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Batman Eternal #1

Here we go people, (one of) DC’s weekly comic(s) is here. For the 75th Anniversary of Batman, we begin a long term of covering Batman and all his Batmany things. Join us for Batman Eternal!

Batman Eternal #1
Written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV; Drawn by Jason Fabok

We follow Jason Bard, a transfer from Detroit, well hey upgrade? He’s brought in to take over Gordon’s old post at major crime unit. We’re introduced to him as Batman and Gordon are taking on Professor Pyg, remember him? Anyway he’s seems to dose children with a mysterious chemical and is stopped, but gets away. Batman goes for Pyg while Gordon goes after an associate of Pyg’s and stops him in the subway. He fires upon him when he won’t put it down. Gordon fires and hits a power box that causes a massive train derailment, harming many lives. Jason arrests Gordon and brings him in for it.

Though that’s not how the book really begins, we open on a burning, destroyed Gotham with Bruce tied to the Batsignal with the Batman insignia craved into his chest as a voice tells Bruce how it feels to have lost it all and that its only the beginning.

I gotta say this is a good start, some of the best Batman stories don’t have to star Batman. Take Gotham Central for example, its great. This features little Batman, but when Batman’s on he’s great. Here we get more Bard, which is a good way to set up the story here, and Gordon. Gordon is gonna play a bigger role than thought of in this series as it seems. Also the mystery hooks you, who the hell is that talking to Bruce at the beginning and end? What the fuck has happened to Gotham?

This is set to last a year long, sixty planned issues, and one hell of a rise. This has a great team behind it with Snyder heading it up with Tynion, John Layman, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins, and Tim Seeley is the writing team with artists such as Fabok, Dustin Nguyen, Andy Clarke, Trevor McCarthy, Emanuel Simeon, Guillem March, Ian Bertram, and Mike Janin drawing the book.

With a great idea, great talent, and great characters, this seems like the great recipe for success.



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