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Batman Eternal #3

A huge fan favorite makes her New 52 debut this week as a gang war erupts in Gotham City. Joins as we look at Batman Eternal #3.


Batman Eternal #3
Written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV; Drawn by Jason Fabok

Stephanie Brown walks in on her father and a villain’s meeting and is knocked out is knocked out. She comes to later and manages to escape after hearing about some of their plans and avoid being killed by her dad. Meanwhile, Batman investigates and pays a visit to Penguin as to Falcone’s reappearance, which Penguin was not aware of given that they didn’t leave on best of terms.

Meanwhile, Gordon is still the talk of the GCPD as words goes around to who interim commissioner will be. Major Forbes goes to pay a visit to the mayor and his pal Carmine Falcone says he wish Gotham would be more like it was when he was in charge and that cops “lived like kings.”

As Batman ponders more about what happened with Gordon and investigates, a huge spark of gang wars start all over Gotham as Falcone’s men move in on Penguin territory and a gang war erupts between them. As the gang wars erupt, Mayor Hady and Forbes walk into the GCPD and announce Forbes is the new interim commissioner and says to ignore the incoming calls, and they will focus on bringing down the Batman.

Well there’s a lot more going on here, and Stephanie’s finally back. I’ll talk more on that in a bit but I will say, disappoint there wasn’t enough of her and she’s blacked out for the majority of her first appearance in years. FUCK!

But the advancement of plot is okay, I’ll say so far this is the weakest issue but it still good. The writing is strong and Forbes is a wonderful dickhead. He might be the new Joffrey in that you really just wanna do nothing more than hate him. He’s systematically gonna fuck with everything to make sure Gordon is done and that Batman is taken down. This is gonna be interesting and I think a big factor into Eternal.

Falcone has made his move and its a big one. Fabok’s art is still great. He’s become a great addition to the Batman line of books since Batman Annual #1 in 2012. He’s a very detailed artist and draws people and action well. As the next issue teaser shows, Batman vs. Batgirl. We’re finally gonna see the rest the Batfamily be proactive in this series next week. And I think its great its Batgirl given how her dad is right at the center of this whole thing. Dustin Nguyen takes over art next week and man I love his style as well.

The seeds have been planted for the story and they are starting to grow. I have hope this is still gonna be one the absolute best things DC does.


Let’s take a moment to talk about Stephanie Brown.


Alright she didn’t start off as that. She debuted back in Detective Comics #647 in August 1992, she and Harley Quinn started in 92. Great year for awesome and badass ladies. Anyway, she was created by Chuck Dixon. Stephanie’s father was a reinvented villain called the Cluemaster AKA Arthur Brown AKA her dad who was a failed game show host who turned to a life of crime, leaving trademark clues as to his actions.

She took up the mantle of The Spoiler in an attempt to “spoiler” her plans. Also to spoil what had happened on Cheers and Roseanne the night before. After arresting her father with the help of current Robin at the time Tim Drake, they start partnering up and then starts dating. Later on down the road, she gets pregnant via an ex-boyfriend and Robin stays with Stephanie and decides to help her with the baby. After the baby is born, Stephanie puts her daughter up for adoption as its the better chance for her to have a life.

Even later on down the road, she becomes the new Robin and well when a city wide gang-war breaks out, she is tortured by Black Mask for info on Batman. She escapes but dies when she makes it to the hospital.

To keep things shorter and get on with this, she faked her death, came back to being Spoiler then became Batgirl after graduating high school.

Her reveal as Batgirl was a shock as the marketing for it kept playing up that Batgirl wasn’t like approved by Batman at that time in 2009. Her series was written by Bryan Q. Miller and drawn by various artists.

She is a text book definition of a fan favorite character. She was funny, sassy, smart, willing to do all that’s right, owns to her mistakes, etc. all that stuff that makes characters great heroes but she was so relatable too, much in the same way Peter Parker is, or in my case was, so let’s say Miles Morales too.

Her Batgirl series was pretty much the best book DC was making before the reboot. The series was so funny and just relatable. It did reminds me a lot of Peter Parker Spider-Man, with the school setting, the emotional baggage, but more importantly, the fun. It was lighthearted, not too goofy, and helped redefine an already wonderful character. Miller really understood Stephanie and how she worked. I laughed so much when she and Damian got into a lot fights.

She to me is the best Batgirl cause she, like the always awesome Cassandra Cain and Barbara Gordon, understood Batgirl meant something not just for females but just for being a damn good person.

Stephanie Brown is one the best characters DC Comics has ever put out there and I’m glad to finally see her back. Now to wait on Wally West.

Also there is a webseries on YouTube centered around Steph, Batgirl Spoiler which you should totally check out.


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