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Prattling Panels: 2/22/14

Welcome to yet another Prattling Panels, this week we have a crossover I never expected, a few number ones, some old favorites, and the end of what is seriously the best comic being put out today. Still behind on Wonder Woman, I’m a busy guy, so no #28 review this week.

X-Men #11
Written by Brian Wood; Drawn by Kris Anka

Amazingly, only two X-titles this week and I’m starting off with the main named title that continues the Ghosts *cough*Sisterhood*cough* storyline with the bulk of this issue following Lady Deathstrike, Enchantress, and Typhoid Mary and its a fairly effects storyline with an ending to it out of nowhere before the last 6 pages are so are the X-Men taking on Sentinels brought back to live via Arkea which has some nicely drawn action via Kris Anka that’s easy to follow and allows you to see all that goes on. Again the main stuff is the Sisterhood and its still solid even if I think so far it wasn’t too interesting are exciting up until that storyline’s ending in this issue. 3/5

The X-Files Conspiracy: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1
Written by Ed Brisson; Drawn by Michael Walsh

So I had no idea this was happening until I saw it on the day of release and I thouht, well I have to read it. I’m a moderate fan of X-Files and I still find the TMNT franchise solidly entertaining so yeah, what did I think? This is a big ass ball of fun is what it is! Simple premise: The Long Gunmen discover the Ninja Turtles after Leonardo is on the front page of a paper out in the middle of no where hiding (Someone in the comments explain since I’m not currently reading the ongoing TMNT title from IDW) and they each come across the threat of vampires. Again a big ball of fun! Ed Brisson writes this very well and doesn’t make it too jokey, but its still a very funny read. The interaction between the Gunmen and Turtles are hilarious, sweet, and seem natural as if this were to ever happen on either show. This seems to be a new series as the next issues teases they’re gonna cross paths with the Transformers which should be highly entertaining. I’m interested in this one a lot. 4.5/5

The White Suits #1
Written by Frank J. Barbiere; Drawn by Toby Cypress

This is the beginning of the limited series by tam Frank J. Barbiere and Toby Cypress an its very interesting in the most mixed way possible. This feels like the middle of a story rather than the beginning. It revolves around these group of people that terrorize Russia’s criminal underworld and leave no traces behind. We don’t get too much character development nor a clear sense of why we should care about anyone in the book. Again it feels like the middle of a story rather than we’re seeing the beginning of it. It gets slightly clearer towards the end buts it a case of too little too late but the art by Cypress is amazing. A great use of black, white, and red as the primary colors. That I’d say is worth getting the book along for. 2/5

Harley Quinn #3
Written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti; Drawn Chad Hardin

Now as to why I am so, SO done with the Harley Quinn series. This issue just left me wondering what the fuck over and over. The last two issues haven’t helped this series at all. First by kinda missing the antagonistic part of Harley and Ivy’s friendship and by even slightly beating us over the head with the implied lesbianism of the two of them. But this issue also just left me feeling hollow and not entertained in any good way. The premise is Harley eats…wait first, we see Harley depressed since its Valentine’s Day and she’s alone and one a scary ride on coney Island and she gets scared out of nowhere and blasts some the creatures with a shotgun she has on her. She comes out with blood on her. We find out its the assassins after her but there was still a brief moment of thinking she just straight up murdered innocent people.

Where was I? Oh yeah Harley eats a berry off the plant Ivy gave her last issue and anyone she comes across is cannibalistically in love with her. Yeah a bus full of convicted murderers, crazies, a female cop that kisses her, a moth at some point maybe, I just didn’t care. I wasn’t as entertained by what happened in this issue as I thought I would be. This would be fun but man I just can’t feel it. Harley hasn’t been at all the same since New 52 began. Her costume and origin change bug the hell out of me. She’s one the best characters ever and I want to follow her adventures so much but the writing is just not there even with the very good art I just felt nothing reading this issue. I only felt entertained with issue 1 and parts of #0. I just can’t keep reading a book that made me lose interest this quickly. I’m done with this series of Harley Quinn. 1/5

The Punisher #2
Written by Nathan Edmondson; Drawn by Mitch Gerads

How can I feel good about what a dreck Harley Quinn #3 felt to me? A new series that’s much better and far more entertaining, The Punisher! Nathan Edmondson has quickly launched into writers whose work I must read. Put his name on any book and I’ll give it a shot with Black Widow and the followings of our favorite violent anti-hero Frank Castle. Here Frank comes across a cartel hit he was too late on, but never fear for he tracks down a deal between some gang in L.A. and A.I.M. Frank even adopts a wounded coyote and names it Loot. I just love that a lot. We see a bit of the Howling Commandos here and get a surprise as to who was behind this issues events. Edmondson crafts stories very well and its helped by Mitch Gerads wonderful art work here that gives Frank a very distinguished look. Both work very well together and this is climbing the ranks as Marvel’s best books. 4.5/5

Undertow #1
Written by Steve Orlando; Drawn by Artyom Trakhanov

Well this is not the Atlantis you know. Mankind hasn’t evolved, Atlantis rules the world, and marriage equality is no longer a hot buttoned issue. Oh if only, but the first two are true about this book. This was a strange book to be plunged into but it was certainly a joy to read. This is some exciting stuff going on here in this book. We follow veteran freedom fighter Redum Anshargal and upstart rookie Ukinnu Alal. they key to any new start ongoing is to have worthwhile and interesting characters to follow and we got that here with Redum and Ukinnu. Straightforward and to the point with these two.

