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Prattling Panels: 4/11/14

Hello everyone and welcome to a new Prattling Panels, few new Marvel books, little DC and Vertigo sprinkled in. No Batman Eternal, that gets its own special stand alone. More on that later, right now, this week’s books!

All-New X-Men #25
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Drawn by Various

We have an extra special X-Men issue! Why? I’m still kinda unsure on that really to be honest but hey its damn good. Its various stories, all done by Bendis, but with varying art styles. It felt more like an artist showcase at points, but there is a cohesive narrative, a mysterious man is talking to Hank McCoy AKA Beast as he is trying to sleep. It seems more like an insight into Beasts mind. This is good, but honestly the weakest issue of All-New X-Men, it feels like a filler issue. I was expecting to see how the team was dealing with the events of Jean’s trail here but no, I guess we gotta wait another month for that. But the art is nice, we get plenty of great works from Bruce Timm, Art Adams, and David Marquez doing the Beast structuring. Its a filler, good filler, but filler none the less. 3/5

Secret Avengers #2
Written by Ales Kot; Drawn by Michael Walsh

This is a fun book. From the current crop of Avengers books, its all too serious, while I like the main Avengers book fine, I’d like something fun and that’s what I’m getting off Secret Avengers which might be the only Avengers book I’ll keep picking up in single form. This first two-part opener is damn fun. Its an odd, espionage, sci-fi, action comedy. This issue has Fury and Coulson making their own version of Gravity, Black Widow, Spider-Woman, and Hawkeye driving a car into space, Maria Hill taking down an assassin within S.H.I.E.L.D., and M.O.D.O.K. Let’s all clap for M.O.D.O.K.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 10.52.33 AM


Anyway, yeah this has a lot going on but it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Its fun, energetic, and well drawn. This was enjoyable from beginning to end. Also I really like MODOK and this book has plenty of. I would give this a 5/5 just for his role on this book alone but its not that quite a perfect book, some the writing wasn’t to good via some lines but I still love it so 4.5/5 it is for Secret Avengers’ second issue!

Batgirl #30
Written by Marguerite Bennett: Drawn by Robert Gill

So we have a guest issue that…yeah I dunno what’s going on, we got out Gail Simone fix, don’t worry about that later on today, but this is nothing. Its a horror movie issue with a spiritual summoned version of Clayface basically. Bennett’s writing leaves much to be desired and while Midnight Man is just a Clayface clone, Gill’s art does a great job with that and the action is quite good but I can’t really recommend this issue. It doesn’t affect the overall feel of the book. This issue can be skipped. 2/5

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1
Written and drawn by Kaare Kyle Andrews

Danny Rand is back and I’m eh about it. Kaare Andrews is most known for writing the much unloved elseworld miniseries, Spider-Man Reign. Now I’ll say, this suffer some issue of a first issue, backstory, LOTS of exposition, and set up. Marvel’s number ones lately have been on a good road, but I’d say this and New Warriors are the only stinkers of the new line so far. The book is exposition heavy, but has a decent enough recap of Danny’s backstory for those that never read Iron Fist before, and if you want to read anything with him, read Matt Fraction’s run. The art is actually good and very nice to look at. The book isn’t too interesting until the last few panels. Iron Fist seems like it could be good, but hey I hope the next issues are fine. 2/5

Nightcrawler #1
Written by Chris Claremont: Drawn by Todd Nauck

This is the best thing Chris Claremont has written in a while. I was skeptical at first given X-Men Gold was kinda shit and Claremont hadn’t been the best writer in the past few years, despite being one the absolute best X-Men writers, well just writers, ever. So when I heard Nightcrawler was getting his own book, clearly based off the events of what had happened in Amazing X-Men, I was iffy. Thankfully, its a pretty decent debut. Kurt’s back and we’re seeing him getting used to being among the living again and go back to his love, Amanda Sefton. What is the lovers reunion like? They get right to boning! Yeah I don’t think that’s the immediate reaction, but hey its fun. Nightcrawler fights a big guy, its entertaining enough. The issue isn’t among the stand out Marvel debuts but its a really good book. Todd Nauck’s art is really good and helps carry a majority of Claremont’s writing which is much better than it has been in some time. 3/5

Magnus: Robot Fighter #2
Written by Fred Van Lente; Drawn by Cory Smith

Magnus fights a lot of robots in this issue.  ice of the book to live up to its title. The second issues follows up on the ending of the debut issue. We see a little bit of him in the jail run by the robot with a human corrections officer. We get some backstory on how a former student of his started taking up his activities as well and its some good writing but the action of the robot fighting is the real greatness of the issue. Its nicely paced, drawn, and fills the pages up nicely. This book is pure sci-fi fun and I hope it keeps at that. 4/5

