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Prattling Panels: 3/16/14

Hello and welcome to Prattling Panels! No witty intro this week other than I’m caught up on Deadpool.

All-New X-Men #24
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Drawn by Stuart Immonen

PENULTIMATE(!) issue of The Trial of Jean Grey has not disappointed. Its been a pretty damn fun crossover of Bendis’ best works since Daredevil (I haven’t read Powers yet, send me your hate mail). Jean pleads innocent and things turn to shit on both ends withe the Guardians and X-Men and Jean’s breaking out. This issue is littered with double-page spreads but it was used pretty well to give the actions on the page and look a more cinematic feel to it all. I actually liked it and hope this crossover sticks the landing next week. 4/5

Batgirl #29
Written by Gail Simone; Drawn by Fernando Pasarin

This was a weird couple of issues. We get a lot more insight into Silver and why he’s doing what he’s doing and the pretty dark twist that created him. The opening panels are great with some wonderful action nicely drawn by Pasarin who has been a fantastic artist on this book and works well with what is the real star, Simone’s writing who pairs up Batgirl and Strix so well. They are a perfect team and honestly, as much as I don’t like the current Birds of Prey run, I’d love any excuse to have a comic featuring the two of them teaming up and kicking ass. This is one the darker storylines of a book that’s been pretty heavy since it began back in 2011. Simone really gets Barbra and that just helps out a whole lot. The book is great and has been one the more consistent great titles of DC since it began. I honestly hope this book continues to strive. 4/5

The Mercenary Sea #2
Written by Kel Symons; Drawn by Mathew Reynolds

Well this second issue is a far better improvement over the lackluster debut issue of this new Image book. Though still not that impressive. The pulp adventure feel is still there just eh. The writing isn’t too strong but the art is still miles ahead of what’s going on. I wanna give it one more issue but I think this may be dropped. 3/5

Black Widow #4
Written by Nathan Edmondson; Drawn by Phil Noto

This book continues its great roll so far. Four spectacular issues in a row. This still feels like a small indie book. Its fantastic and man this is the most action heavy issue yet. Natasha is trying to stop Molot who is just one bad dude. The book has had one-in-dones but the end of this issue shows that it’s about to start have overarching stories as this leads into issue five. I been amazed by the wonderfulness of this book and it does nothing but entertain and have great characterization of one the best characters around. 4.5/5

Coffin Hill #6
Written by Caitlin Kittredge; Drawn by Inaki Miranda

Well thus wraps up the first arc of Vertigo’s Coffin Hill and what an ending. This brings everything that was built up and has a nice conclusion. I’m impressed by how quickly this title grew on mr. Its one the absolute best titles out there and I hope this starts to gain more notice and sales when the first trade comes out for it. Coffin Hill is a weird, dark, twisted supernatural horror book that is a joy to read. 5/5

All-New X-Factor #4
Written by Peter David; Drawn by Carmine Di Giadomencio

I think I’m over All-New X-Factor. The first two issues showed some promise but the latest two have just gotten no strong reaction out of me. It just happened so fast, BOOM! First yay, suddenly nay. The team is okay but its not that strong. Peter David still clearly loves X-Factor but honestly this just doesn’t feel too much like X-Factor to me at all. Carmine’s art is fine and can be enjoyable but its just not enough to help sustain the book. I just don’t feel like reading this anymore. 1.5/5

Deadpool #25.NOW
Written by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan; Drawn by Mike Hawthorne

I’M REVIEWING DEADPOOL! Yeah I’m finally caught up and its so good. Now I’m on the love Deadpool side. I find the character utterly hilarious and captivating to watch. He’s so interesting. This helps wrap up the Deadpool vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. arc with getting those coming o caught up. Its a nice easy, fun issue that is just what’s made this current run so good, the funny writing, the surprise jokes, wonderful art style, and the since of fun one gets when looking at the Merc with the Mouth. Deadpool rocks and that’s that! TACOS! 4.5/5

Hacktivist #2
Written by Jackson Linzing and Collin Kelly; Drawn by Marcus To

Yeah I forgot the second issue release. WHOOPS! Well anyway Nate and Edwin go over the offer made to them from the end of issue one and when they accept, things go very differently than thought. Now this is a solid second issue, following up on the premise and keeping the characters interesting. Though the stuff in Tunisia this time around wasn’t as compelling as the debut. Mostly because there wasn’t so much about it but also the more compelling stuff was back at the YourLife office with Nate and Edwin. This book’s idea has kept up pretty well but I’m glad its a limited series as this would fail as an ongoing. 4/5

Hawkeye #17
Written by Matt Fraction; Drawn by David Aja and Chris Eliopoulos

Alright, with this issue Hawkeye is back on a regular publishing schedule and man the covers can tell a story. We’re gonna get more Kate’s L.A. adventures with Madame Masqu, follow up on clint and Barney, and more. Oh why am I mentioning this? So I can prepare you that this is a continuation of the Christmas issue from Hawkeye #6 back in 2012. No, I’m not kidding. In March 2014! No seriously, we see Clint falling asleep with the kids he hosted to a Christmas special and here comes the proof!