The art and colors of Trakhanov are visually striking to highly enjoy. So much eye candy is in here there’s almost too much awesome to take in here its amazing. Its a joy to look at. Its a fine first issue nothing really groundbreaking or anything but just some fun Atlantis fun adventures! 4/5

New Warriors #1
Written by Christopher Yost; Drawn by Marcus To

So my best knowledge of the New Warriors is mostly with the individual members on their own and not the team as a whole. The most noteworthy thing I’ve read with them was Civil War since they basically begun Civil War but I like the creative team a lot but this was just okay. Definitely in the bottom two of recent Marvel number ones with Wolverine (for those wondering where X-Force #1 is, not reviewing it. Never been a big X-Force fan), though I’d much rather read this than Wolverine. The issue is again just fine, nice art by Marcus To whose work I almost always enjoying looking it. We see the adventures of the team spread over the globe that some weird Iron Man looking robots are after people with “tainted” blood meaning half-human- half0alien things. It was a bit confusing to read given again, I never really read much of a team book with them but fans of New Warriors I’m sure are ecstatic about the book getting a new line, I’m just not one of them. 2/5

Amazing X-Men #4
Written by Jason Aaron; Drawn by Ed McGuinness

Well its official, Jason Aaron is the best current X-Men writer. He has such a grasp on what make the X-Men great, exciting, fun, and enjoyable over Wolverine and the X-Men and Amazing. Well Beast is in rage mode going after Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Northstar wandering a frozen tundra, and Firestar saves Iceman’s life by setting hell on fire. Not. Kidding.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 2.28.12 PM

Seriously, superhero comics are awesome. This comic is a PENULTIMATE issue to the first arc and more or less for me is more memorable because of Kurt and Logan finally reuniting. Such a great moment in what is quickly becoming a great book. Also the art is a joy to look at. I’m often mixed on how McGuinness’ art eorks on books but here its perfect. Please check this out! 4/5

Green Lantern: New Guardians #28
Written by Justin Jordan; Drawn by Brad Walker

Well hey one the most underrated DC books is here with Godkillers! The beginning of a new arc on the book is an interesting start but the best thing is as usual the chemistry of Kyle Rayner and Carol Ferris. They are very fun together and of course the comedic bits of Guardian Paalko. Here there are the Templar Guardians who are killing gods. Its a fine first start, nothing special but there is still fun writing, fantastic art, and an enjoyable book. 3.5/5

Batwoman #28
Written by Marc Andreyko; Drawn by Jeremy Haun

Its taken a bit but I’m on with this new creative team. I like them both but now is where things click since it seems they get how great the Kate and Maggie relationship is and important to Batwoman herself. Haun’s art is fantastic here and I’m loving it more and more on this book, but Andreyko’s writing in the scene between Maggie and Kate in the GCPD is the highlight after nearly being discovered by Maggie’s daughter as Batwoman. Its clear how much they truly do love and care for each other and man I love these two. Please never break them up. So. I give this issue…oh wait yeah the Wolf Spider. I’ll be honest, as much as this book is starting to in me over on the new creative team, Wolf Spider is only okay. The art heist stuff is fun and all but what I love here is the character work of Maggie, Kate, and Bette who has  nice small part in this issue. Its building towards the end of this arc and well I’m not too upset to see it go so quick. Batwoman is still readable! 4.5/5

Batman and Two-Face #28
Written by Peter J. Tomasi; Drawn by Patrick Gleason

Thus we conclude that indie darling, Batman and Two-Face. Big Burn is over and this is one the more entertaining stories ever done in the NEw 52 with so much connection between our three main players and great writing and wonderful art. The McKillen’s are publicly televising the execution of Harvey Dent and Batman needs to stop them. Again the great thing is how fluid and connected all the main characters are together and giving us a great story involving Two-Face. We get amazing characterization of Harvey as well as Batman and a few twists towards the end makes the story even more exiting. I love this when it was with Robin but the book is still strong with revolving guest stars, even thought I’m so ready for Damian to be back. Pick this story up in trade. 5/5

Daredevil #36

Written by Mark Waid; Drawn by Chris Samnee

Oh hey what a shock the final issue of the best comic book on the shelves is my book of the week. Well yeah and also it was great. The third volume of Daredevil ends as it began, with a fun big bang! Mark Waid to me might be the best comic book writer ever. He’s a writer’s writer and he understands story structure so damn well and he has a whole lot of fun with anything he writes. This book represents all that’s great about this run. Its fun, exciting, funny, wonderful, and reminds me and you why we love The Man Without Fear and how he is one the best characters ever.

Building off the cliffhanger of #35 Matt Murdock puts everything on the line. He risks it all for the sake of the greater good. I’m not gonna spolil anything but this ends perfectly all the while setting up the new volume with the same creative team. Again this book was just fun and Waid should be proud of what’s he’s done here, as should series artist Daredevil who kills it here. He has been the best artist for the book of the whole series. He just draws such great issues and knows how to make things pop. I’m just in love with this book, I can’t wait until it begins again! 5/5


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