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Tube Talk: Hannibal: Mukozuke


A lot of shit happens this week on Hannibal so let’s get right to the HUGE SPOILER FILLED REVIEW! Look away of you haven’t seen it yet!

Hannibal: Season 2: Episode 5: Mukozuke: GRADE: A

Well RIP Beverly Katz, the one person left Will could count on for his innocence. It was fairly obvious with last week’s ending, that Bev was not longer for this world. Shame as I loved Hettienne Park as Beverly. She had an honest connection to Will, one that was honest fascination and friendship in its purest form. She brought a lot to the role and her acting was outstanding.

Now let’s talk about the grotesque and yet visually striking way in which she is dealt with. We open with Freedie (welcome back Lara Jean!) approaching the all too familiar observatory from last season where Abel Gideon (Eddie Izzard) brought Freddie and Dr. Chilton for surgery, one Chilton will never forget. She’s there on an anonymous tip and makes the terrrible discovery that Beverly’s body has been slice, dissected, and displayed in tableau.

Now that is some very disturbing shit. Again this is more than asking how is this on NBC? NBC is taking beyond risks for this show and I’m so grateful for it. I want the season two Blu-Ray right now just to see how this was done and brought onto the screen. All the hard work, that could not have been easy. Its wonderful and I must give all my props to the production team to making this possible.

Hannibal - Season 2

But Bev’s death prompts Jack Crawford to bring Will to the crime, one last good bye and to work out who could have done this. He works out the body was preserved in a giant freezer for this to be possible and slowly worked over a table saw. Cur precisely as needed. Will comes to the conclusion this is the work of the Chesapeake Ripper and the mural copycat; the same person. Of course this is a blow to her former colleagues Jimmy Price (Scott Thompson) and Brian Zeller (Aaron Abrams) but they go on and examine her body as she would have wanted and discover her kidneys were switched out with James Gray, the mural killer. Find the kidney’s find her killer. But oops too late, Hannibal’s cooking them and having a nice mincemeat pie.

Meanwhile at the asylum, Will Graham continues playing puppet master by convincing Chilton to let Abel back into the asylum. Not so easy given the last time Chilton and Abel were in the same room, well Chilton was receiving non-elective surgery that had him holding his own insides. Yeah, well Will convinces him to do this in order to get information about the Chesapeake Ripper’s identity. I couldn’t tell you how happy I was to see Abel back as I’m a huge fan of Eddie Izzard’s stand up and acting, he’s just great and shows an impeccable range. Izzard is one the finest actors alive and can really get into a character. His portrayal of Abel was certainly one the greatest highlights of last season in his two episodes.

As well, Will uses Freddie to write an article to hopefully lure out the killer of the bailiff and the judge from a couple weeks ago. Well hey that works out well as an orderly (Matthew Brown played by Jonathan Tucker) confesses to have the bailiff, but not the judge. Will instructs Brown to kill Hannibal. Of course Abel overhears this, and lets Bloom in on what’s going on. In an elaborate set up, Brown has Hannibal, after tranqing him in the pool, strung up by the neck, wrists slit, bucket under him. Will Crawford and Bloom reach him in time, shoot Brown dead, save Hannibal. I’ll admit that was my only slight problem, we knew Hannibal was gonna make it out alive given how the season opens but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t tense and exciting. On the contrary, it was such a greatly put together scene.


This episode is a wonderful follow up to last week’s outstanding chapter, of which is brought up over a meal between Hannibal and Jack, could have used more Gina Torres, but a great return of Eddie Izzard. I highly love him and really think he excels here. He’s primarily stuck in asylum next to Will mostly but he’s still great. He plays that coy madness and intelligence to him that just works so damn well for this show. He’s undeniably fantastic and needs an Emmy nod for guest acting.

This episode, hell the season of Hannibal has proven it is the best program on right now and is an achievement in almost every aspect of production and is wonderfully disturbing. This show is just amazing.

Again props to Hettienne Park for her wonderful work on this show and I will surely miss Beverly Katz. For her side of things on her departure and debunking how stupid it was to assume it was for anything other than storytelling, check out her blog post here.


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