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Tube Talk: Rick and Morty: Season One


Welcome to the first season review on Tube Talk and here we are with the Adult Swim animated series, Rick and Morty from Community creator Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland.

Rick and Morty: Season One: GRADE: A

The show is inspired from Roiland’s Channel 101 animated shorts, “The Real Animated Adventures of doc and Mharti”. the show also feels like a twister version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Doctor Who, but with more teenage hormones. It a darker take on the Doc Brown and Marty relationship from “Back to the Future”, obvious in the short title, but its fascinating. Also very different than what you think. Take a look for yourself.

Graphic content here. You been warned!

Yeah and the show is VERY different from that. Concept is the same and its great. First let’s see who our characters are.

Rick Sanchez is a brilliant alcoholic scientist who goes on very high concept sci-fi adventures with his grandson Morty Smith, a good natured but easily influence teenager who usually is dragged into Rick’s adventures. Oh and both are voiced by co-creator Justin Roiland. Their family consists of Beth (Sarah Chalke) Rick’s daughter and Morty’s mother who is a heart surgeon for horse who is level headed and asserts herself as the head of the house more so than her insecure husband Jerry (Chris Parnell) whose ego causes some struggles for Beth. Rick more so disapproves of Rick and Morty’s adventures. Morty has an older sister, Summer (Spencer Grammer), who is your typical teenager with high value of image and is never without her phone, though she often expresses jealousy over the adventures Rick takes Morty on.

Adult Swim liked the pilot and picked the show up for an additional 10 episodes. Right away I was won over by the pilot, but it was the third episode, Anatomy Park that truly sold me on the show. The episode was a Christmas theme episode that was a parody of Jurassic Park while dealing with Jerry’s parents new special friend. It was goddamn great.


The animation honestly isn’t nothing to really write home about but its simplicity is really good and what helps makes it stand out. The character designs are nice and work and the characters are very expressive. Where it really shines is in its designs for aliens, creatures, and worlds. Again the high concept aspect of Doctor Who shows itself in that. Things such as Gazorpazorp, Birdperson, the Cronenbergs, and well the whole pilot. They are unique and memorable. They help fully realize the show.

Also another example of greatness in simplicity, is Mr. Meeseeks.


“Meeseeks and Destroy” was an episode that gained instant notice. Morty takes the reigns on an adventure for once and everyone back home has problems so Rick hands them a Meeseeks box, a cube that spawns a helpful blue creature who will help out with any task, no matter how small and go away after that. The Meeseeks were instantly loved and quoted among me, my friends, and the whole internet and made into memes right away. They are a majority of the episode as Jerry asks for two strokes off his golf game and it takes many Meeseeks’ to help Meeseeks as they all want to help Jerry so they just die.

It just came out of nowhere. The humor of the show works so well, the cast works perfectly together and bounce off each other, I will say Roiland especially as he has to act off himself for the majority of the show. The Rick and Morty dynamic is fantastic as it does has something good to play from. The family is great too, even the supporting characters get great work, especially from my personal favorite of the season, “Rixity Minutes” in which Rick is so bored with TV he uses a crystal to give them basically TV from all realities and once they discover Jerry as a celebrity on David Letterman, they become obsessed so he gives them goggles that let them see themselves in alternate worlds, but soon realize how they could have had different lives if they had gone through with the abortion that would not allow Summer to be born.

That’s what comes to what is so unexpected of this show, some honest goddamn heart and weight to emotion to plot lines such as accepting family, not forcing love and letting the two people who are meant to be naturally come together, going on to just be yourself, and how some people just are because of a certain way or thing, its just great.

Harmon and Roiland are excellent storytellers in that aspect and within eleven episodes, there was never a dull moment. Sure some jokes never really worked, but there was way more funny here than there wasn’t.


Rick and Morty has climbed up the ranks of the best of television right now and is one of Adult Swim’s best efforts they have broadcasted. Its just absolute top notch great television and I really, really recommend this to be seen.


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