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Tube Talk: Hannibal: Takiawase


We see the return of Abigail Hobbs, Bella Crawford, and the possible end of one on this week’s Tube Talk of Hannibal’s fourth installment of season two, Takiawase. MAJOR FUCKING SPOILERS BELOW!

Hannibal: Season 2: Episode 4: Takiawase: GRADE: A

First off, damn it Bryan Fuller for misleading me into a Pushing Daisies crossover with the use of bees and honeycombs. But really, BEES! Yeah nature’s honey factory plays into the case this week as we open on a hollowed out corpse. Its nicely done and staged. Of course Beverly goes to get Will’s special help from behind bars to help out and he still tries to convince her of how evil Hannibal is and that he’s the real Chesapeake Ripper.

Though we are treated to the return of Gina Torres as Bell Crawford, Jack’s and in real life, Laurence Fishburne’s wife. She continues to deal with her terminal lung cancer and how its hurting her in the same way it did when she saw her mom going through it and its just spectacularly done and played by Torres who turns her acting up to 110% here. She’s mesmerizing as she confides to Hannibal in a session how she’s heavily contemplating suicide. Another way we see her great range is when she smokes her medicinal purple kush and Jack shares in to “support” his wife. Its a really wonderful scene showing the great acting of this husband and wife who love each other so well, both on and off the camera. Their real love shines through in this scene and its great.

Meanwhile Will and Dr. Frederick Chilton go into beginning narco-analytic therapy that I swear nearly blinded me with the damn strobe but is reminiscent of when it happened back in season one and by agreeing to do this and sharing his result, which consisted of Will seeing the meeting between Hannibal and Dr. Abel Gideon, the amazing Eddie Izzard who from the sights of the preview will be back next week and that might give that an automatic A, and Will ever so subtly continues his manipulation game, slowly having Chilton distance himself from Hannibal. Will also hallucinates fly fishing with Abigail Hobbs (nice to see Kacey Rohl back) in a nice scene that’s a real pleasant moment not just for Will, but for us the audience.

Hannibal - Season 2

Oh and we do have an investigation that comes back into play after we see acupuncturist Katherine Pims (guest star Amanda Plummer) just create a hollow, walking shell of a man. Its way sick and disturbing but visually captivating as she make him feel nothing and take away his eyes, leaving him painless. Speaking of curing pain, Bella comes and visits Hannibal again and tells him she’s taken all her morphine and will die there, sparing Jack the pain of seeing this but it brought back to life by Hannibal and taken to the hospital. This episodes theme seems to be mercy.

Mercy by death more so, Pims sees what she’s doing as sparing people a painful life, she can’t make it all go away but make it more manageable and worth living and Bella as the way out this limited life that makes her less and less hopeful everyday, despite the wonderful and supportive husband she has. Death is a relief to them and they have no qualms about it. Death to Bella would be feeling alive for the first time since her diagnosis. Its a very touching episode in that way.

Hannibal - Season 2

Will does seem to get in Beverly’s head and she’s convinced to go and search Hannibal’s house as he is away and more than discovers his truth down in the basement but as the lights slowly come on, feet behind her is Hannibal who then turns the lights back off as Beverly fires and fade to black.

Well so long Bev! Make no mistake, she is gone next week. There is no way out of these where she keeps her mouth shut while still breathing and I do believe will lead right back to the opening fight between Hannibal and Jack of the premiere. I’ve loved Hettienne Park as Beverly on here as I love her most out the CSI team, speaking of nice extended roles this week for Scott Thompson and Aaron Abrams, and her fascination with Will lead to great scenes with Hugh Dancy. But at last, she’s getting served with fine wine next week.

This has been Hannibal’s best and most insightful episode yet of season two, Fuller really is diving deep into the minds of all its characters, even the guest stars, Plummer was spectacular this week, and I think its only gonna get better from here. I love this show.


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