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Prattling Panels: 3/22/14

New Prattling Panels, still behind on Wonder Woman and no Animal Man review as I’m gonna do a whole write up of that series next week. Right now, this week’s comics!

Wolverine and the X-Men #2
Written by Jason Latour; Drawn by Mahmud Asrar

So we got a meh second issue. There was nothing really that grabbing or compelling or memorable about Wolverine and the X-Men #2 here. It was just there really. I think the series could be able to go on after its initial run, I mean new students, continued studies for some, graduate student, more X-Men adventures. Its all there for the picking but this isn’t that good. The first issue was fine and this does follow up and give us an explanation as to the Phoenix Corporation but again this isn’t really that memorable at all. I wish this was better than it was but I just can’t find myself wanting to talk about this issue much more. The art was very good though. 2/5

Green Lantern: New Guardians #29
Written by Justin Jordan; Drawn by Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessy

Godkillers continues here as we get some background on characters met last issue and great continuation of how great a character Kyle Rayner is. The book is full of great writing thanks to Justin Jordan who crafts a story very well and is one the most underrated writer in comics today to me. This is again one the most underrated books at DC, its just a damn fun space adventure team book. Walker and Hennessy on art is wonder with lovely double page spreads and distinguishing art across the board here. We see more of the Godkillers towards the end but I hope the third part of this gives us more to them. 4/5

Rocket Girl #4
Written by Brandon Montclare; Drawn by Amy Reeder

This fun overlooked series from Image is a blast. Pretty much follows DaYoung Johansson, a cop from the (not so) future 2013 sent back in 1986 after discovering some corruption in the Teen Precinct of the NYPD. This is a time travel adventure and well it is a bit much to follow, I find myself often rereading issues before the next one to keep up. Its a bit of a problem but once you do get all what’s together, its a fine damn book that’s energetic and exciting! 4/5

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #2
Written by Rick Remender; Drawn by Roland Boschi

We get a lot more Winter Soldier here in the second part of this miniseries, even some flashbacks to Bucky’s time as Cap’s pal. Its really nice stuff. Remender keeps playing up the 1960s era spy story here and its working, this is a damn good read. Shen is a great character to follow and we’re set mostly on a train as he deals with a couple of defects from Hydra while trying to figure out the Winter Soldier himself. Boschi’s art here is nicely suited for the book plenty of noticeable faces, good perspective, and excitement on the pages. Its a rousing action book, I’m hopeful for this ending on a high note. 5/5

Dexter Down Under #2
Written by Jeff Lindsay; Drawn by Dalibor Talajic

Marvel getting the rights to do Dexter comics is working for them. I haven’t read the first actual miniseries done, but after reading the first two parts of Dexter Down Under, I’m hopeful for that. Dexter is down in Australia investigating the murders of Asian immigrants as they enter and prime suspect is a leader for a white Australia cause, Bruce Grigsby, as he works and gets to know better, Sgt. Shawna. Dexter’s narration is nice and always welcomed, the writing is mixed, some moments are good but others it feels like they say bloody a lot just make sure you know its in Australia. Its kinda annoying but the art work is pretty good and hasn’t been bad so I got no problems there. 3/5

Batwoman #29
Written by Marc Andreyko; Drawn by Jason Masters

Well this cover is misleading as hell! There is no Nocturna at all until like the last few pages where Wolf Spider causes a breakout at Arkham with Batwoman right in the middle. Also Kate goes to the shrink and that scene was eh. Nice banter off Kate but I don’t remember too much of the doc as I write this. Jason Masters is on art for this and I kinda like his better than Haun. Haun’s good but Masters just grabbed me right away. The stuff with Kate and Maggie as usual is great and the Wolf Spider is interesting. Really more so, I read this cause its Batwoman, its still good but really, I’m more so waiting on the annual that wraps up all the Williams and Blackman run which, still fuck you on that DC. 3/5

X-Men #12
Written by Brian Wood; Drawn by Kris Anka

I didn’t like this. I just flat out didn’t care, this was a weak issue. The X-Books seem to be lacking this week. We get more recaps of shit we already know, less on Jubilee and her side of things which is still part the main story, but its treated as a backup story, and some pretty art. I really don’t remember much of this and think the storyline is taking a dip in quality which is bad cause this started out so damn good. 1/5

