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See you next fall!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 23: Greg and Larry: GRADE: B+

Now our season finale balances a lot much like our penultimate episode, but it has a bigger task of wrapping it all up, closing the season, and setting up its upcoming fourth year this fall and I think it does slightly falter under that, but it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

We do pick up right where we left off in discovering Bob is a traitor and the rush from everyone, including Amy and Boyle, into getting to Holt in time and thus begins our first act with wacky hospital adventures which is some good stuff with, especially when we see what Bob and Holt were talking about before the discovery of Bob’s betrayal. Goddamn can those two make the most mundane sounds amazing. Its pretty thrilling and does further carry over the stakes from last week and heightens the tension. Jake and Terry’s escape in particular with how they stay on target and outwit Figgis’ men.

Joke after joke comes firing with hitting character beats that feel dead on, particularly Hitchcock and Scully either licking whatever substance they see in the hospital or taking their shoes off and laying in an empty hospital bed because of course. Its all great work that nails home how far we have come to know and except them of these guys, yet because of who they are its still very funny thanks to their timing and chemistry.

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With Amy and Boyle getting out of Texas is relatively easy thanks to the fake pregnancy of Amy after a hilarious goodbye to the ladies on her prison and the genuine worry and concern she has not just her friends, but the face that her boyfriend is in immense danger. Its really a nice moment that allows more range for Melissa Fumero and yet again shows how far their relationship has come. Boyle plays a great straightman in all of these and plays off her very well. Though their plane ride could have been a bit tighter as it does actually clash with the pacing back him and it doesn’t gel so well. This is where the plate spinning in the episodes starts getting wobbly.

We get to Rosa’s apartment, which is the opposite of Rosa, oops, I mean “Emily Goldfinch” and alter ego “Rosa Diaz” (Please get to that right away in season 4) and sets the stage perfectly as the highlight of the night comes from the interrogation of Bob and how everyone takes their own approach from Jake trying to ruin jazz (bastard) to Terry and hypothetical kids to Gina complaining about her cousin with lyme disease. The editing is perfect and gives each segment just what they need so its not worn out at all, but make me question why Hitchcock is wearing what he’s wearing. My mind is gonna be focused on that for far too long.

And much like last week, we get a well thought out plan that is reliant on several things, mainly team work from a fake sniper to get the info needed. Happy day right? No.

Now this is where we get set up for next year. The team celebrates, Figgis in the wind meaning Pimento is still in the dark, and Jake and Amy moving in together (we had just had to get cheerleader Boyle in there one more time apparently).

Well that is until Figgis calls Jake and threatens his and Holt’s life. Cut to Florida one month later as Holt and Jake, I mean Greg and Larry are residing next door neighbors. Witness protection was not where I though this would go, but honestly I’m kinda excited to see where it goes. This can present a whole new level of drama and actually allows a smooth bridge into the fall. One thing this show does well, connected the seasons together. Though this time there isn’t so much tied up resolutions as before, its still all very much in the air until our September return. Now how the show handles that is to be seen.


A less stronger season than last year, but still enjoyable in all the best ways possible, Brooklyn Nine-Nine really excelled in year three. It kept things fresh when needed and even when they relaxed on laurels sometimes, it was a bad thing since more or less there were still laughs. Hitchcock and Scully got an episode and it was pretty damn good.

I found development this year strong. Jake and Amy were a true, believable couple, Holt got added dimension to him, Boyle went up and down but for the most part was good, Rosa opened up more, Terry matured more, Gina stayed the best, and Hitchcock and Scully ate. Nothing else more I’d want from the show.




Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Bureau

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Operation 225641441636324 is well underway!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 22: The Bureau: GRADE: A+

What works about a show like Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the confidence it has in itself from what stories it wants to tell and their characters, also which ones they put into any given story, with the world they have established. Last week we saw a pretty messy example of how the show can be, but this week bounces back by firing on all cylinders and having interconnected stories that help ramp up the Pimento storyline as we head into the end of the season next week. Everything works better here than last week, which I admitted in my review was mostly to be setup, so now with setup out of the way the show can do several things its best out. Great guest stars, terrific character development, jokes on jokes on jokes, and a lovable, amusing charm.

