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Prattling Panels: 3/1/14

BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH! Wait we’re not at that date yet? Whatever, March is here so yay! New Prattling panels! Also not caught up on The Wake as I’m just now getting to read it. Let’s begin! Also still behind on Deadpool. Now we really begin.

Also Fantastic Four #1 is being saved for a different post. Stay tuned for that.

The X-Files Conspiracy: Transformers
Written by Paul Crilley; Drawn by Dheeraj Verma

So as I’ve discovered this series has been going on for a while and yeah I think I’ll do a full review of it once I get my hands on all the issues. Either way the Lone Gunmen meet up with Optimus Prime and Bubblebee to find and figure what happened to a missing Rachet. This issue was pretty good and has some nice fun humor but where it shines is in its action. Its nicely drawn and pretty exciting to look at. Its a pretty good crossover though now I know its the middle of something, I feel a bit incomplete by it so now I won’t review this again until I read the whole thing but by itself, its a decently fun comic. 3/5

Guardians of the Galaxy #12
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Drawn by Sara Pichelli and Stuart Immonen

So you find out your dad you thought was long ago dead is alive while you and the rest of the mutants you’re with travel with a ragtag team of aliens in space to rescue your friend. Well normal occurrence. Yes following up on the cliffhanger of All-New X-Men #23, Guardians #12 has a nice amount of emotional beats as well as the humor that comes with the book. Bendis handles a lot of things going on here with Scott and X-23 growing closer together, the chemistry between Kitty Pryde and Star-Lord, and the stuff with Jean which I liked a lot this time around with her interrogation and the beginning of said trail. This has been an enjoyable event so far and hopefully it can wrap up in a satisfying way. 4/5

Aquaman #28
Written by Jeff Parker; Drawn by Paul Pelletier

Aquaman comes across the most feared moment and situations being the King of Atlantis, Justice League member, and a hero. But now he faces the dreaded, HIGH SCHOOL REUNION!

Yes Arthur goes back to mainland after rescuing a diver being ripped apart by sharks with Mera for his ten year high school reunion. Of course he finds out more about Triton like how Dr. Shin is involved but the bulk of the issue is Aquaman at the reunion which makes for a pretty funny issue and look back into Arthur’s life. Jeff Parker has really proven himself so far on his run as a worth successor to Geoff Johns on the book and its only getting started. 4.5/5

Wolverine and the X-Men #42
Written by Jason Aaron; Drawn by Various

Well the final issue of one the most fun title at Marvel is here. Yeah its getting a relaunch but I still will miss how this book was. Jason Aaron crafted something so fun, enjoyable, and wonderfully great here. The issue goes all over the place with the future and present. Its not a straight narrative but an easy one to follow. Its representative of the book itself in its well done humor, writing, and nice art. The issue mainly focuses on graduation day at the Jean Grey school and how it affects some the students while in a flashforward, Logan prepares to shut down the school for good. Each side of the story balances each other out for a damn good send off of a great book. 4.5/5; Series: 4.5/5

Furious #2
Written by Bryan J.L. Glass; Drawn by Victor Santos

Well Furious adjusts to the fame and recognition that she gained from the first issue and its handled well. Most her dialogue is in narration over what’s in the present and flashbacks to her life that shine a light on her decisions all the while it seems an enemy is about to surface for her. We get to see what more her powers are in a fun story. Glass’ writing is as good as the debut but I like Santos’ art most here. Its dynamic and just pops right out at you. It fills the panels up just right and doesn’t have too much going on in it. I’m impressed with the first two outings so far. 4/5

Deadly Class #2
Written by Rick Remender; Drawn by Wes Craig

Issue two of Deadly Class continues the great momentum of the new Image comic about a school of assassins in the late 1980s. Marcus is still an interesting character to follow as we go with him through the first day of classes and we get an education on the cliques of the school. We of course get into Marcus’ past a bit as well and its great to see. Remender knows how to write well and bring people into the new situations seamlessly. Its wonderful writing held up by spectacular art by Wes Craig. The issue is a great continuation and the last few pages sets up something else to come that I’m sure will be tied in nicely. 5/5

All-Star Western #28
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray; Drawn by Staz Johnson ad Fabrizio Fiorentino

So last issue ended with ole Jonah here in a pickle on a drunken motorcycle accident. He’s in a coma for a while that makes Gina a wreck until he wakes about two months later. As you can tell by the cover, Jonah’s face is healed and well the results are a mixed bag. Its jarring to see and well I trust Palmiotti and Gray, also this is the 100th issue they written of the character, so they know what they’re doing but the real fun is what the the trouble that the facial fixture creates in the last panels of the issue. I’m not spoiling that since its a bit fun but again this took a while to get me interested in what’s going on but when its on, its on. The humor is nice and the art is very nice but we’ll see how the new looking Jonah fairs come #29. 3.5/5

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #2
Written by Zack Whedon; Drawn by Georges Jeanty

Two seems to be the magic number here on this week’s column. The second issue of the book is good but I wouldn’t say as good as the first issue. Zoe needs medical attention but the only way is via the Alliance and Jayne makes his way back to the Serenity. The issue is nicely drawn as last time but the writing isn’t as strong. The stronger parts of the issue being the exchange between Mal and Jayne and the planning of Big Bad of this comic. There is enjoyability in the issue but not as much as its previous one. 3.5/5

The Flash #28
Written by Brian Buccellato; Drawn by Patrick Zircher

Flash comes back into contact with Deadman since their paths crossed in Justice League Dark and he’s helping him dig deeper into the mystery of The Miner. Its a really good issue that’s a fun mystery, even if one bit gets exposition heavy, but its for  purpose. We see the Miner is wanting revenge on the Fletcher’s, Central City and Keystone City’s founding family. Though I will say, there is a panel that the way its drawn and what the dialogue of it seems to imply, that’s cheap and kinda feels stupid. But regardless, fun issue. 4/5

Hawkeye #15
Written by Matt Fraction; Drawn by David Aja

Yes this is #15 when #16 was released last time, scheduling problems people, their common in the comics industry. Anyway, Hawkeye is still a damn great book that’s just one the absolute best. Fraction and Aja decide to focus on Clint and Barney’s adventures back in New York. As it seems to follow, the book will go back and fourth between Clint in NYC then Kate in L.A. but well #17 will be Clint focused and how can it not be given what it ends on? Well not saying that but #15 is a fun issue and the crossword puzzle cover is a nice motif of the narrative structure that follows. Its as usual a very funny written book with amazing character work and just wonderful art by David Aja. Hawkeye is just great and I can’t think of what else to say about it. Check it out! 5/5


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