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Prattling Panels: 3/29/14

Well here we are with yeat another week and hey more new Marvel #1’s! Let’s start!

Guardians of the Galaxy #13
Written by Brian Michael Bendis: Drawn by Sara Pichelli

The Trail of Jean Grey ends as it always was, not that noticeable. This even wasn’t meant to garner any big attention, just a small little crossover among Bendis’ main universe titles. Though the event sticks the landing which a little surprise involving a character decision. More so this seems to be a huge art display for Sara Pichelli as the majority of this book in in double page spreads. LOOOOOOTS of double page spreads. Pichelli has always been a good artist and one whose work I truly enjoy. She has nice perspective, unique character and facial looks, and does action, props, and settings well. Bendis writes an exciting conclusion and a very fun adventure here. The storyline is well worth reading in the obvious trade that will come out of it. I’m looking forward to the aftermath of this story. 4.5/5

Dead Boy Detective #4
Written by Toby Litt and Mark Buckingham; Drawn by Mark Buckingham

The first arc of the Sandman spinoff concludes and its a doozy, a weird, wonderful, creepy doozy. The boys must save Crystal and we actually see what her parents are up to! Its not much so moving on! I will say the writing of Litt and Buckingham sure does show an understanding and care for Charles and Edwin. They really make them the focus while letting Crystal develop and come into the book herself. Its really a fun little book I think might not get as much attention but I for one am loving it. Buckingham’s art helps too as it fits the mood for this book so well. The plot is entertaining and is cleverly funny too. I find it just so damn good. Highly recommending. 4.5/5

Oh and speaking of Sandman…

The Sandman Overture #2
Written by Neil Gaiman; Drawn by J.H. Williams III

Holy flying shit its been five months since #1 came out! Let’s all enjoy this while we can and wait another five months. The prequel series certainly has its ups and downs publishing wise but this should never get in the way of its overall quality and yeah issue two is as good as the debut. In fact it feels a lot more focused. As much as Gaiman’s writing is amazing and the lynchpin of the Sandman universe, Williams’ art is the real star. He’s amazing here. People, props, perspective, weirdness, colors oh my goodness its just fantastic. Oh the plot? Dream continues to get to the bottom of the current situation going on. It feels mostly focused on getting Dream back into action and out there given the last time he was featured in a book and that’s not a bad thing, Dream was one my favorite characters from books. The book is great and well worth the wait. 4.5/5

Catwoman #29
Written by Sholly Fisch; Drawn by Pat Olliffe

I named Catwoman my worst comic of last year (cause I’ wasn’t ready Red Hood and the Outlaws that much and fuck that book) because this just wasn’t the same fun little romp I liked at the beginning of New 52 that gave me hop. I like Ann Nocenti’s writing, but she isn’t hitting here on Catwoman.I’m not having as much fun and I think she just isn’t nailing Catwoman here. But hey this wasn’t writen by here which means I must read and enjoy Catwoman and hey this is fun. Not back to where I want it to be yet but I do love me some good Catwoman adventures. There is a big new chemotherapy drug out there that will change medicine, so of course Selina Kyle has been hired to steal it. The book is fine, but the obvious twist is obvious and well the chemistry between Catwoman and who hired here isn’t the same as usual and that needs to be memorable or else you’re doing something wrong. Olliffe’s art is really good and a highlight here. If he were a regular artist for Catwoman, I wouldn’t mind at all. Well I wouldn’t mind Catwoman being a book I read monthly again. 3.5/5

All-New Ghost Rider #1
Written by Felipe Smith; Drawn by Tradd Moore

Its All-New Ghost Rider! Now with 50% more Penance Stare! Well here we have a new ghost Rider series with a new rider, Robbie Reyes. He lives out in East L.A. and there isn’t too much to say here, its a fairly traditional origin story for Robbie, nothing feels too new but there is good stuff worth reading. Robbie works as a mechanic with a physically disabled younger brother who gets bullied out of his wheelchair just cause it wasn’t the only thing these guys had ridden. Yeah that’s sounds stupid but hey its all for plot advancement so yeah. Robbie drag races to help make ends meet and takes the Dodge Charger he’s ben working on at the shop and he gets shot up by mysterious men in a helicopter.