Amy in prison continues to really work, but now all the other storylines in the episode work with it and help add urgency into the proceedings and one way to getting help from inside the FBI with Bob Anderson, Holt’s former and equally deadpan partner who is played beautifully by Dennis Haysbert and this is the greatest comedy duo I never knew I wanted until I saw them. Haysbert is effectively Holt 2.0, but with his own sense of gravitas thanks to his admittedly more booming voice and size, but Braugher still stands tall on his own here. When Braugher and Haysbert play off each other its comedy gold and leads to some of this season’s biggest laughs and one of the better uses of a brief flashback that perfectly helps to sum up each character.

Like many other guest stars, Haysbert comes in and gels with everyone immediately. He fits well into the tightly written script for this episode which centers fully on the operation, but also balancing side stuff that utilizes everyone in the cast. Such stuff such as the giddiness of Jake getting to perform a heist inside the FBI to Boyle being in the worst situation possible to Gina simply being Gina to Rosa’s toughness and of course Hitchcock and Scully.

The heist sequence being a particular highlight with its planning from Jake attempting a pull-up to Holt being schooled on Sex and the City by Gina to distract the desk jockey at the FBI and Rosa being a yoga master. It all works well to connect back to Amy being able to setup Maura with Boyle to help get info, but hey what do you know, Genevieve calls at just the wrong time to let Boyle know their adoption went through, yet her heartbreak still leads to the info needed. Of course this comes after they already catch the guy who is in a coma, but also discover Bob Anderson is also in Figgis’ operation and holds Holt at gunpoint as Jake and Rosa call to warn him.

Now that adds something even more important to the storyline and leads us into the finale with great connectivity and high stakes.


Now on the side, yet still organically connected is Terry trying to find a leak inside the precinct after its arrest numbers show up in the paper early. Terry is on a manhunt with Gina by his side and after a frustrating, yet hilarious exchange with Hitchcock and Scully, thus revealing they are pretty much the only friends they have to each other, Terry becomes more dedicated, yet when he’s needed in the Pimento operation, he gels with it organically.

Now when he comes to suspect Gina, it sets up some really good and brief drama, but the briefness of it doesn’t hurt since Gina does remind him and us as well, it seems she might not take her job seriously, but she cares about it and is pretty damn good at it and feels personally hurt when Terry says that about her. They are friends and pretty close, but they doesn’t mean its all sunshine and rainbows, like most relationships. Terry and Gina work so well whenever put together, no matter the situation.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine rebounds with one of its best episodes ever and not just me being thankful it wasn’t like last week’s messy episode. I truly think this is the show at its best for all the reasons listed above. We’re all ready now to close out year three next week. Happy ending for all? We can only hope.

Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Maximum Security

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: L-R: ndy Samberg, Joe Lo Truglio and Melissa Fumero in the ÒMaximum SecurityÓ episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing at a special time Tuesday, April 5 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX



Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 21: Maximum Security: GRADE: C+

Two things that make this week’s episode interesting is how the two main female detectives take center stage all the while furthering the main plot that’s ending the third season and that’s about the best praise I can really give it. This not a terrible episode, but it is pretty much place setting for the final episodes that does have some of Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz’s best work on the show.

Now the person most likely wanting Pimento dead is the mob boss he went undercover with, Jimmy Figgs so Rosa will be sent undercover to a maximum security prison to get info from her while a fake funeral is used back home to lure out the Figgs’ guy on the FBI and further sell Pimento’s “demise”. Until Rosa gets recognized by someone she busted in Brooklyn immediately and its Amy Santiago to the rescue.