Thor: God of Thunder #20
Written by Jason Aaron; Drawn by Esad Ribic

Well this didn’t disappoint, thank Odin. Last Days of Midgard continue and its a very entertaining issue. Thor and Agent Solomon continue to try and stop Roxxon from what they are up to and screw with them big by destroying one their compounds. Not happy, Dario Agger moves plans along and reveals his Minotaur nickname, isn’t a nickname, while in the future, older King Thor sends his granddaughters away to Asgard and meets with Galactus himself in what’s the best parts of the issue. They are wonderful together and have a deep conversation that’s expertly drawn by Esad Ribic who again just goes up to 11 out of 10 on this book. The story is fun, enjoyable, serious, action packed, and a reminder Thor is awesome! 5/5

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 #1
Written by Christos Gage; Drawn by Rebekah Isaacs

So I’m a hug Buffy fan. I mean HUUUUUUUUUUUGE! I love the ever-loving fuck out of this show and its a big reason for some of my choices today. Anyway, I liked season eight of the first comic continuation of the series, the recent season nine was pretty good but I only liked it, had great moments, but I was far more interested in the Angel and Faith ongoing to be honest. This is a nice season premiere with Buffy being Buffy and the Scooby Gang being as cool as ever. This even ties into the events of Angel and Faith and has a really nice reunion moment and also an unexpected character return. Drama is there, its all fund, Gage writes this really well and the art by Isaacs is very good and helps out the book. I really enjoyed this and look forward to what’s in store for the gang. 4.5/5

The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #10
Written by James Asmus; Drawn by Various

So we get two issues of Foes in a row?! YAY! Well its not the same creative team, seems like they needed a break? Well I like James Asmus and this is more an anthology issue with different stories from Beetle, Overdrive, Speed Demon about close calls with heroes of the Marvel Universe and how they got the slip on them. The art changes with each story but its pretty entertaining, Beetle’s especially. This feel a bit like a break issue indeed but I liked it. I still laughed and find this the funniest book on the shelves right now. BUY IT! 4/5

The Fuse #2
Written by Antony Johnston; Drawn by Justin Greenwood

Law and Order: Space Division doesn’t falter in issue two. We get more introductions to the characters here and get the mystery going. Johnston really has picked up a lot from detective shows, influence shows here in spades. Follows most the formula well and I’m loving the team so far. The twist at the end shows we’re in for a damn good story here. Greenwood’s art is very nice here and a good fit for a setting like this. This is a pretty nice new entry for Image and its paying off so far. 4/5

Ms. Marvel #2
Written by G. Willow Wilson; Drawn by Adrian Alphona

The much waited upon issue two of the controversial new series. Kamala starts to realize and try to get a grasp at her new shapeshifting abilities and what the hell is going on and what it all means. This is a damn great continuation of what is sure to be an amazing book. I love the way Willow is going about introducing Kamala and her family. This feels and sounds like a true family and that’s gonna be a big help to the book. The art by Alphona is just as good here, still being really nicely out there, like an indie book almost. The use of color here is great as is how he draws Kamala’s shapeshifting, some really amazing stuff. I’m very excited about this book. 4.5/5

Batman and Aquaman #29
Written by Peter J. Tomasi; Drawn by Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray

Well here we are back to rotating guest stars to help Batman track down Ra’s al Ghul and the bodies of Talia and Damian as we begin to road back to bringing Robin back and I’m ever so happy about that. Though part of me wishes this was the Brave and the Bold animated versions of Batman and Aqauman. That’d be so awesome! Ra’s and Aquaman cross paths just as Batman comes across them on Ra’s’ tail. This is a good start for the new arc that will hopefully have a damn happy ending. I grew to love Damian and I want to see him back, bad. The issue is exciting and full of wonderful action from the whole team. I’m looking forward to Batman’s adventures with Wonder Woman. 4/5

Sex Criminals #5
Written by Matt Fraction; Drawn by Chip Zdarsky

The wonderful Image book is here with a new issue and I love it. This continues on the adventures of Suzie and Jon and their run in with the Sex Police. This continues the same mad-cap whacky adventures of previous issues but also does a serious tone to it as well with more story on Jon’s past. Its really great stuff. Fraction’s fun sense of writing is on full blast here as is the great art by Zdarsky. These two are just a great, great team together and Sex Criminals is a book you should be reading! 4.5/5

Daredevil #1

Written by Mark Waid; Drawn by Chris Samnee

Well Daredevil is back and its still great. Well Matt’s all set up in San Francisco and he’s having a bit trouble readjusting given he’s trying to save a girl that’s rigged as a bomb. The issue sets up everything nicely, recaps Daredevil for us, and has a fun time doing so. This was an exciting adventure and man I’m so glad its still Waid and Samnee on here as they knock it out the park again together. Still not sure why they had to relaunch this but hey whatever, we’re still getting great Daredevil stories. 5/5


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