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 8.55.34 PM

This issue was just goddamn weird. I had to make sure I had the right book on me but I did. I read it twice. That’s not a comment on its quality, just to make sure I wasn’t drunk or high off my balls. This is well not the worst issue of a spectacular comic book run, just my least favorite. Yet I still enjoyed it. This is the first bump in this run but even then I’m willing to re-read again in trade. I still found myself enjoying the wacky, madcap adventures of Winter Friends. Hawkeye is still the book to keep an eye on. 4/5

Secret Avengers #1
Written by Ales Kot; Drawn by Michael Walsh

Hey you want another Avengers book? Well here’s another Avengers book. Yeah I’m mostly reading Avengers books in trades cause damn Avengers are all over the Marvel line up. I joke about half of Marvel’s line up is X titles? Its thirds. One-third X-Men, one-third Avengers, other third whatever. But I checked this out first publishing since I like Secret Avengers cause hey sucker for spy stuff here. So how was this, fun as hell. Again Marvel has been killing it with debut issues lately and they are damn good. We get some nice character work here, as typical of great Marvel books today, and a nice set up for the team and the situation going on in the comic. My favorite part being Black Widow and Spider-Woman’s girl’s day on the town. Gelatto, massages, shooting ranges. All sorts of fun. Kot’s writing is expert here and Walsh’s art is fantastic, similar to how David Aja is going over at Hawkeye and a bit with Steve Lieber at Superior Foes. Honestly do go pick this one up people. 4/5

Magnus, Robot Fighter #1
Written by Fred Van Lente; Drawn by Cory Smith

That title hooked me. ROBOT! FIGHTER! YEAH! Anyway, this was a solid debut. Dynamite comics is a good company with plenty to offer for comics readers. They got acquired titles but also fun original titles such as Magnus, Robot Fighter. Oh wait this has been around for about 50 years? Publisher to publisher, you say? Well shit. Anyway I like this issue. I likes it a lot. Magnus fights robots. Well after his nice life is upstired by them. He’s written as a man displaced from normal life, just happy with his wife and job as an educator. The writing by Fred Van Lente is good but Corey Smith’s art is is just wonderful here. He has a nice use of perspective and disguising features about people to him. He’s kinda the books star. I was captivated so I think I’ll read a few more issues of this. 3.5/5

Captain Marvel #1
Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick; Drawn by David Lopez

Marvelous ladies are all around me! Carol Danvers is back with her own books! Again. Moving on, this number one is entertaining and reminds me just why I love this character so. We open with her and a space crew trying to get a deal on a distant planet done but shit goes down, Star Wars references are made, and we cut back to a few weeks ago with Carol and James Rhodes AKA Iron Patriot, where they encounter a member of Carol’s team from the beginning. Tony Stark shows up to Carol’s home in the head of the Statue of Liberty, I do love me them superhero books, to offer her a chance to be an Avenger in space. Carol often says in her narration of the issue that she feels spiritually, mentally, and emotionally lost trying to find her fate and this is just the thing. A nice conversation with Rhody is the highlight of the book to me. DeConnick and Lopez compliment each other well with the art really fitting the writing and vice versa. I’m excited for this for the return of Carol but also we got Captain and Ms. Marvel being published at the same time. I smell a crossover! 4.5/5

The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #9
Written by Nick Spencer; Drawn by Steve Lieber

Now for the moment where I preach at you to read this book. READ THIS GODDAMN BOOK! Seriously talks are going sales aren’t there even though the book keeps getting praise. Buy this book please.

Now for serious talk, Superior Foes of Spider-Man is still the most fun superhero title on the shelves even thought its about (not so much) super villains. We pick up from the end of the last issue with Bullseye, yeah I know how impossible that is given events in Daredevil, and we get some great backstory and hilarious shit-talking from Boomerang about how he’s much better than Bullseye as we laugh our asses off at how wrong he is. That’s the main focus on the issue. The subplot is hilarious with Shocker and Silvermane’s head watching Benny Hill but then we discover someone below Shocker on the totem pole, Hydro Man who relies on his routine with Shocker since he’s out of rehab for alcoholism. Its very funny. The insight and look into this world and absolute D-list villains is just fun, its amazingly fun and wonderful to read. I laugh so hard at each issues, more people need to read Superior Foes of Spider-Man! 4.5/5

Nightwing #29
Written by Kyle Higgins; Drawn by Russell Dauterman

PENULTIMATE(!) of the entire run but for me the real finale of Nightwing since while Dc has its share of problems, I think Nightwing has been consistently great. Its been a real great exploration as to why Dick Grayson is great and wonderful character. It was fun, exciting, adventurous, going all around places then settling down in Chicago which I think worked great for it and was better. Here Dick tries to save Jen from going after Victor Zsasz for killing her parents and its a great reflection on Dick as he goes over his life and even thinks of what would have happened if he became a Talon for the Court of Owls. This issue works so well and I’m curious to see how the finale goes. I love this book. 5/5

Batman #29
Written by Scott Snyder; Drawn by Greg Capullo

Hey Batman finally gets book of the week. After the detour of last issue, we’re back on track with a extra sized packed issue of Zero Year. Bruce is trying to stop Riddler once and for all but he finds out it won’t be that easy as he’s gotta take on Doctor Death again. Also Batblimp!

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 2.39.41 PM

Oh man just look at that!

Anyway, the issue offers us a great look into early Bruce’s mind about his exploits as Batman and how he feels he does have something to prove and well even Riddler gets great use here. One thing I need to say is that I’m glad this is using Riddler so good. Riddler is my personal favorite after Joker and Two-Face in terms of gun to my head, these are my absolute favorites. Riddler is just a great first foe for Batman. Lots of great character work via Snyder and how he digs up history and weaves it in so well. Also Greg Capullo is amazing once again on art. He draws is all so well, he’s really one the best artists the Batm has ever had. He just makes this book so cinematic. He’s spectacular here. I’m loving this book. Batman has been one the most true great titles of DC since the relaunch and I’m so happy about that though I’m ready for more Snyder present day adventures as much as I’m enjoying Zero Year. 5/5


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