Amy’s plot is a mess and kinda all over the place. First off the bat, they’ve finally said fuck it and are using Melissa’s Fumero’s real pregnancy to their advantage by sending her undercover as a pregnant woman which can keep her a bit more safe and use Jake and Boyle as prison doctor’s to be her informants. Which sounds good, except again, its kind of a mess. The whole story ravels around people not finding Amy “badass” enough and that Rosa is the more fit choice for the role, which yeah, but after all that time together you’d think they’d all see and know how badass and good at he job Amy is. It doesn’t help this is especially highlighted by Jake, which ups this by the fact that they are now officially a couple. But that’s further complicated by how much Jake and Boyle interfere, more on Boyle in a bit, since Jake is somewhat understandably worried about putting his girlfriend such a dangerous situation and potentially compromises the entire operation. Again he’s been around her enough times to know that she can effectively handle herself and thus makes the smart decision to leave the case and have Boyle overlook her since he’s too attached. Its the one non Amy involve part that honestly works thanks to Samberg and Fumero’s chemistry, but it just really quite click so much for the episode.

Now to Boyle, fuck its overly involved cheerleader mode. Part of Boyle’s charm is how overly involved he is and that can lead to wonderful moments and laughs, but given how way into Jake and Amy as a couple he was this year and how much I hated that, imagine my distain once the fake baby is brought in. He gets dialed way past 11 and I can’t stand it. His instance on Amy caring for the baby, her posture, and also of course wanting Jake and Amy to have their own real child, its just not funny and doing nothing for Boyle and Joe Lo Truglio both. Full creepy Boyle is just not funny and part of why he took a while to evolve and shine in season 2.

This episode is funniest when Melissa Fumero is let off the leash and gets to play it up and she does from being prison tough, yet still very much Amy, to telling off Jake to let her do her job, and yeah even beating on Jake to maintain her cover. It does quite work and the ending feels genuine to what she’ll need to do on the inside. Also having to break her sacred oath as a notary. GOLD!


Now the funeral feels a little more balanced and that too is thanks to its central character is Rosa. Rosa has show emotion and her softer side, but funerals, fuck that man, she’d rather be stuck in a small talk conversation. The idea of staging the funeral, paperwork and Hitchcock as Pimento’s corpse and all, the usual, to draw out the inside FBI guy, solid. Stephanie Beatriz gets to really let Rosa shine here as this is the most emotionally vulnerable we’ve ever seen her and truth does come out in her “eulogy” to Pimento. She’s never been a more determined person than before in trying to get her man back and it shows. Of course Terry has to ring it out of her, but hey hard work does pay off, particularly with how Rosa can make herself fake cry. Plus Captain Holt has grown to enjoy high fives now. Fun!

Another testament is in the short time they’ve been together, I seriously love and do buy her and Pimento so much as a couple. Kudos to the writers on that.

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Not one of the show’s better efforts, especially with Boyle, but things are put into motion for the impending finale and the show gets to really spotlight how good its ladies are. Here’s hoping for something better next week.

Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: S3/EP 19-20


Another double header!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3
Episode 19: Terry Kitties: GRADE: A
Episode 20: Paranoia: GRADE: B+

Confidence can be a pretty powerful thing. Its what helps me do a lot of things and have no shame about a lot more things and being a police officer, well I imagine that takes pretty big confidence and such is the case for everyone in the 9-9 this week.

First up is Terry. Terry is sad because once again his old pals from the 6-5 send Terry a kitty and becomes upset there’s a kitty near him. Back in the 6-5 Terry was trying solve a case to do, well just about anything and he screwed up big time by not realizing his main suspect had a broken spine and in the moment tried to pin it on the cat to save face, you can tell that didn’t happen so Jake decides he’s gonna help Terry solve the case so this stops.

What I like most about this is the shakeup to the Terry and Jake dynamic. See with their team-up episodes, its alway Terry reigning Jake and helping him mature a bit, here its Jake helping Terry because Jake doesn’t want his friend to be sad. It actually brings a lot of their previous adventures full circle in showing how Jake has matured, how much they’ve become friends, and the infecting kindness of Jake himself. He’s willing to do anything for his best pals and it shows nicely and also even makes their dynamic even better than before. I can safely say that this is my favorite Jake and Terry story for that and also how goddamn funny it is.


