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Tube Talk: Hannibal: Hassun


Will Graham’s trail begins but something else has everyone’s attention going on in this week’s episode, Hassun. Here on Tube Talk. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Hannibal: Season 2: Episode 3: Hassun: GRADE: B+

Will Graham kills Will Graham. Oh wait, he electrocutes himself. Yeah Hannibal has the most fascinating opening scenes of any show out there as we see Will preparing for court and just seeing him flip the switch on himself. Its a nicely shot, edited, and pieced together sequence which is the M.O. with Hannibal since day one. The music helps as well and then its one to court with the honorable Judge Harold T. Stone!

Not really but we do go to court where we see Will continuing his manipulation from last week, convincing people of his being an unconscious murderer while still knowing how innocent he is in the whole situation. We get a great moment of Laurence Fishburne showcasing his great talents for this show with his testimony on the stand as he battles to keep up his responsibility to the FBI but also stand up for Will. Its really one the most compelling scenes of the series given the context and how well Fishburne is able to deliver it.

Hannibal - Season 2

We’re also treated to a surprise return of Freddie Lounds played by Lara Jean Chorostecki. I loved Chorostecki’s portrayal of last season. She played it so well that I just looked forward to her every time I saw her name in the credits. She’s a worthy antagonist for our group, in the non killing or eating people way. I love how she butts heads with everyone. Her chemistry with the cast is wonderful and it shows here brightly.

Oh yeah and someone mails Will a severed ear when he’s in court. Almost forgot. This considerably postpones proceedings and Kade Prurnell isn’t very happy about this. She and Jack butt heads even more and really I’d say this a great showcase for Jack Crawford’s character, the scene with Hannibal after the case is postponed stands out, next to his testimony of course. “I haven’t felt better in weeks,” Jack confides to Hannibal as they share a brandy. The topic as resigning is brought up naturally given how one might construct Jack’s testimony as the first paragraph of a resignation letter, but Hannibal, ever the genius he is advises Jack to stay on. “I’ve given my life to death,” Jack states. How appropriate.

Hannibal - Season 2

As much as it kinda is Jack’s episode, Will is the one on trail and Hugh Dancy continues his excellence on here playing the very tortured soul who just wants out. I love his portrayal and it was a shame the Emmys seems to over look him, but thankfully not the Saturn Awards, which I kinda take more seriously as they celebrate all genre. Sorry, stopping that tangent before it begins.

Oh yeah and there is a dead judge who provides our creepy imagery of the week in a very well thought out and detailed homage to justice is blind, complete with blindfold, scale, and missing top of the head with the brain missing. It helped that director of The Changeling, Peter Medak was on hand to direct this week’s episode. He stages it so well. The scenes with Hannibal and Will continue to impress but I wasn’t exactly compelled by Will and Bloom’s interaction this week and found it to be weak. Ah well it isn’t enough to hinder what is an episode that continues Hannibal’s impressive winning streak of high quality storytelling.


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