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Prattling Panels: 2/1/14

Like I said, this blog is subject to go up on Saturdays as well so hey let’s start February right!

All-Star Western #27
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray; Drawn by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Norm Rapmund

Jonah Hex is merely a simple man but he’s com across strange things over his many years of adventure, time travel I think being amongst the top ones. This issue, Jonah has a conversation with Superman about life and such and Hex even questions Superman about not doing a lot more with his powers and its amazingly entertaining. Palmiotti has a real handle on Superman but its co-written by Gray so you know they both do amazing work. Art here by Giuseppe and Rapmund draw a good issue, and really detail Hex’s gruesome face nicely. The stuff in the Hex wing of the museum is very good but not as compelling as the Superman moments. I highly recommend people keep reading All-Star Western as I really don’t wanna see this book cancelled. 4.5/5

The Flash #27
Written by Brian Buccellato; Drawn by Patrick Zircher

The Flash has taken on a new creative team, well new artist, that begins a new story arc that may finally give Barry Allen some insight on to who finally killed his mother. The writing is great here with a flashback to help set things up but then we see Flash take on a bickering Chroma (or formerly known as Rainbow Raider) and Tar Pit which I find utterly hilarious but discover a cave of bodies under the Central City subway. Tying back into the opening flashback and helps set everything else forward. Flash is a mixed bag of a book since New 52 happened, but I have liked it just fine since its debut and enjoy this very much, though as much as I like BArry, I’m reayd for Wally West’s return in April. 4/5

Guardians of the Galaxy #11.Now
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Drawn by Sara Pichelli

Much like All-New X-Men #22.Now, this is just set up for the upcoming Trail of Jean Grey. That’s all it feels like here. Starload and Gamora are off on a distant planet going over recent events, Groot, Rocket, and Drax are all bullshitting on the ship with a surprise appearance by Tony Stark, and yeah a lead in to their cameo at the end of All-New X-Men #22. It just feels like exposition, which a big part of the issue is at one point. The issue is fine, you could jump on to the book from here, but I really recommend going back and starting from the beginning of Bendis’ run. Or maybe find the entire collection of the 208 run which is what the upcoming film will based on. 3/5

Furious #1
Written by Bryan J.L. Glass; Drawn by Victor Santos

The narrative of the very first actual superhero in the real world is nothing new but its all about how you execute it and I like the idea going on in Furious #1. Glass does a good job helping set up situations and the world. The books also features something to say on celebrity and media and always struggling to do the right thing, but the way the book flows helps it out. Again there is a lot of familiar ground here in this book but the execution makes up for it. Santos’ art helps as well as its energetic to look at and is solid throughout. Art is exceptional here and really worth noticing. I’d say pick this one up. 4/5

Aquaman #27
Written by Jeff Parker; Drawn by Paul Pelletier

Well Jeff Parker has the task of taking up the King of Atlantis himself after Geoff Johns left the book and for the past two issues, he’s done a good job. For the majority of it, its Aquaman fighting a giant sea monster and that’s pretty cool. I’m enjoying Parker’s run so far. There is scenes over at Atlantis which where nice break up between the reporter tying to do a story on Aquaman, which isn’t too interesting, and said sea monster fight. Aquaman fans should rejoice and stay hopeful for the title in Parker’s leadership. 4.5/5

Batman and Robin Annual #2
Written by Peter J. Tomasi; Drawn by Doug Mahnke

DAMIAN! OHMYGODDAMIANISBACKAND–that’s a flashback. FUCK! DAMN YOU DC! Ah I’m not really complaining, DC puts out another annual in the fifth week of January and once again its the Dynamic Duo. But this time it is THE Dynamic Duo. The tale of this annual tells the tale of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson’s first week together as Batman and Robin. This was fun to read as my first superhero team were back on the scene. This was nicely written and Tomasi is really one the best Batman writers ever. He write Bruce, Dick, and Damian perfectly. This was an exciting tale with an interesting villain in Tusk. There is a slight twist but for those familiar with the previous Batman and Robin Annual, its gonna put a smile on your face. Mahnke’s art is spectacular here in splash pages and in single panels. He really makes the book pop and stand out. The cover art is just gorgeous as well and man, any Batman fan needs to pick this up! 5/5


Dead Boy Detectives #2
Written by Toby Litt and Mark Buckingham; Drawn by Mark Buckingham

The second issue of the Sandman spinoff picks up the great momentum built up by issue one and is a much better story. Well chapter I’ll say. Following the case of Tracy who died for a minute last issue, Charles and Edwin head back to their old school. Now here we get a lot more focus on Crystal. Not bad, I mean issue one is about re-establishing Charles and Edwin, or establish if you never read Sandman, and setting up the situation of the issue and bringing people into the world of this book. We got Crystal’s backstory in one but here we go further, she’s the main focus of the issue and I feel now in issue three, things are gonna pick up fast! In addition to the interesting, gripping, and well told backstory on Crystal, the diving into Charles and Edwin’s past is just great. Litt and Buckingham’s writing is fantastic but Buckingham’s art is so beautiful. He’s outstanding here. Its simply great. DC had hyped up the appearance of Death in this issue and she’s kinda barely in it. LAAAAAAAAAAAME! Otherwise, solid great second issue that made me happy. 4.5/5

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1
Written by Zak Whedon; Drawn by Georges Jeanty

Now to get this out the way: YES! FINALLY! FINALLY! Alright now, Browncoats all around the world have been waiting on any follow up to the film of the same name based on the brilliant TV series Firefly. Well make no mistake this does follow up on the film. Many plot points, deaths to be followed up on, and hopes are given here in a nicely done story by Zak Whedon. I will say the issue does end on an interesting plot twist I didn’t see coming nor really even thought about, but should have given the character it focuses on, which I’m not spoiling here. Jeanty’s art is great here and one the better character recreation arts I seen in a while. I’m excited to see where things go from here. 5/5


Saga #18
Written by Brian K. Vaughan; Drawn by Fiona Staples

Saga #18 wraps up all what Vaughan and Staples have created, but its in no way the end of the amazing book itself. Rather the end of maybe I’d say Book I. Even though this is the last issue of the upcoming third trade collection of the book that’ll be soon released, but still. A lot of plot points are wrapped up and some kinda linger but it feels like a very satisfying wrap up, which it some regards it is. The brilliant writing of this book and the well drawn art continues here. Saga has been Image’s leading book out there with Chew and The Walking Dead and man its just so great. What can I say about the book that hasn’t been said already? It is brilliant. It was my number two favorite comic book of last year. This was an exciting issue of an exciting book. Pick it up!  5/5


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