It also opens up Terry even more. Now he’s shown his vulnerable side before, but not like this. Terry obviously prides himself on his job and how damn good he performs it, so to be continuously emasculated over a past mistake by Matt Besser’s perfectly dickish Detective Holderton, its gonna get to the big guy and you just wanna hug him.

Again the chemistry between Andy Samberg and Terry Crews benefits greatly from this. The timing is sharper, the jokes funnier, and the believability of their pairing much more believable thanks to their previous adventures together. Jake certainly got a show highlight with him screaming like a banshee on the ledge and even getting to really use his detective skills to good use in solving that case that makes sense. He also names all the kittens after Die Hard because, of course. I also wanna give props to him for his delivery discovering just how much crime is in the city and suggesting no one live in New York.

But of course as well, Terry Crews excels and fleshing out his character further with a great sincere honesty and delivering laughs. His blaming the cat in particular.

So Terry returns to his alpha status by episode’s end and well he’s not the only one feeling their alpha status in question. Now everyone on the show does see themselves as an alpha towards what they do and well they are. Everyone rightfully pries themselves on their jobs, but confidence as said at the top was key to this episode.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: L-R: Terry Crews and guest star Matt Besser in the "Terry Kitties" episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing Tuesday, March 15 (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX

Rosa and Amy are great at being detectives and Holt is a brilliant captain who isn’t a tank, I loved the cold open for this episode. They pride themselves so much on their work so its no surprise that they seem to have a competition amongst themselves in a bomb diffusing exercise, which Hitchcock and Scully attend only for free lunch and somehow pass because they aren’t petty, just hungry. It wasn’t that at first until Holt perfectly got all cocky and braggadocios when finishing ahead of Rosa and Amy after they made up from his “words” of wisdom. The result that they all failed is nicely humbling and sobering so that it reminds those involved they are their own alphas in their own respect. Hitchcock and Scully: alphas at eating and doing the bare minimum. Never change guys.

Meanwhile the show’s constant beta, Boyle, offers to help Pimento and it of course backfires, Bole as the beta works and yes, he has show his alpha side before and its worked, but he’s a beta, a role that suits him fine and makes his alpha moments all the better and worthwhile when they happen. Of course he needs Gina to help him out once he realizes living with Pimento, who has been camping out in the break room, is a terrible and frightening idea. He admits his beta role, yet gets to go alpha in manipulating Gina to being his beta and helping him. Her reaction to it and Boyle’s reaction to her reaction towards the end helps to make this another great installment for the show.

Boyle knows how to play the game and its entertaining when he does it. Entertaining as much in the fact that Jason Mantzoukas is still around as Pimento and wonderfully fitting into the show. I love it.

This is another installment of Brooklyn Nine-Nine at its absolute finest with proper character focus and having fun with its settings and surroundings. Also props to the staff for letting Melissa Fumero be in a full shot in the bomb squad outfit while still hiding her pregnancy at the same time. Genius!

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What started as a fairly standard, but pretty damn good Brooklyn Nine-Nine suddenly changed the game up for the final moments of the season and its all thanks to Adrian Pimento.

Alright just to get to it, while hunting down a perp involved with their drug case before catching him, Pimento asks Rosa to marry him and of course in the most casual manner possible, Rosa says yes. Ah true love, ain’t it grand? So yeah and all of a sudden the episode centers around their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Back to Pimento now who Terry doesn’t trust for being as unstable as a brick in the running washing machine and how protective he is of his precinct, and more importantly his friends like Rosa. Terry will do anything for anyone and for the sake of Rosa and Jake’s persuasion to join the party. Well someone’s trying to kill Pimento and our dude crew is out to find out who it is.

On both sides of the coin, there honestly is a deeply sincere love that Pimento and Rosa share for each other. The laughs have been there ever since their pairing, but now we finally got a chance to see it blossom just as Pimento is seemingly on his way out and I honestly don’t know if he’d even be a presence in the recently renewed show for year four, but I hope he is.


Again we get to see a lot more of Rosa and Pimento gets some great development too. Their goodbye scene has a genuine feel to it. They really worked it well and Jason Mantzoukas and Stephanie Beatriz are excellent together.