Again I say its a fairly typical origin story but Felipe Smith doesn’t make everything too exposition heavy or bog it down in narration, he lets the characters do their talking and that’s fantastic, its still feels formulaic but, man I LOOOOOOOOOVED Tradd Moore’s art here. He’s certainly unique here with his dynamic looks, angles, and ways to nicely weave in regular panels with dream sequences is great. The art is great and the new look of Ghost Writer certainly stand out from the previous ones. I have pretty good hopes for this book. 4/5

Iron Patriot #1
Written by Ales Kot; Drawn by Garry Brown

Rhody! Yeah Iron Patrio gets his own book here and its off to an interesting start. We seem to go with the same as the new Fantastic Four, opening on them at a low point and seeing how they got there. Well I think I can get this more here than with Fantastic Four. Series starring James Rhodes don’t seem to last very long and I think Marvel is taking a noticeable risk with making the latest one with Iron Patriot, obviously from his recent role in Iron Man 3. The book feels uneven. The writing is meh with opening on Rhodes’ death and obviously everything we see being his reason to live, his dad, his daughter, his commitment to his country and service. There are small emotional one-on-one scenes with big, bombastic action and well they can mix well given the right people, not sure we got there here. I don’t think this book is destined for a long run. Not sure I’m gonna keep reading cause I wasn’t that blown over with it. 2/5

Furious #3
Written by Bryan J.L. Glass; Drawn by Victor Santos

Well we get a lot more into the past of Candace Lark and what has helped her down the road of becoming the hero known as Furious. It also helps her remember as she’s dealing with a psychotic misogynistic who wants to kill her. Oh and a tease for the villain at the end. But we’re focused on the one situation mostly in one setting and a super interesting issue. I loved this issue a lot. We really can see the harm Candace caused to someone close to her when she was famous and just continued to get everyone to hate her. The writing by Glass is excellent and the best he’s done for this yet. Its really starting to pick up right now and I’m ready to see where it goes. 4.5/5

Amazing X-Men #5
Written by Jason Aaron; Drawn by Ed McGuinness

Well here we are the with conclusion of the Quest for Nightcrawler. Let’s take a moment to recognize just how damn awesome X-Men pirates have been?

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 1.38.01 PM

Alright, yes the battle between Nightcrawl and daddy dearest, Azazel comes to a head and its very damn cool. There are still very cool character moments and Ed McGuinness’ art really helps sell the fun factor of this book. Its just great and Aaron still writes X-Men so damn well. I’m loving Aaron on X-Men and it’ll suck with his final issue next month but the cover tease ensures it will be wonderful to read. We of course get buddy moments with Wolverine and Nightcrawler which is always welcomed to me. 4/5

Aquaman #29
Written by Jeff Parker; Drawn by Paul Pelletier

The book starts with Aquaman shouting “OUTRAGEOUS!” and it doesn’t lead to a wacky family vacation. But it does lead to a should-know-better idiot accidentally unleash monsters and creatures from the depths of Atlantis. Yeah this is yet another Aquaman fights big monster issue but its fairly entertaining because of the awesome, awesome art of Paul Pelletier. It is dynamic and the creatures look amazing, they don’t blend into each other and they each have unique, grotesque, fascinating looks into them to them, I wonder why he was never on Animal Man? The fighting is great, Aquaman kicks loads of ass, stays cool, and let’s the storytellers do their job to show why Aquaman is awesome. This was fun. 4.5/5

Serenity: Leaves of the Wind #3
Written by Zack Whedon; Drawn by Georges Jeanty

Well lots of stuff happens here. We’re primarily on the ship for this issue as Jubal Early stalks his prey, Jayne gets used to life back on board Serenity, and Mal and Inara look after Zoey’s baby. This is a well paced and plotted issue. Its nicely timed and we even do get to check in on Zoey post getting picked up by the Alliance. She’s in prison but she’s getting out as she has promised. The issue is excellent and is the best yet. I’m highly enjoying this book and its got something going for it. 4.5/5

Deadpool #26
Written by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn; Drawn by Scott Koblish and Val Staples

Deadpool and Nick Fury vs time traveling Hitler done in old-school style comic art that opens with a parody of the infamous and much parodied scene from Downfall. This comic is fucking awesome! The art in here is wonderfully done and I must give huge up props to Koblish and Staples as they make this book pop with the way the pages look, the designs, and fun of it. The sci-fi elements and designs of it look super cool and would fit in well in a story set up like this. Of course the writing is the stronger suit as its fantastic. The humor here is wonderful and just so off the way and madcap its awesome. I’m anxious for the big, huge, mega important #27 which will feature Deadpool tying the knot. I have no problem in thinking the landing will be stuck. 5/5

