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Prattling Panels 4/19/14

Well still behind on Wonder Woman, just trying to keep up with a lot of comics you guys. Anyway we still got plenty. No Hulk #1 review due to the fact I need to catch up on the last few issues of Indestructible Hulk.

Wolverine and the X-Men #3
Written by Jason Latour; Drawn by Mahud Asrar

You know this cover means something to me. It shows how much this is holding up the previous volume of this series and trying so hard to be like it. Honestly I want this to be vastly different than from what Jason Aaron put together for the series. I want the school bits but in between and equally balanced between the Phoenix Corps. storyline. Each issue seems to heavily focus on one and right now the writing isn’t that terribly strong to boot. I wish it can get better. I’m staying for the first arc but I think that’s about it. I wish this can get better. Saving graces about this issue is the art. Asrar’s art is refreshing for an X-Book and its really nice. Also the line “Get them my nuns! My sexy nuns!” I love superhero books a lot. 2/5

Batwoman #30
Written by Marc Andreyko; Drawn by Jeremy Haun

Jeremy Haun is back and I’m thankful as his art is so wonderfully good. This is the best issue of the current arc, just the last one until the annual that wraps up the previous storyline. Batwoman goes through a weird coming of age ritual for the Batfamily and that would be dealing with an Arkham Asylum outbreak. She of course has to deal with Wolf-Spider and the fight surprisingly goes to the house of Kate’s father for another painting he is after. Both of them examine the paintings taken and discover its a map leading to something hidden in the middle of Gotham and this storyline’s conclusion.

The series has been improving under the new creative team and I’m thinking they are gonna be a wonderful choice to take on after the controversy of what happened with Williams and Blackman. Andreyko’s writing is seeped in characters and their true inner thoughts as any good writing should be but he’s working well off the history of this character that was given here. This isn’t the same levels of ground breaking as the previous but man it sure is great. 4.5/5

The Mercenary Sea #3
Written by Kel Symons; Drawn by Mathew Reynolds

You know this issue has improved my opinion of the series. Moves at a brisk pace, has a nice story going on, great action, and again I must stress, fantastic art on the part of Mathew Reynolds. Reynolds to me is the real stat. Symons’ tale of WWI naval intrigue and pulp adventure is growing on me now and I think this could be a real dark horse for Image. I hope issue #4 is only just as good and that it keep up the pace. 4/5

Deadpool vs. Carnage #2
Written by Cullen Bunn; Drawn by Salva Espin

What else can I say without sounding like a broken record from issue #1? Its just plain balls out violent fun. Well there is, Cullen Bunn’s nice character work. He’s really god at getting into why we do love reading about these two psychotic serial killers. He makes it very entertaining and writes in a lot of good material for each character and nice action drawn nicely and fluidly by Salva Espin who is nailing it. He;s one the better Carnage artists in a while and my favorite part of this book is Deadpool knows how sonics disrupt the symbiote, so he uses dubstep against it. I was laughing for a good two minutes at this as I found it too goddamn funny, its so brilliant and clever to use a new modern day way of that. This is just a fun as shit book. 4.5/5

Speaking of Cullen Bunn and villains…

Sinestro #1
Written by Cullen Bunn; Drawn by Dale Eaglesham

Bunn is writing this, Magneto, and Deadpool vs. Carnage, all book centered around villains and/or antiheroes. He’s excelling at them, even on his own creator-owned, The Sixth Gun. This is the right time for a Sinestro book given how big his popularity is given the Green Lantern resurgence under Geoff Johns for the past decade or so. When we last Sinestro, he forsaken the Green Lantern Corps again and merged with Parallax. From what I hear, this is explored in Forever Evil which I just don’t give two shits about at all. We open on him in exile and has seemed to quietly expelled Parallax from him. Well there’s that interesting story detail gone. Thanks Forever Evil!

Bunn handles Sinestro very well, he gets a great understanding of the character here and never once tries to make him too sympathetic, Sinestro is a bad dude. I like that he’s paired up with Lyssa Drax and they are a nice team so far. Eaglesham’s art is the power behind this book as it looks wonderful and fits the tone of the writing. I’m very interested in this, given DC’s track right now but again, this is the best debut book they have had in a while and I think its gonna work for them. Hopefully better than Harley Quinn. 4/5

Amazing X-Men #6
Written by Jason Aaron: Drawn by Cameron Stewart

Jason Aaron’s X-Men saga comes to an end in a weird way to let this, the beginning of a new arc. The theme of the issue is family as Kurt is welcomed back to the family of the X-Men and Aaron gets this perfectly, all the different aspects and people of family. Scott and his crew even show up and are welcomed with open arms for the night. Oh and Kurt’s mother, Mystique pops on by, as father Azazel is being transported by S.H.I.E.L.D. Its a very strange family reunion. The writing is solid and art now being done by Cameron Stewart which is very good.