This was a heavy story and character driven focused episode with out any subplot in sight, just the characters, minus Holt at the end, and how they deliver the story. Now the jokes mostly work, but for me it was more about the drama for this particular episode.

Now the comedy was great mostly for Rosa’s maid of honors, Amy, Boyle, and Gina to throw all their style of bachelorette parties to please Rosa and man the crew worked overtime to really hide Melissa Fumero’s pregnancy belly. I will say Amy’s party is the funniest since they all try to guess what her first words were and if they were wrong on any answer they take a shot. Suffice to say, they get hammered and its hilarious. Also a few of Pimento’s randomness spewing out is also good for a chuckle.

Now on one hand I do find the sudden introduction on a serialized storyline this far deep in the season jarring, but its also hopeful to me in how Holt rallies everyone to help find out who is after Pimento and rally around a heartbroken Rosa, who I think might steal the show a lot more now with this focus on her character. So far all we got is that he’s an FBI agent within a crime organization and has a noticeable scar on his hand.


This basic set-up episode works far better than you expect and the last scenes do well to help sell it and also the believability of the closeness of everyone over these past years sells it. Ready to see where this goes.

Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: S3 – EP 16-18

So hey there and yeah I took another break and I do apologize, but the last couple of weeks have been hindered due to family life and such. Trust me I’m gonna try to get better at consistency on here. So Brooklyn Nine-Nine reviews are back! Then off a week due to network scheduling. Hey let’s get to talking shall we?

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House Mouses: GRADE: B+

Now supporting characters and seemingly background characters in fiction, particularly long narrative fiction, to get a spotlight. Comics have issues that are focused on either a sidekick or villain of a superhero or just someone not used to getting the spotlight and TV shows have those episodes. My prime example being Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Zeppo from season 3. The episode is told from viewpoint and centers on Xander Harris, perennial supporting character and friend of Buffy Summers who has his own kind of adventure while Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang deal with another oncoming apocalypse. That’s what came to mind in House Mouses as Hitchcock and Scully are finally given their due with a episode focused on them and it helps to elevate the episode.

They are both the Garry Gergich of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and well that’s good. Honestly I never really suspected much of these characters, but I enjoy whenever they popped up much like Gerry and yet Gerry got even better when fleshing him out and he even got highlight episodes, but with Hitchcock and Scully I’m okay with who they are and where they are within the precinct, though more spotlights on them will of course be welcome. Dirk Blocker and Joel McKinnon Miller are great as Hitchcock and Scully. They really dive into their roles and have a great banter together. I do love them as side players and this episode reminded me why.

Of course they get thrusted into the spotlight with Jake being a bit of a selfish tool by passing his drug case on to them so he could possibly work on a celebrity case, but that is more from Jake’s excitement and wanting more glamorous cases, so I can let it slide for feeling true to a characteristic of him. Hitchcock and Scully’s blatant laziness, love of food over police work, and incompetence is on full hilarious display, especially in how they plan to infiltrate the drug ring that most certainly puts their lives in danger. They use their spotlight time well and when Jake and Terry have to get involved it only gets better, especially in how they escape and make the arrest, I was laughing for a good five minutes. We even find out Hitchcock has a wife and made a blood pact with Scully for Scully to marry Hitchcock’s wife if he should ever die.

As for subplots the ones for this episode are really good. My favorite being the gal palling of Amy, Gina, and Rosa who all decide to come together to conquer their respective fears. Not new, but how they each go about it yield great results. Amy’s claustrophobia being conquered via squad car trunk and Gina’s fear of business people by interacting among them, in a wig of course because you think she’d do anything to her luxurious locks? Rosa being the catalyst and cause of this with her fear of needles, I feel you, is the funniest with her huge freakout and psyching herself up before she gets poked to donate blood. That too had me laughing for five straight minutes because it was just too goddamn funny. Seriously I challenge you to watch that scene and not pause it due to the loud laughter you will project from yourself.

