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Prattling Panels: 4/4/14

Happy Captain America: The Winter Soldier day! It is a most joyful day seeing the best Captain American story being adapted into a film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, of which there will be a special review of for this blog. But right now let’s focus on where Captain America came from! COMICS! (Note: I haven’t read any of the current Rick Remender run so no Cap this week. Ironic huh?)

Deadpool vs. Carnage #1
Written by Cullen Bunn; Dawn by Salva Espin

Well this is as cool as it sound. Its Deadpool, Carnage, they’re gonna fight and blow shit up while fighting. Cullen Bunn does a nice job actually having the story make since as to why this is going on. Carnage is killing people, Deadpool gets message from his TV to go stop him. It works better when you read it. We get a great balance of Carnage madness with Deadpool madness and hilarity. Its wonderfully done and also well drawn by Espin. I love how this comes together and makes just a fun comic. 4/5


Magneto #2
Written by Cullen Bunn; Drawn by Gabriel Hernandez Walta

Bunn continues a nice streak of great writing this week with the follow up of his damn good debut for Magneto. This has him follow up on the human-Sentinel hybrid that was killing al the mutants by visiting the tent town where he was at and discovering a mystery behind it. He feels like the mutant version of the Punisher. Which is odd as I type this but it can be an interesting premise for an ongoing book. Magneto just doesn’t fuck around at all as you see at the end of this issue. There is a great flashback sequence to his time during Nazi-occupied Germany as a young Jewish man. Its really compelling stuff, and just great I honestly am impressed by this book two issues in. 4.5/5

Action Comics #30
Written by Greg Pak; Drawn by Aaron Kuder

A prelude to DOOMED! Yeah another Superman event. Whatever, this felt like something, I haven’t been reading Superman/Wonder Woman, which I will soon as this will tie into its next issue as part of this even, which I might skip even I really don’t like reading the current Superman book cause Scott Lobdell is an awful writer. This is just set up. Not even interesting set up, and I know Greg Pak can do much better than this. Kuder’s art is fantastic so there’s that. Whatever, this issue left no impact on me at all. 1/5

Black Widow #5
Written by Nathan Edmondson: Drawn by Phil Noto

Natasha continues her search for the big dude she faced off with last issue and discovers he is Molot Boga AKA the “Hammer of God” and must stop him from carrying out his plans. This is exceptionally well written and we get a lot more of Avengers Natasha from these last two issues than before, which is also the first issues that are connected to each other. Its very good and works on the theme of how important intel is and how it changes everything and works into timing out what you do with that intel you get. Phil Noto’s art as usual is just gorgeous and makes the books pop and stand out. The end of this issues seems to continue what’s been made up here and will continue this story for a while longer and I’m on board. 5/5

Double dose of Edmondson! Man its like I love his work. I wonder if I’ll ever get to speak to him? Oh wait, its an interview I’ve done on my call in show with Nathan Edmondson himself! Man you can listen to it anywhere at anytime! Alright I’m done.

The Punisher #4
Written by Nathan Edmondson; Drawn by Mitch Gerards

Edmondson keeps it going with The Punisher which isn’t as strong this week as I think the previous issues were but I still liked it. Frank is getting tortured by the Dos Soles gang and Electro while Frank and his team try to be on the look out as the Howling Commandos near in on Frank. We get to see some flashbacks of Frank’s life and its okay. The action is fine, Gerard’s art helps out so much with this issue and I think this is making a slow build to something big if the Howling Commandos are involved. Even if this issue wasn’t as compelling as the ones previous, it still a damn good one. 3.5/5

Angel & Faith #1
Written by Victor Gischler; Drawn by Will Conrad

Angel & Faith season 10 even though this is the the second publishing volume of the book but its tied into Buffy so shut up and just read and I’ll get on with the review. Fallout from the magic return and the newly crowned Magic Town. Angel is running it as we get tie in to Buffy #1 with Faith and (newly resurrected) Giles. We follow Angel around as he keeps track of what’s going down in Magic Town, pixies running rampant, just maddening all over. The issue is paced nicely, well done, and engaging. Angel & Faith was the far more interesting book last time around but I’ll wait to first arcs for both are done so that I may see which is better at that time. It just seems like its gearing up for some great out fun. 4/5