The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #11
Written by Elliot Kalan and Tom Peyer; Drawn by Carmen Carnero and Nuno Plati

Well it happened, an issue of Superior Foes that’s just okay. Not sure why the last two issues have been kind of fillers without the usual team of Spencer and Leiber. Just like last issue, this is more standalone and featuring different stories with different artists. The stories are fun and well this is a significant issue as its the first Foes issue of the series to feature Spider-Man himself as a couple guys and a VA (Villains Anonymous) meeting talk about how different Spider-Man is, how he’s gotten rougher and is not like how he used to be. Its interesting but I’m ready for this book to get right back on track. The writing is good and the art is nicely done though. 3/5

Coffin Hill #7
Written by Caitlin Kittredge; Drawn by Stephen Sadowski

A buffer issue of a standalone tale before the next storyline. Kittredge is still writer while Sadowski is the issue artist. The art is quite creepy and moody which is right inline with the book itself and Kittredge gives a great backstory to Ellie Coffin involving her dad. The story is nice and a good buffer as I said before the new story gets going. There’s not much here but I still recommend it. 3.5/5

All-New Ultimates #1
Written by Michael Fiffe; Drawn by Amilcar Pinna

The Ultimate universe is getting all newed up so let’s start with All-New Ultimates. I been looking forward to this once it was announced and I gotta say I’m in the middle of this. The art is good, I love who the team is made. This is indeed the ALL-NEW Ultimates but the story feels more an extension of Ultimate Spider-Man which when your book is about a team, shouldn’t feel like that. The script feels all over the place. Now I’m writer too and dialogue is very important, but this book feels a bit bogged down in it, even though I think the best part of the issue is when Kitty Pryde and Jessica Drew are chatting with each other. I like the idea of this book but the execution right now leads much to be desired and I hope to keep reading this. 2.5/5

Captain Marvel #2
Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick; Drawn by David Lopez

Carol carries on her mission transporting an alien and she’s attacked by an alien race and tries to keep the cargo safe and her cat. Yeah her cat Chewie is on board because no one wants to look after that cat.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.03.25 AM

That’s cool. She’s saved by the Guardians of the Galaxy and Rocket does not like her cat. Also the alien, Tic, wakes up and attempts to take over the Guardians’ ship. The issue is as fun as the debut and continues some lovely done art by Lopez who draws people so well and the space action is badass. That was great but really its McConnick’s writing is lively and enjoyable. She gets Carol well and makes her fun and relatable too being just a human, well one with superpowers, but still a human. I think this could be on par with the previous volume as a great read of a great character. 4.5/5

All-New Ghost Rider #2
Written by Felipe Smith; Drawn by Tradd Moore

All-New Ghost Rider is exciting. This works on the first issue and makes it better. I think think Robbie Reyes is a good choice for the character, again making a new character in a place like comics and to take on a mantle like Ghost Rider is a risk but so far its paying off. We see the drugs taken from the trunk of the car Robbie drag raced in are an experimental type that changes people into horrifying monsters that rip humans apart as if they were paper. This goes into even more effect when the owner of the car holds a party and a girl is slipped it in an attempt by two guys to rape her and well let’s say they won’t be a problem. More so we get more insight into Robbie’s life and we get a bang up last few pages where Robbie dons the skull again and man its great to see. Marvel’s gamble of this book continues to pay off two issues in. The writing and art are in sync and I love the blending styles. I’m staying on with this. 5/5

Daredevil #1.50
Written by Various; Drawn by Various

Well this is a big standalone issue to help celebrate the Man Without Fear’s 50th Anniversary, but I think it can be a lot better. The best thing about this is the cover which celebrates many of the people who have made a huge impact on Daredevil. We have several stories but honestly right now I don’t remember much about them. This shouldn’t be the case for Daredevil’s big celebration. I wish Marvel would have done something better for this. I do’t have much to say about this honestly. You’re better off waiting for Daredevil #2 instead. 1/5

Deadpool #27
Written by Various: Drawn by Various

Deadpool’s getting married! Alright I’ll say it now, he’s marrying Shiklah, Queen of the Underworld. I fucking love that. The main story of the wedding is done by the current creative team and its very fun, I think its great Deadpool fun and its wonderful to read. The art is wonderful too. The rest the stories are just as entertaining, and this should be bought if not for the fact Gail Simone is writing Deadpool again which makes me happy. Many of the tales revolve around the themes of weddings and love and each offer a nice perspective on them. some are just weird out there adventures which are just as good. Deadpool is a great book still this tie around and #27 is just a damn entertaining issue of it. Congrats Wade, many happy years ahead. Just don’t like Joe Quesada get his hands on your book. 5/5


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