Holt and Boyle’s subplot is fine, but certainly the weakest of the episode, but worth it a bit to see Holt become a fanboy over the celebrity, who is a classical musician that does lead to a funny resolution. Holt is a great character to play around with given the range of Andre Braugher and how you can use said situations to look further into him. Plus its a Holt and Boyle situation where Boyle is seen as a lesser person to Holt, even when demoting him from lead detective on the case, that’s just Holt fanboying.

House Mouses is a nice little spotlight for two of the show’s more sideline characters and also being just a damn fine episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine itself.

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Adrian Pimento: GRADE: A-

Now this show has gone into the more realistic and darker sides of police procedure to show it isn’t exactly a great system, much like the justice system itself. While I enjoy the weird and absurd world this show resides in, its always welcome to see glimpses of the real world seep in and boy did this episode just do that.

Jason Mantzoukas comes in to guest star as Adrian Pimento, an officer of the 9-9 who is bak from deep undercover, but clearly effected by it. Mantzoukas is a great talent and I was delighted and terrified to see him here. This is no doubt the darkest this show has even gotten in both drama and comedy. Pimento is admittedly having a hard time fitting back in, especially in regaling everyone with his best tales from undercover which are brutally violent. I never really expected to see a blood soaked face on Brooklyn Nine-Nine but then again I never excepted Shane McMahon recently returning on WWE Raw recently so I guess the world is full of surprises. Mantzoukas becomes more and more slowly unhinged in how his PTSD is showing and Jake is taken in by his new cop crush, yet becomes understandably worried and thinks he can help given his own experience being undercover between season 1 and 2.

One major difference, Pimento had to go deep cover over the course of 12 years, Jake was gone all of 63 days, a fact that he made into his voicemail message. Everyone in the 9-9 realtively knew Jake was undercover and I’m sure some people knew of Pimento’s situation but he gets real with Jake about what he had to do and it very much isn’t pretty from removing all family ties, compromising positions he found himself in, and knowing it was his duty as an officer of the law to do the job no matter what. Mantzoukas gets to really stretch his acting muscles here and its so welcome. I love his comedic work and especially his podcasts, but getting to see him do more than comedically crazy shit its a breath of fresh air. He works so well within the show and bounces so well off of Andy Samberg.

Again this is the darkest the show has ever gotten and while going dark is never meaning great, the show handled it with grace and made the feel and tone of this episode believable with its balance of character driven comedy and plots. Also the lighting and tone have me more than ready for a noir style episode of this show. Come on, its ripe for it! MAKE IT HAPPEN SHOWRUNNERS!

Now the subplot of Charles making a mess of the break room is great for bringing in another guest star, Kate Flannery from The Office as Mean Marge, the not so loved custodian head who feels shortchanged because of being Mean Marge. Its the wanting respect from those that don’t seem to give it plot and its done well here thanks to the performances. Flannery again highlights how well guest stars are used on this show. The highlight of this plot not just being the cause and effect comedy that makes the messes, but the dirt she has one Boyle, Amy, and Terry from their trash. Amy of course being scared that Marge has a mistyped memo of hers. Its delightful and her mean streak makes for good comedy and even intersects into the Rosa/Holt/Gina subplot of Gina filming a video of Holt and Rosa touring the station in order to receive some much needed upgrades to station and its beautiful.

Gina getting her full Hollywood director on and trying to ring any other emotion from Holt and Rosa would feel like a one-note joke, but its slightly more than that. Its not great, but it does deliver laughs from Gina’s recasting of Holt and Rosa and well just Gina being Gina. That’s magical.

The show balances light and dark for a successful result that leads to one of the season’s best and its a nicely welcome change of pace in tone from the show.

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Cheddar: GRADE: B

Now for the majority of it, Cheddar is a fairly standard episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine with some classic sitcom trappings and that’s fine, sometimes you just wanted an episode to feature adorable dogs and weird sexual tension, but the end of it does make for one of the more poignant and really touching scenes of the show revolving around Captain Holt and his marital problems with Kevin.