Loki: Agent of Asgard #3
Written by Al Ewing; Drawn by Lee Garbett

Least interesting issue yet as it should be the most given it follows the past of Old Loki, but it does set the stage for next issue and does get better as it goes. Loki seems to be buddy-buddy with young Odin, oh the irony, and tell the story of a magical sword wielded by an Asgardian badass, it all works towards the end but I was kinda eh on the issue. I will say seeing Loki kill a giant fish creature with a bazooka is 50 shades of fucking AWESOME! No seriously that happens and its cool. But the writing isn’t terrible, again bazooka over fish, and we get a nice look into Old Loki’s game plan. Just not as interesting as the previous installments. 3/5

Green Arrow #30
Written by Jeff Lemire; Drawn by Andrea Sorrentino

PENULTIMATE(!) issue of the Outsiders storyline which has been badass! Well we get a great explanation as to the cliffhanger of last issue. Ollie is joined by his father and Shado as they go to take down Komodo and the Outsiders and we get a huge personal showdown between them all and Emiko at the end. The action here is turned up to 11 and we get a nice little tease of what’s to come after this, but more on that when we get back to it. Here, Lemire has brought everything about this full circle and its exciting as hell. Sorrentino’s art is just amazing here, it keeps being exciting, dynamic, and incredible to look at. It fits the dirtiness and grit of Green Arrow so well. This story has been about Oliver truly coming to terms with his past and life as it is right now and what kind of hero it is making him into right now and what a man he is. Oliver has had his life turned upside down so much you want to see him come out on top, not just cause he’s the hero but man he deserves a victory after all the shit Komodo has done to him. Olvier has also showed what a great damn character he is. 5/5

Moon Knight #2
Written Warren Ellis; Drawn by Declan Shalvey

Well this was an odd issue. I mean, its stylish and engaging given some minimalistic paneling here. This feels like a straight forward superhero book but feels and looks like how it can be anything else it wants to be. The mystery here revolves around a mysterious sniper taking out people. Nothing is followed up on at all from the first issue and its interesting. Something tells me this might read better in trade form than single issues, but I like that I have read the single issues here and enjoy them. 4/5

She-Hulk #3
Written by Charles Soule; Drawn by Javier Pulido

Jennifer Walters attempts to give Doctor Doom’s son asylum in the United States. I’m already calling this one the best comic books of the year. The issue continues on with Marvel’s slice of life aspect to many of their books which is working for them. The series is written in a snappy way, which something I kinda expected given it revolves around a legal setting. Soule is giving such great characterization to everyone involved and the back and fourth is excellent. Pulido’s art is also just again amazing as a majority of this book is in double page spread and he makes it work. I was hooked by its distinct look and great expressions that fit the right situation they come from. She-Hulk is back and its just goddamn great. 5/5

Detective Comics #30
Written and drawn by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato

Well this was just great. The previous creative team from the Flash is on Detective Comics and they don’t miss a beat. This was DC’s biggest release this week given the 75th Anniversary of Batman, which will be covered big time on here (stay tuned), and the big push in advertising for it, it doesn’t disappoint. There is a new drug on the way to Gotham known as Icarus as Bruce deals with a new property acquisition of Wayne Enterprises, as well as still dealing with Damian’s loss. The writing is strong and has a great action and character beats to them but the real star is the art which is goddamn it just amazing. I argue, this is the best looking book of the week. The art is beautifully drawn, stylishly dynamic, doesn’t fill up or put less in to the panels, and most of all, it tells a story. This book would be the pick of the week if not for the great celebration that is our book of the week. 5/5

Speaking of…

Ultimate Spider-Man #200
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Drawn by Various

This is a perfect comic book. Ultimate Spider-Man will go down as one the best books ever, period, bar none, I will not hear any argument of the opposite, NO! It was great. Its being relaunched under a new name but its still gonna be great I can feel it. This was the 2ooth issue published of it and its a celebration. Its the second anniversary of Peter Parker’s heroic death and all his friends, family, loved ones, come to celebrate at his house. This issue got me hard as it reminded me what’s so great about this and made it the stand out of the Ultimate Universe. What makes Peter and Miles Morales such great heroes.

All the artists of the series are on hand to draw a send off and each them work damn good together. Its a loving tribute and how you properly use, respect, and treat Peter Parker…and I’ll stop now before I go off on another tirade about One More Day.

There are wonderfully funny and tragically heartbreaking moments in this issue and its great how they work and who’s involved in those moments. One moment nearly had me in tears. I love this book and will forever love it. This is just spectacular, amazing, sensational, and simply and ultimately great story. 10/5 (Hey its my rating system, I can rate however I like.)


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