the season by maturing Jake Peralta. For every instance we see him progress, we must not forget, there is still work to be done since the season really isn’t over. It doesn’t mean this week is a step backwards on anything the show has recently done, but its a nice little break along the way. We begin with Jake having some legitimate bad luck at arriving to meetings before he finally arrives on time, only to be told he’s been suspended for failing a drug test. Yes and Jake’s natural conclusion is that he was sabotaged and someone is out to get him. Given Jake’s attitude and how many enemies he has made over the course of the show, its extremely likely and he gets Rosa and Amy on the case.

This week is focusing on Jakes trust issues among others and its okay. I think last week as a stellar installment of the show as a whole that it would be a little hard for the next week to follow up. The chemistry for the three of them is as usual good, but the pacing for them was just off. Of course during the investigation there is a riff that separates them and then reconnection, but it felt all too slightly rushed. The flow just didn’t feel right and it really put Rosa and Amy off the sideline for too long for my taste. We do find out the person sabotaging Jakes is Sophia’s former boss Geoffrey Hoytsman, once again played by Chris Parnell. Hoytsman I’ll say wasn’t high up on my suspects list, but it fits given how crazy he gets when on drugs and hating Jake for simply just doing his job and thus sending Hoytsman’s life into a spiral. The confessions he wants Jake to make are certainly entertaining and garner many laughs, but part of me thinks Hoytsman is better with a one-off, but more Chris Parnell is never really a bad thing.

The plot also of course let’s Jake play out the gun an badge situation which is the best thing about the main plot.


We get some of Jake’s continued development but really this episode is more about Hitchcock and Scully. Yes those two. They are teamed with Boyle to look further into the investigation around Jake and show how capable they are as cop and closing cases. This is their Jerry/Gerry/Terry moment from Parks and Recreation. Always the incompetent goof in the office but secretly a master at getting shit done. We even see they used to be incredibly good at this and when given the chance to shine the spotlight they decline. The hard and fast life of being in the center is too much for out noble detectives. Its honestly the most surprising thing so far this season.

The best plot comes from Terry, Gina, and Holt. While not tellig us anything we already know about them each, its still very funny. Gina recently had a dance recital with her group but Terry and Holt couldn’t make it. Terry tells a little white lie about being there and asks Holt to do that same, but he’s so up-righteously moral he just can’t. Holt’s explanation as to his telling kids about Santa and the such is too good, I can’t explain it here. Just watch it. Gina’s acceptance to know Holt approves of her dancing was a bit much for me and felt like some forced conflict as it was wrapping it up, but again its still the biggest laugh I got of the whole night.


Sabotage isn’t gonna be fondly regarded as a high mark in an already outstanding season, but it still a nice filler episode with plenty of laughs to provide.