Holt is the catalyst of this episode as his dogsitter is sick and unable to take care of his corgi, Cheddar, which prompts Jake and Amy to housesit, while having to care for a blind Boyle who is recovering from LASIK surgery. Mean while Pimento is still around and he and Rosa of course being the most unstable and emotionally unchecked people in the 9-9, are attracted to each other. This was even setup the week before with Rosa admitting that his darkness would make her wanna jump his bones. Its all fine and everything does garner a laugh, Gina especially in how she has to help stall Holt from coming home.

Housesitting and everything going to shit is a sitcom stable and one that immediately made me think back to one of its finer examples from Cheers in the (much better) Rebecca years. Sure Boyle’s pants catching fire is funny, but not that much. Again nothing wrong with just a pretty standard episode but it just feels bleh to me. Again laughs are had, but nothing on par with the previous two entires.

Now I’m really happy that Jason Mantzoukas is still around and presumedly a recurring character now. Pimento and Rosa’s sexual tension is the funniest part of the episode as their weird, awkward, and unsettling tension makes great use of both actors and gets a small, but great use out of Terry Crews.

Now the real highlight, aside from cutaways to Cheddar because corgis are adorable as fuck, is the resolution that lets the show let out its emotional side. Holt’s reveal that Kevin’s time in Paris is putting a strain on their relationship is nicely done, down to Earth, and I think something almost everyone can relate to. They seem to be fighting when they talk lately and Holt looked for any way to get out of going to Paris to avoid that being done in person. While Holt’s way of running the ship may make him seem like a robot, the man is very much human and Andre Braugher plays that well. Sure it seems obvious as its slowly been building with most of Holt’s plots this season, but its still done very well. Execution is key, people.

Now Boyle, damn is he misused. Again the table gag, only laugh to be gotten from him. Boyle s badly used here and I’m over sad Boyle really, unless well executed, but Boyle has overcome his own insecurities and this feels like a bit of a step back for the character. I’m not a fan.

Cheddar is a nice little lazy Sunday episode that can be enjoyed for what it is. Solid laughs and good drama are to be had from this. I will say though the scene of everyone dressing in Holt’s clothes and walking out the house in slow motion is very much worth this entire episode.

Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The 9-8


No one likes a fraud dog.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 15: The 9-8: GRADE: A

Over the course of three years we’ve seen the men and women of the 9-9 mature and change, its nice, but for as much people changes they can also be stuck in their ways as evidenced in this week’s adventure when the 9-8 has to come over from flooding, but it leads to yet another big season highlight.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has always used their guest stars perfectly and every time they do, I will highlight it because man this show makes everyone work. This week its Damon Wayans Jr. as Jake’s former partner, Steve, which sends us right into overly jealous and protective Boyle, which I had hoped for back when reviewing The Cruise, albeit under different circumstances now. Boyle’s jealously is what helps to drive the main plot and its hilarious. Boyle on some level has a right to be jealous given how seemingly more buddy-buddy Jake seems with Steve, The Beatsie Boys reunion tour in full swing, since its not really all in his head. Its very much in tune with how personal Boyle makes well, everything. His friendships, his family, his food passion, and proper stakeout time, it means a lot to Boyle. Joe Lo Truglio plays it off well and even manages to bounce off Wayans as much as he does Samberg.

Damon Wayans Jr. does come in and steals the show. He’s always been such a gifted comedian and actor with great timing and delivery. He fits well into the mold of the show, which is kinda sad that he turns out to be a dirty cop and his reappearances seem very limited now next to Bill Hader and Paul F. Tomkins, who I forgot to bring up in my review of The Cruise. He has a charisma and way of him that makes his past partner and friendship with Jake believable. The Beatsie Boys flashback in particular had me in stitches. Having Wayans on here was just perfect since he can elevate anything and anyone he’s with. Him rapping with Samberg just felt very right, as well as all three jamming to Toni Braxton at the end of the episode.


