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Prattling Panels: 4/26/14

Lots going on here, return of a much beloved fan favorite, a couple books of former lovers, the first Justice League reviews here, and why I’m so mixed on Fantastic Four.

Speaking of, I cancelled Fantastic Comparisons because my huge schedule. No way I could add two more books to my writing load. This will more so be a review of the first three issues of the current run.

Also I’m done doing monthly review of Undertow, this seems like a book that’ll be better in trade form.

As the Joker says,

Aquaman #30
Written by Jeff Parker; Drawn by Paul Pelletier and Alvaro Martinez

Aquaman is still fighting Cronenbergs and now Hercules! Aquaman takes on the Cronenbergs and fights them off before they royally kick his ass and go off to destroy life itself. The Herc and Aqua fight is pretty badass, it goes back and forth and feels pretty even, not one sided. Its an incredibly drawn fight and Pelletier’s and Martinez’s art is spectacular in it. Also spectacular with Mera’s story going on in Atlantis. This is a nice blend of DC’s Atlantan and Greek mythology to lead to the next Aquaman Annual guest starring Wonder Woman (speaking of, finally caught up on so yeah) and it looks to be fun. 4/5

Iron Patriot #2
Written by Ales Kot; Drawn by Garry Brown

Iron Patriot is interesting. Its not particularly good though. This issue doesn’t have too much going on, just Rhodey getting out of the mess he was left in the debut issue and and his family. His family is the most interesting part with his dad being taken away in an attempted kidnapping of Rhodey’s daughter. That and this mysterious villain tease at the end. Kot’s writing here is eh. He does such a good job on Secret Avengers but his writing here feels stilted, just there. Villains destroying heroes life piece by piece is nothing special, just depends on execution. Batman Eternal is doing a good example of this, even though I agree this is like what, the 562nd time its happened to him. This is trying to incorporate political and social elements into the book, and its not doing it too well. I will say Brown’s art is quite good and worth looking at. 2/5

Justice League United #0
Written by Jeff Lemire; Drawn by Mike McKone

Justice League of America! I mean, Justice League Canada! I mean, Justice League United! I mean…no, that’s about right. The JLA is no more, so up north to Canada in a standard alien kidnapping people plot. But as usual, Jeff Lemire makes it much better than it is.

The JLU consists of Animal Man, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Stargirl, Supergirl, Adam Strange, Alanna Strange, and an all new, super-powered Cree teenager, Equinox.

The team works really well, again Lemire’s writing elevates the material, especially in how Animal Man and Green Arrow interact. Its like Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. Its wonderful to see and the story seems it could get better. Again due to Lemire’s wonderful writing talents that can take a story like this and make it better than it seems.

Mike McKone’s art is really good, its showing the real sense of fun this book is going for, its nicely fluid. I liked the way it looked. Good things hopefully coming from this book. 4/5

Dead Boy Detectives #5
Written by Toby and Litt and Mark Buckingham; Drawn by Mark Buckingham

Well we’re getting a nice two part mini story that has a very interesting back story as to a mirror that allows you the transport anywhere, but when cracked, if you’re in it, you’re stuck. The cover is an indication of events that go down in the story as we also get a bit of an epilogue from the previous events of what had happened. But to me was seeing more of Crystal’s parents. I liked that and the use of cats as weird transportation and such. Look its creepy, odd, and the art is suitably matched, this book is just pure wonder. 4/5

Fantastic Four
Written by James Robinson; Drawn by Leonard Kirk

This is more a review of the current run since Fantastic Comparisons was never getting off the ground right. I’m so mixed on this. I like the ideas presented and hows its getting done and the art is working with the story so well. But this isn’t what I want to start the Fantastic Four.

You know the Fantastic Four to me is truly out there, weird, high concept, sci-fi adventure about the most caring and loving family of superheroes ever. What we do get it is a dark, depressing tale of the fall of the Fantastic Four. Aliens invade from Franklin’s world and they are stopped but Johnny loses his powers. This seems to be a rise and fall of them, especially Johnny which is good, but not how you START a series, its like towards the end! Also Valeria is off visiting Doctor Doom.

Lots going on here but Leonard Kirk’s art is very good and entertaining, shows fantastic action but again, the story just bugs me as to this is how you start it? Oh and we get a surprise appearance from the Wrecking Crew at the end of issue #3.

