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Tube Talk: Mad Men: A Day’s Work


“The truth shall set you free.” Well the telling the truth on Mad Men might set you free, but it’ll lead you down another trap. But hey its all in A Day’s Work on the latest episode here on Tube Talk.

This review is brought to you by, SPOILERS! SPOILERS, revealing absolutely everything that happens in anything since forever.

Mad Men: Season 7: Episode 2: A Day’s Work: GRADE: A

Love is in the at Sterling Cooper & Partners as its Valentine’s Day and Peggy’s not having a good one, seeing roses as she enters the office, believing them to be from Ted, while they are really for her assistant Shirley (Sola Bamis). Peggy doesn’t take this well and goes to Joan, demanding she be replaced. Joan shuffles people around and is replaced by Dawn (Teyonah Parris) and things get all confused and she gets a racist remark from Bert Cooper (Robert Morse) for her trouble.

Speaking of Joan, she and the team back home teleconference with Pete and Ted from L.A. about the Chevy deal and Bob Benson’s involvement, which Pete loathes more than I think most do a stubbed toe. This was some compelling stuff as both those storyline’s intersected with each other. Peggy goes to Joan as she’s in the midst of dealing with the Chevy account. I found this more interesting as well Peggy and Ted are still interesting, but honestly their main conflict is Ted staying with his family.

The main conflict really is Pete and Roger being shoved out of the Chevy deal. They SC&P and Cutler Gleason and Chaough merged, they were able to win the Chevy deal, but it was a joint effort. Things have appeared to broken down. They still have the account but it feels like something is missing that would keep it together.


Right, Don Draper. Just the image above signifies how much he means to this place. Don loves what he does. He’s the glue that holds the whole place together, and without it, both sides are starting to not get along so well. You even see it early in the episode when Don is wary of taking up a new job at an interview. He doesn’t wanna leave. This also shows how CGC is starting to get under SC&P’s skin gaining the upper hand here. Roger and Jay have become literal mirrors of each other.


Back to Peggy real quick, she as pretty out of character for herself but it worked. Again I contribute this to Elisabeth Moss’ great acting and how she gets the character. Peggy has been shown as tougher than this but Ted really just gets to her. It affects her.

Everything mentioned already was going to give this episode an A but it was the return of Sally Draper herself, Kiernan Shipka that put it over.

Sally goes to Manhattan with her friends for a roommate’s family’s funeral and goes shopping instead with friends. Forgetting her address book, she decides to go and see daddy Don at the offer but discovers Lou Avery (now discovered to be Allan Harvey, I didn’t have the actor info for him last week). He bullshits his way around this and Sally shows up to Don’s place. He offers to drive her back to school with a note of course.

The Don and Sally aspect is the best part of this spectacular episode. Its deep, emotional, and amazing. At parts it is awkward, but given their past its no surprise. Don opens up how he isn’t employed anymore, Sally reveals she’s just there for shopping, they both open up a lot. Jon Hamm and Shipka have always been believable as Don and Sally, both alone and together. This reminded me of the long drives I did and still take with my dad. Just being openly real and being true about life. About ourselves. Its also a great human connection for a frankly, lonely Don Draper. He’s truly lonely without that job. He has Freddy, but he’s his secret way of working there, same for Dawn, who is utterly loyal, but is mostly gone to work in the office all day.

That car ride was just what Don needed. It was also fun to see them ditch on paying the bill. That made me smile.


Mad Men is off to a great start with these two episodes and hopefully will keep up its amazing quality that it always has. Now can we get Bob Benson back? We need our does of perfection.


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