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Prattling Panels: 3/10/14

Hello all and apologies for the vast lateness of this post, my schedule has gotten utterly screw lately and I’m trying to get things on track for myself. I’m deeply sorry but let’s start!

Wolverine and the X-Men #1
Written by Jason Latour; Drawn by Mahmud Asrar

After the excellent last issue of Wolverine and the X-Men, we get Wolverine and the X-Men! Yeah that relaunch happened rather quick. Also, it might help if you read the previous run before this one as its kinda a continuation of events that happened last time, such as Quentin graduating and becoming a teaching assistant, graduate students, and the sense that in the future, this school is screwed. While not as interesting and hooking as the first issue of the previous was, it does still set things up fairly well and doesn’t feel like huge exposition dumping. Its a nice coming on point but I still say you should read the Jason Aaron run cause of how damn good it was. 3.5/5

Action Comics #29
Written by Greg Pak; Drawn by Aaron Kuder

Greg Pak writes damn good action, seems fitting for something titled Action Comics. It helps that Aaron Kuder on art, he was someone who can set it up nicely and fill the panels without overstuffing it. The storyline of Superman and Lana Lang’s discovery of this underground world has been a fun read. This is how a Superman book should be. Makes me more hopeful when I actually read the main Superman title again under Geoff Johns’ direction when Scot Lobdell finally hangs it up on there. Anyhow, the action is what makes this an eye-fest to enjoy, just seriously badass stuff going on here as well as an interesting story. Also Baka is awesome, make him the new super-pet! 4/5

Magneto #1
Written by Cullen Bunn; Drawn by Gabriel Hernandez Walta

Seems almost anyone at Marvel nowadays is getting their own ongoing isn’t it? Well I must say this helps continue the Marvel streak and spectacular debuts well (minus Wolverine and New Warriors) with the Master of Metal, Magneto here. Why it is an impressive first issue, it isn’t one the must reads, it has some typical first issue problems such as being able to establish an already established character outside the books he/she is in at the moment and the status quo of the title. But I think Cullen Bunn does a great job. Bunn is an excellent writer who I recommend, especially his fantastic Oni Press creator owned series The Sixth Gun.

Magneto is on his own path, being his own one man X-Force. Also don’t run into him after your latest dentist check up. Walta’s art here is good, not typical of what you’d se in a superhero book, but that works here, its not a superhero book at all. Magneto is just his own destructive force and he’s gonna prove it to you one way or the other. 3.5/5

Loki: Agent of Asgard #2
Written by Al Ewing; Drawn by Lee Garbett

Bars, set-ups, blind dates, online dating, speed dating, many ways to meet the love of your life. Loki goes speed dating as the tease for the first issue promised. He’s sent on another mission by the All-Mother to retrieve Lorelei, what timing as she’s set to appear on the next Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and we get an interesting look into how Loki is trying to fit in and live his own life here on Midgard. We also get a pretty fun adventure too and an interesting new character that I’m sure Loki will meet up with in no time. The book has managed to keep its upbeat energy and sense of fun. I’m interested though my one problem is that there is no follow up of what happened at the end of the last issue and given what happened, I think that would’ve been a point somewhere here but hey, I got a damn good issue of a damn good book. 4/5

Green Arrow #29
Written by Jeff Lemire; Drawn by Andrea Sorrentino

Well it certainly feels like The Outsiders is nearing its end. Again I make no bones Green Arrow hasn’t at all been good in New 52 until Lemire and Sorrentino took over the book since #17. Its been a must read, an exciting, pulpy adventure book across the globe. Far more entertaining than what had come before. Here, we get some backstory on our villain Komodo and his daughter and pick up where we left off with him gaining control of the Outsiders and how they plan to take care of things, meanwhile Team Arrow back in Seattle and Diggle visit the Clock King. Yeah trying to stop mass murder, turf war, all kinds of exciting here. Though the ending I have a major issue with in how the flying Grayson are they gonna write themselves out that ending?! Its frustrating to think of the stupid ways they can get out of it but hopefully Lemire can find a plausible way. 4.5/5

The Punisher #3
Written by Nathan Edmondson; Drawn by Mitch Gerads

Frank is in for a shock. Alright that’s the only pun I’ll do in this post. Anyway, yeah Frank faces off with Electro as he was the hired muscle of the deal that went down for the chemical weapons. The fight between them is pretty damn fun to look at, its the best part of the issue. The issue itself is good, still a nice continuation of what’s going on. This is a more talkative version of Frank than before but that’s not a bad thing. Edmondson knows how to use this right to his advantage. Mitch Gerads art is still good and really fits the book here well. 4/5

Moon Knight #1
Written by Warren Ellis; Drawn by Declan Shalvey

Moon Knight isn’t a very highly known character but he is a loved one by many who have read his adventures. He’s had his own series before, the 90s run which is much beloved comes to mind. Many bigs names in the business have had their hand on the crazed Marc Spector and now another comes into the mix, Warren Ellis. I myself am a huge Ellis fan.

Now this book is gonna gather many varied mixed results. Where do I stand? I like it. I’ve read Moon Knight books and books featuring Moon Knight. This is a fine debut issue, nice little mystery, wonderful to look at art, and good writing. Ellis is a bit tricky with superhero works but I think its working here on the debut. How it fairs down the line is to be determined but for my opinion, I liked what went on here and want to read more. 4/5

Detective Comics #29
Written by John Layman; Drawn by Aaron Lopresti

Thus we come to the end of John Layman’s run on Detective Comics. Again the only time I given a damn about the comic since New 52 began. Also the end of GothTopia. How does it end? Pretty well. Its kinda the weakest of the storyline though, it feels a bit rushed towards the end but its a minor thing for me to complain about a pretty interesting story. Scarecrow has gather Batman’s allies against him under the guise of his latest tweaked fear toxin and plans to drop it all over Gotham City. Layman makes it all kinds of exciting, he writes it very well and I’m still not a bog fan of Lopresti’s art style here for it, its not terrible but not that too exciting. I think Layman’s run helps further prove how much he’s one the best minds in comic books today. He’s an odd writer, an interesting writer, and very fun writer. Bring it on new creative team! 3.5/5

She-Hulk #2
Written by Charles Soule; Drawn by Javier Pulido

While not the immediate knockout the debut issue was but this is damn good. Jennifer Walters opens her new law firm and hires on a new secretary Angie Huang and her pet monkey that goes everywhere with her then goes out and have a girl’s night with Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat and take down a small A.I.M. operation. Soule has written over a lot of comics but manages to bring something different and unique everything he write, She-Hulk included how she’s trying to get on clients and her former bosses. Pulido’s art is as exciting and energetic as ever and really shines in both areas of the action and the character moments outside the costumes. The book is exciting and the end of the book sets up what should be a fun and interesting issue #3. 4/5

Velvet #4
Written by Ed Brubaker; Drawn by Steve Epting

Ah a spy comic from Ed Brubaker set in 1970s England. AWESOME! Seriously this is a great book from one the best writers ever, any work. It helps this creator owned series is drawn by his Captain America artist Steve Epting. Velvet continues her investigation into clearing her name while going undercover at a masquerade ball. What has made this comic so exciting and engaging is the sharp, tense, great writing of Brubaker to make this a suspenseful tale. Its in his wheelhouse and is utterly smashing. Its Moneypenny being framed for James Bond’s murder. ITs just a great concept that I’m surprised wasn’t touched upon before. Its just amazing. Image is the best company out there in comics and this book helps shows why. Great creator owned titles like this and fantastic results because of who they have behind the books. 5/5


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