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2013’s best music and video games

So here is where I’d list off my remaining favorites everything but I go too much shit to do so I’m just lumping music and video games together. I can go on about Mad Men and Game of Thrones, but I’ll wait until the new seasons start. Also I watch way too many shows to be honest.

Video Games:

I’m gonna start with Video Games since its the least I have to say about. Not that I don’t like them, I love video games. Its just, I am very much a low income gamer and cannot afford a GameFly account at this point in time. So I’m gonna talk about the two video games that were released this year I had the most exposure to AKA that I mostly played since I think for me to fully talk about games I only seen via play-throughs as if I’ve played them just feels like I’m talking out my ass. Getting it out the way, no The Last Of Us isn’t on here. Games like that, Deadpool, GTA V, and Tomb Raider I experienced only through play-throughs but will briefly cover. If you want some great insight on reviews on those games, my friend and video game junkie Brutuxan has his only site about video games, The Brutlounge. Trust me, he really knows his stuff.

BioShock Infinite

First off, this is spoiler free and yeah this is my game of the year. Hype at high levels and all expectations, even if I played enough games to make a top three, I’d still have this at number one. I’m a fan of BioShock. The first game is a true masterpiece. The second, I like not as much, but still play, but not as much as the original.

Going from the sea city of Rapture to the air bound landscape of Columbia is breathtaking. The scope, look, detail, and settings are so goddamn good. This game also boasts the best A.I. character in a while in Elizabeth Comstock.

Have I got a book for you!

Have I got a book for you!

Elizabeth is central to the story but isn’t distracting at all, doesn’t ever get in the way, never prompts escort missions, she’s fascinating and so wonderful, nicely  modeled and voice acted, Elizabeth is often cited as the best thing of the game. I’d say its interesting plot and story, amazing gameplay, skyhook system, voice acting, music, Songbird, and its genuine shock, twist ending. But I’d also throw Elizabeth in there as well. They all add up to just making an amazing game. Special notice to Troy Baker as Booker DeWitt, Courtnee Draper as Elizabeth, and the Lutece twins. I love those two so much.

The gameplay is top notch and stunning to watch and play. The skyhook mechanics are so fucking cool. The movement through the air and the way you bash it right in people’s face is I’m sorry, just so cooly gratifying. I also really love the use of vigors here and was satisfied by the number of different ones to choose.

Batman: Arkham Origins

People were ever so skeptical with this game. No Rocksteady, no Kevin Conroy or Mark Hamill, its a prequel, and different game director.

Well the game itself is good. In fact, pretty good. I would still rank this last since there are some significant problems to me, such as a lifeless Gotham City. The open world map in this game is much larger than the one from Arkham City, where there is a bridge connecting Gotham to the part of it used in City. All that’s out there are the thugs, bosses, and corrupt cops. I need a little more, show me the busy streets of Gotham on Christmas Eve, a kid trying to get a glimpse of Batman in the alley. Also game be glitchy. There was a small crash towards the end my playthrough that forced me to start the whole game all over again. Also the first boss battle isn’t that too interesting.

Also the highest mark I have for the game is also a mark against it is the story. Eight assassins after Batman on Christmas Eve and the story is very well done but prequels can be tricky but we get the absolute most high tech gear and gadgets in this game and it kinda strikes unbelievable that Batman would leave this behind on the missions in the first two games but then I think it could be useful in certain situations. I will still say even though it important to the story, I still think the shock gloves take away a certain challenging aspect playing as Batman.

Gameplay is still amazing and handles really well, voice acting is outstanding, side missions keep things interesting, and the boss battles are a huge improvement, especially Deathstroke and Firefly.



I’m normally not a music guy, I love music and have several favorite acts but you know I’m not obsessive. Though this year, I actually manage to have a top 10 of music, mostly of acts I already love they made new music this year. What an amazing year for that. So let’s start!

10. Dropkick Murphys
Signed and Sealed and Delivered

Oh what a way to start the year. Released early in 2013, Dropkick Murphys latest was a kick to the head like a shot of great whiskey. Rose’s Tattoo was a wonderful single to release first. Its a great bar song to sing along with everyone. The album encompassed what makes them so great and why celtic punk is well honestly fun. Maybe that’s just me but other songs like Jimmy Collins’ Wake, My Hero, and End of the Night made the year start out right for music to me.

