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Tube Talk: Hannibal: Futamono

NUP_158978_0470 Hannibal Futamono raul esparza laurence fishburne 2

Plenty of delicious dishes to be served up from this week’s exceptional episode of Hannibal. More in a review here on Tube Talk.

This lovely dish is sprinkled with SPOILERS! LOOK AWAY IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE NEW EPISODE!

Hannibal: Season 2: Episode 6: Futamono: GRADE: B+

Jack is asking Will about the incident that happened to Hannibal last week and his role in it. Will of course continues his manipulation streak and tells Jack he had nothing at all to do with it but tries to convince Jack that Hannibal is indeed the Chesapeake Ripper. He tells him he eats in lots of three or four and has to eat the meat before it spoils and that if the Ripper is killing again, Hannibal will soon be hosting a dinner party. So guess what? Jack visits Hannibal, nice scene about how last week went down and their concern of Will, but Jack’s invited to dinner.

What are the chances huh? Oh yeah and a local city councilor is found surgically grafted into a tree on a parking lot he had brokered for which destroyed a habitat for rare songbirds. His organs were taken as well, minus lungs, and stuffed with beautiful, but poisonous flowers.

Hannibal - Season 2

The autopsy back in the labs reveals that he was drowned and that the water in the lungs was from a body of water within 50-miles and that this body is riddled with tell-tale signs of the Chesapeake Ripper. Meanwhile Jack and Abel get all buddy-buddy and share secrets like how Abel tells Graham he was in Hannibal’s house and is recorded by Chilton, but denies it all to Jack so he gets beaten and put in the infirmary for his trouble by a couple of guards.

PARTY TIME! Jack visits the part, chit-chats Chilton, then takes some of Hannibal’s to be tested. It looked like a fun affair, plenty of nice food, good wine, hooks up and sleeps with Bloom. All fun things. As Bloom sleeps soundly in the night, thanks to a sedative in her wine, Hannibal goes and breaks Abel out and leaves one the guards hanging. By that I mean he strung him up with fish hooks and fishing lines. Jack’s samples come back negative for people but there is a tree bark  found on this week’s victim that’s rare and leads Jack to a farmhouse and the discovery that Miriam Lass is still alive. Oh yeah and Hannibal takes Abel’s own leg off, cook it, and feed it to him as a last meal.

There’s something I haven’t highlighted enough of Hannibal is the music. Brian Reitzell is the series composer and he’s absolutely brilliant, he score is often dark, atmospheric, creepy, wonderful, and beautiful. We get a great mix of that tonight, music plays even a big part as Hannibal and Bloom play a piano together before they make the beast with two backs. Hannibal at two points plays his piano by himself, even in the best scene which he plays a truly lovely little number as Jack searches the farmhouse. It was perfectly well crafted and put together.

Hannibal - Season 2

Of course Eddie Izzard is back and it seems Abel Gideon isn’t too longer for this world which blows but yeah given what he knows about Hannibal, makes sense story wise. That said, human tree was impressively done and I wanna see how its done. Though I thought more mystery was gonna come from it than simply being another victim of the Ripper, but I understand that it is halfway in the season and the story must continue progressing. That’s also interesting, no real case this week, its simply about advancing the season’s story.

Alright as for Hannibloom, did Tumblr already use that to describe their pairing? Anyway I was surprised by the hookup too, but given their past and how they are both, in completely different ways, losing connections to Will, they find some solace and escape from the current situation.

Well overall after a string of two absolutely stand out shows from the run, I think this was a little more of a step down but its by no means bad in anyway, Hannibal is still TV’s best show on right now. So let’s get our napkins ready for the next dish.


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