All-Star Western #29
Written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti; Drawn by Cliff Richards

Well Jonah and Gina get out a sticky situation but Gina doesn’t get out easy, as she lays with a bullet wound that was as expertly healed as possible in the Old West as Jonah regales Gina with an old tale of his after a very racist evil guy. Now it appears by the credits, Justin Gray took the reigns mostly on this one and well he’s a very understated writer, I’ve liked his work before. It feels more like a Gary book with some of Palmiotti in there but man Richards’ art takes a nice weird turn with the resolution with the story. I’m highly still interested with new fixed Jonah. This is still a book worth reading. Pick it up! 4/5

The Flash #29
Written by Brian Buccellato; Drawn by Agustin Padilla

Well Barry gets to the bottom of shit with this arc that kinda falls apart here for me. The story was fine but eh, this kinda took a weird turn and hey that reveal brought up and hinted at last time? Not a huge surprise it happened and I’m not a huge fan of it. The art changes again, its fine. I like how it looked here, but wish the art could stay consistent here. Flash action is still good to look at it but this was just an eh issue of a usual pretty damn good book. 2.5/5

Hacktivist #3
Written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly; Drawn Marcus To

PENULTIMATE (!) issue. Since this was created by Alyssa Milano, this seemed like it was a script idea she tried to ship around and with Hacktivist #3 it feels like it. #1 felt like the first act and the latest two feel like act two meaning next month is the final act. But its an interesting script, the majority of this follows Ed in Tunisia with the same girl from issue one. We do see actions Ed caused to YourLife are seen in some very nice scenes that also lend itself to set up for next months finale. I been enjoying this an its an interesting read. Take a look. 4.5/5

Hawkeye #18
Written by Matt Fraction; Drawn by Annie Wu

The continuing adventures of Kate Bishop: Private Eye! No fuck that, Cat Food Man gets his story told. Yes this oddly interesting side character gets his origin told and we actually get Kate’s adventures to tie into Clint’c current situation back in New York for next issue. Though the excitement here is the nice story we get here and the wonderful action thanks via Annie Wu who again kills it here. Love her stuff here but Matt Fraction just makes it all work, he’s so into it and writes a damn great weird story. Hawkeye is still amazing. 4.5/5

Deadly Class #3
Written by Rick Remender; Drawn by Wes Craig

This issue focuses mostly on Marcus and Willie, a little more extra on Willie’s backstory, as they go on assignment for school. The issue does a great job helping to a create a parallel between the two in their lives. Remender is creating things slowly and is adding nice depth to the characters he’s making. We even get a little more insight into Marcus’ past as well. Another reason the character stuff works so well is how dynamic Wes Craig’s art is. The opening roof-run is great and is nicely staged and really works perspective wise. He’s doing great work on this book and I believe him to be one the best artists out today. Writer and artist work in sync together here and its perfect. This book is slowly climbing up to be on my best of list at year’s end. 5/5

Silver Surfer #1
Written by Dan Slott; Drawn by Michael Allred

Cosmic adventures are abound with the latest ongoing series of Norman Radd or as you might know him, The Silver Surfer! Silver Surfer is a great character and one I think is capable of carrying a book. So what do we get here? A very exciting beginning. Dan Slott is a writer who can do out-there things and can make a lot of things fun, such as this. Surfer is a characer of immense power and a very noble man, while having once carried out the atrocities he’s helped Galactus, thus making him honored and feared across the universe. Slott taps into this here and he does a good job handling it and introducing to our new, for lack of better words, companion, Dawn Greenwood. Dawn is the twin sister of renowned traveler Eve Greenwood. Dawn meanwhile helps her dad out at the Greeenwood Inn.

This has a Doctor Who feel to it, not surprising given when a fan of Doctor Who Slott is of the show. Surfer is brought to The Impericon by an alien with a jaw in his throat. Its awesome. Surfer is brought there to be their champion and is shown Dawn as leverage. They don’t know each other. This is a breezy fun first issue and its made better by the always great team of Mike and Laura Allred. Mike’s art is just great, fluid, graceful. Laura’s colors are just so fantastic and makes everything just pop. The two page spread of Impericon is just jaw dropping. This is an out there, weird, strange cosmic adventure and I’m so on board with this. HANG TEN! 5/5


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