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Tube Talk: Hannibal: Sakizuki


Will Graham is still behind bars, Hannibal and his shrink grow apart, and the continuation of last week’s case fills up this week’s Hannibal here on Tube Talk. SPOILERS as always.

Hannibal: Season 2: Episode 2: Sakizuki: GRADE: A

The victim of last week’s crime wakes up in the empty silo and manages to successfully, albeit painfully escapes but to no avail as he falls to his death. Meanwhile Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson) terminates he relationship with Hannibal Lecter while Beverly Katz uses Will’s help from behind bars to help solve the case.

Well this episode starts horrifically with the painful and oh so lovingly detailed escape of victim Roland Umber from the mural. We see his skin being ripped from his body in detail, its was awfully delightful. It was the first sequence in a while to get me to wench in pain and sorta look away from the horror of it. I just loved it. The chase sequence afterwards was just as interesting, nicely staged and shot.

The investigation itself is good on both sides with Katz still fascinated by Will to get his help behind bars who manages to still do his getting inside the mind of the killer and Hannibal helping out with the team in the lab in place of Will and his own investigation going to the silo after determining where the body was from after his own insight of the killer’s mind. And by that I mean he finds the silo, kills the man himself and takes his leg for this week’s meal which that too is shown in detail. I wanted a piece myself knowing it would be disgustingly wrong.


The episode also allows us to see more of Gillian Anderson’s brilliant Dr. Bedlia Du Maurier as she completes her turn on Hannibal and by episode’s end declares to Will before being carted away from him that she believes his innocence. The scene is expertly matched with Hannibal seemingly ready to rid of the good doctor in her home but finding it empty. It was a nice sequence to look at. It shows how she is ready to stop protecting this dangerous man and that Hannibal is capable of anything.


Manipulation is the theme of this episode but this time it isn’t Hannibal but Will that does this, convincing Hannibal and Bloom that he doesn’t seem to believe his own innocence anymore. Will seems to have an ace up his sleeve that Hannibal seemingly missed while trying to cover his tracks. Its a great role reversal to see how the tables have turned, also greater given how Hannibal taught Will, unwillingly, to manipulate his own perception. Hannibal also manipulates as stated with the killer, but the Will manipulation is far better here.

Katz also gets in Jacks way as she is lectured about her fascination with Will and how Jack’s job is on the line via the circumstances, Jack really cares about the team but will come down on them if needed. The way Laurence Fishburne conveys this is good and shows how with all the deserved praise Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy deserve, Laurence Fishburne doesn’t get enough.

Those were the interesting bits of the episode like Prunell advising Will to plead guilty for the trail in next week’s episode. They were good and contributed to what was a tense and thrilling episode of a great show. Of course we get more looks into Will’s head outside of the case. More of his fly fishing with the mysterious antlered man and antler man showing up in the same place Hannibal did at the silo. Connection?

Oh as for the fight that opened last week’s episode, NOTHING! We get no further look at it nor ay follow up to it at all. Not sure when now as I thought we’d get glimpses in every episode. But I wasn’t upset by that. Again the tables turning provided more than enough entertaining moments.


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