As for the rest of the crew the 9-8 coming in is a nightmare. Holt has to share his personal space, Rosa is desked with a chatty Cathy, Amy has to deal with a fraud dog, and Terry tries to be cordial AF (As Frasier). Even Gina seems to weld her own power over the 9-8’s captain assistant. They all clash in perfect little spurts that keeps the episode alive and the notion of them creating a makeshift office on the balcony area was hilarious since it came to be because Hitchcock and Scully were made about the microwave line. In a way this is as close to an alien invasion storyline this show could do because it certainly feels like that which makes the all out brawl at the end of the episode very much worth it and hilarious.

Also the cold open was just exceptionally perfect as well for the auction of a mystery briefcase. Classic 9-9.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: Joe Lo Truglio in the "The 9-8" episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing Tuesday, Feb. 9 (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine further shakes things up for an episode and bring one of the better installments of an already winning third season. Could we meet the 9-7 someday?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Karen Peralta

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Happy Birthday, Jake! Time to grow up!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 14: Karen Peralta: GRADE: B+

Maturity has always been the crux of development for Jake Peralta. He fit the leading man-child role many sitcoms tend to have and Samberg played it well while showing what a impressive detective Jake is as well. Jake has gone through major changes over the course of the show and we’ve touched on his childhood before via little touches like his friendship with Gina and the huge influence Die Hard has had on him, but we’ve only gotten one real big development through his dad last season in one of the show’s finest half-hours. Captain Roger Peralta was the apple of Jake’s eyes until he fully and finally saw his father for who he is and thus makes it understandable how Jake reacts to seeing Roger pop backup in his life as a birthday surprise when he though it would be celebrated with Amy and his mother, Karen, played by Katey Sagal.

It really is nice any time to see Katey Sagal as she is an actor that can really put herself into a role and she’s honestly a good fit here and she is a more low-key, but really believable chemistry and mutual affection with her and Andy Samberg that balances well with how high energy and the bigger personality that Bradley Whitford’s Roger is, but more significant is how Jake handles the situation. To be honest how Jake is portrayed in this episode is much better than one could expect. Karen’s optimism is a great counter to how Jake believes he can solve anything and things driving Roger off is really the best idea since Jake is someone who can’t really take another disappointment from him. Jake benefits from the deeper characterization here as we see another side of him in trying to protect his mother, a mentality he has about everyone he works with really. Which is why it does hurt for him to give his father yet another chance to be with his mother, despite knowing it could blow right up in his face and thankfully the anger he feels is nicely fit right into his goofiness. Jake’s willingness to do this for his mom shows that caring side of his.

Jake’s maturity this week also speaks volumes as to his relationship with Amy. A situation like this might also have Jake freaking out if he himself could become like his dad or what this could mean for him and Amy in negative ways, but again the maturity I spoke above of his mentality for those he loves prevents that and for the better. Jake and Amy have always had a great friendship, only now it involves more flirting and naked bodies. Amy even gets great laughs when she is thrown into defusing tension either faking constipation or awkwardly singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Plus her getting hot at Jake quizzing her at her desk seems perfectly in character.


Now whereas Jake’s step forward was entertaining, the subplots were some standard fair. First to get Boyle/Rosa/Terry who successfully apprehend a drug dealer and have concrete evidence via body cam, but Rosa accidentally sees Boyle naked when arrested. Its a small joke and while a nice one, its just an over extended one because naked people are still a comedy cornerstone and always will be. I mean the biggest laugh for me was the best objection ever from Boyle on the grounds that its his penis on the TV. Lets see SVU get that deep! But really body cams are a much bigger plot that the show could easily tackle.

Holt and Gina attend an apocalypse simulator/team building exercise thing and get joined by Hitchcock and Scully. This I’ll admit is the funnier of the subplots given it lends itself to some more jokes and feels far more fleshed out and lends itself to more than one joke with Andre Braugher still being the greatest gift of comedy right now and of course Gina, who rode into the precinct on a horse for her last birthday and I want a follow up on that!


While there were plenty of character development, hoverboards, vicious air humping, and nudity to go around, Brooklyn Nine-Nine this week can only stand strong on its main plot while the B and C-plots play catchup, but hey now that we have the Peralta family all here, next Thanksgiving episode?