9. Goldfrapp
Tales of Us

Oh Goldfrapp how I am ever so happy you released a new album this year. Ever since discovering them years ago, I been blissfully happy with a good majority of the tracks I hear from Goldfrapp, and this year showed she still has the chops to keep up. It stil has that electric goodness, a sense of feeling upbeat, some enjoyable sadness, and creativeness you expect from Goldfrapp at this point. Its really just a fun album to listen to. Seriously check this out if you haven’t seen her other stuff.

8. Depeche Mode
Delta Machine

This one flew under my radar until my friend Skylar said something on Facebook. So yay new fucking Depeche Mode. One the better albums that they put out in a while. Sounds like classic them, yet has a new feel to it. Delta Machine was just fun to listen to and man I’m glad this came out around time of mid-terms so it can get me through the studying of that pointless exams. Fans of Depeche, rejoice for their new stuff is so damn good.

7. Various Artists
The Great Gatsby: Music from Baz Lurmann’s Film

Now this was fun. I heard it mostly on my trip through Austin, TX this summer, awesome trip by the way, and didn’t hear the full thing until after seeing the film, which itself was quite good, and this is one the best film soundtracks in a while. A nicely blended mix of current and retro jazz featuring Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kayne West, Lana Del Ray, Amy Winehouse, Jack White, Florence and the Machine, and who manages to not only make a song I like of his, but the best song on the soundtrack. No mistake, this is a part soundtrack and a pretty fucking great one.

6. Franz Ferdinand
Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions

Another unexpected album from one my favorite bands. Franz I haven’t heard from in age and here they come with some their best work yet. I love their mixes of indie, dance-punk, post-punk, and new wave. I like dancing to their music and often find myself playing them on when writing, such as right now. I guess you’d say its the right action to take.

5. Daft Punk
Random Access Memories

I just love Daft Punk. Dance music you can dance to and truly enjoy. This year they came hard with Random Access Memories and man its some their best work to date. Everyone just balled over Get Lucky, as well yeah it was a great song but man tracks like Touch featuring the legendary Paul Williams, Lose Yourself to Dance which also featured Pharrell, and Beyond. Daft Punk’s biggest release in a while was certainly a welcomed shot of fun for the entire world.

(Come on this is the only video involving Get Lucky anyone wants to see.)

4. Justin Timberlake
The 20/20 Experience

JT hasn’t made an album since FutureSex/LoveSounds. So welcome back! Suit and Tie was a great statement song for Justin to say he is back and well there are great tracks like Mirrors, Let the Groove In, Don’t Hold the Wall, and Spaceship Couple, but Suit and Tie is what mostly makes this album. Great jazz throwback, smooth production, and some great help with Jay-Z, an I just love this album, but Suit and Tie is the song that makes it complete.

3. Nine Inch Nails
Hesitation Marks

You know while Trent Reznor isn’t off making great scores for David Fincher, he’s the lead for one the best bands ever and they released an album 2013 as well. Hesitation Marks is the best return NIN could have with a sound that shows they haven’t missed a step. I love the sound of these and man it made me a big NIN fan all over again and had me listening to a lot of their old stuff as I went on writing binges. I’m glad they made some new music because I love when Trent leads this band.

2. Childish Gambino
Because the Internet

Donald Glover, Childish Gambino, whatever you call him, he’s one the best talents out there period. Camp was amazing and well glad to say Because the Internet was a great follow up with all the greatness, rhyme, cleverness, and well talent that only Gambino can deliver in one whole album. This was a pure joy to listen to an what a hell of a time I had listen to this. Pick it up!

1. David Bowie
The Next Day

David Bowie is my favorite musician who just happens to have released to the best album of all of 2013. Alright I admit there is a bit of bias but man this is amazing Bowie. First album in ten year, Bowie shows why he is Bowie. The album is a mixture of all what makes Bowie so great. The Starts Are Out Tonight, The Next Day, Love Is Lost, Valentine’s Day, Boss of Me, just pure rock coolness and just have a great fucking sound to them and Bowie still sounds amazing. Man I love this album.


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