Aaron has become one the best X-Men writers over the years and has left a solid legacy with the title. His wrap up here is great and does a solid job bringing Nightcrawler back into the fold. I honestly loved all the stuff at the pub, that to me was where the issues shined. Though last issue and Wolverine and the X-Men #42 would have been a much better ending for it. Still though, Jason Aaron has left the Mansion. 4/5

And gone to Oklahoma!

Thor: God of Thunder #21
Written by Jason Aaron; Drawn by Esad Ribic

King Thor and Galactus have a major throw down and man is it ever badass! Esad Ribic is just one the many high standard artists in the industry. His pencils are just gorgeous and they bring out all the wonderful details of this story that man its fucking wonderful. I love him and the whole art team on this.

Jason Aaron meanwhile continues to remind me why Thor is great as he goes off again Roxxon and finds himself being sued for the damages to the now flying Roxxon headquarters and for the damages done the past few issues to their labs. The look on his face is priceless.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 1.05.00 PM

The story is firing on all cylinders right now but man this is a true artists book. Its just fucking fantastic, I can’t recommend this book enough. 5/5

Undertow #2
Written by Steve Orlando; Drawn by Artyom Trakhanov

I admit the second issue went past me while I honestly enjoyed the debut. Here we get more of a discovery as we follow the Atlantis world and its wonderful. Trakhanov’s art is visually stunning and awe inspiring. It grabs you and demands to be looked upon. Though its sacrificed character work. We don’t get to see much depth or motivation off them. This was a huge step down from what was a really strong debut. There isn’t too much else to say, it looks great. That’s all. 3/5

Batman and Wonder Woman #30
Written by Peter J. Tomasi; Drawn by Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray

I maybe behind on Wonder Woman but I do get my Amazon fix this week as Batman travels with Wonder Woman to Themyscira as Ra’s continues his quest to resurrect his family. There honestly is a legit and logical sense. Gleason and Gray are on fire here, man its just an artists week here. Their style is nicely unique and perfectly put together. Their action and people are great, and when they get to go full blown cool with the caves and world of Wonder Woman, its one. Story wasn’t as packed as last week for me but it still good. I think the series is weakening a bit, but glad to see revolving guest stars back. Though I’m so ready for Damian to be back! 3.5/5

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #3
Written by Rick Remender; Drawn by Roland Boschi

This is a full action heavy issue of the miniseries. Roland Boschi’s art here really is dynamic and moves the action very briskly in the panels and there is something wonderfully retro about it given the time period its in. It feels very sixty and its entertaining. The writing, is limited, it moves the story along with Bucky and Ran. The art is just great all over the place and features one great big fight and jet packs. Spy stories set in the 1960s with jet packs is aces with me. 4.5/5

X-Men #13
Written by Brian Wood; Drawn by Clay Mann

Well this far improves over the last issue which was just a disaster. Though this is the beginning of a new storyline which Jubilee and adopted son, Shogo, are centered in but everyone gets equal time here, I’m still loving how much Psylocke is getting in this book. She’s been one my absolute favorite X-Men. Of course new arc, new artist. Enter Clay Mann who definitely shows off well in the faces of the characters featured. Its just truly good and the set up that comes with the plot towards the end and the mini backup is good stuff. Hoping this book gets back on track. 4/5

Batman #30
Written by Scott Snyder; Drawn by Greg Capullo

Just when I start to feel the fatigue of Zero Year, which is totally a think you guys, an issue like this comes around and reminds me how good a story like this. Although, I’m still really feeling all the fatigue. I’m gonna highlight the art by Greg Capullo, the theme of this week, art first. This!


Rundown, destroyed, overtaken Gotham might be overdone as fuck but when Capullo puts something like this together with inks by Danny Miki and FCO Plascencia on colors, this book has stood out visually since day one with the relaunch. Capullo’s style is something that has just been dynamic and he’s made everything stand out visually from the people, making Gotham itself a character, thanks to Snyder as well, and how he puts action down so well. his big action moments are just pure greatness and some the most packed moments that have never felt to stuff. Capullo is for sure, one THE Batman artists.

Now as for Scott Snyder’s absolute, fantastic writing. Now I’ve gotta say , The Riddler has always been my personal favorite Batman villain next to Joker and Two-Face. We’ve seen many versions of Riddler. This honestly is his scariest Riddler I’ve ever seen. We seen him be ruthless, but this is a completely new animal. He’s just absolute truly power mad, having taken over the in the time Bruce was out of it from the last battle in the last issue. He’s holding Gotham in total lockdown and its his playground, his own chess set. No one in or out or Gotham goes under.

Riddler has been made into a truly scary threat as Bruce starts to wonder how far his grasp as Batman is. Riddler has never been this ruthless and clever as he has been using resources left behind the many heroes and villains of Gotham. Riddler is at the center of this as the action sequence involving the return of Batman, an air drop of military help, Grizzly Adams Gordon, and the biggest game of dominoes ever happen around his reaction to events going on in the comic.

Snyder gets a huge understanding of the character and how he work, same for his usual understanding of the mind of Bruce Wayne and the characters that encompass his world. I love this book and its just the best standout this week. Zero Year is heading into the final act and well I think its only going to get bigger than it ever has. 5/5


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