I hope I can like this more, I’m up for new takes on Fantastic Four, but this leaves much to be desired. 3/5

Justice League Dark #30
Written by J.M. DeMatteis; Drawn by Mark Irwin

Justice League Dark for a while was my favorite team book in comics given its an idea I wanted to see. A team made magical and supernatural heroes from either Marvel or DC, DC got it first and its fantastic. Been in love since issue #1. I haven’t read this book in a while due to constant crossover to Trinity War, Forever Evil, Crisis #4,719, so this was meh. Its dealing with fallout of Forever Evil event. The team is breaking down and no longer the same team we’ve gotten used to, but Zatanna is back (YAY!) and it seems Swamp Thing is about to get involved in things. Irwin’s art gets all the things about this book right with Deadman’s possessions and the way magic works. Writing is okay, again, I dunno the fuck happened, nor do I care. I’m about moving forward. Welcome back Justice League Dark, I missed you so. 2.5/5

Guardians of the Galaxy #14 (#100)
Written and Drawn by Various

Look if I were to go about Marvel’s weird numbering, we’re gonna be here all night. But we get celebrations of the past, present, and future here. We get a story with a brief appearance of Captain Marvel that ties into what’s going on with that story in that book, a story with Drax and Agent Venom, and a look into Groot and his home world. Weird yet interesting, though I will admit, as much as I love Groot, that shit got old fast. This is a celebration of the Guardians and what makes them great.

The real reason to read is the present story with Star-Lord and his dad. Man such great drama there that alone would be 4.5 but hey weird enough, that’s the issue as a whole rating. 4.5/5

All-Star Wester #30
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray; Drawn by Staz Johnson and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Well this was interesting, we see Jonah burying Gina but find himself suddenly interested in why Tallulah Black is back in town. He tells her about her time traveling before they are interrupted by men after Jonah, which means is a day that ends in “y.”

That’s only half the book. The other half is a back up about Madame .44 and her origin. Very interesting stuff. First time in the New 52 for her. Both stories offer up some western fun adventures, with a dark tone to them, mostly Madame .44. I’m loving this book and it needs to be picked up. Seriously people, BUY THIS GODDAMN BOOK! Do no stop! This must keep going!

Oh, um I give the issue 4/5


The Fuse #3
Written by Antony Johnston; Drawn by Justin Greenwood

The mystery begins to unravel as more of the pieces are put together for the story. This is the issue that ties the room together. Its wonderfully done and expertly drawn. Ristovych and Dietrich are clicking together as a team now and I’m seeing them forming into something wonderful. I love their back and forth and how they are able to put bullshit to the side for the case. We get some typical backstabbing and cheating reveals in an interrogation, this is a detective story after all, but again its all about how its handled and its done damn good. The book is forming its bigger picture right now and I’m in! 5/5

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 #2
Written by Christos Gage; Drawn by Rebekah Isaacs

No nostalgia, you’re not doing it. I’m not gonna be won over. No. NO! I…Oh fuck me, its the Scooby Gang kicking vampire ass again! YAY!


Sorry. Yes this brought back memories of yore as the gang with Giles’ wisdom slay vampire ass, but we also get heavy plot progression. The Vampyr book suddenly has pages in it. Someone is rewriting the book but no idea who is behind it. Suspicions  are raised when the vampires are suddenly fine in daylight and well yeah that. Giles even has to lay down logic and have the gang fend for themselves in a touching scene but shows he might still want to care for them, even at their age where they are fine themselves.

The writing is excellent and feels like a Buffy book, its fun, energetic, and Isaacs art is a treat as well, getting character looks down. I do love character progression, and there is plenty with Buffy visiting Officer Dowling or Xander still dealing with Ghost Anya over how to deal with his situation with Dawn. All leading to Dracula being brought back into the mix. I loved this, sure part of it is nostalgia based, but honestly, I’m looking at this with perspective, its wonderful. 5/5

The Flash #30
Written by Robert Venditti and Van Jensen; Drawn by Brett Booth

Well now that Stephanie Brown is back, its time for Wally! Wait what you mean he’s only in the last few panels and isn’t explored upon at all?


Yes that is what happened to arguably the most beloved Scarlet Speedster, we have to wait for next week’s Annual to find that out. Oh yeah, get ready people, next week is gonna be a DC Annual’s bukkake.

Anyway, we see events twenty and five years into the future, both literal looks ahead but also with a theme of regret which is what we also get here with BArry following Forever Evil with BArry feeling he failed the city. We see him do much redeeming and being a true hero through the framing of a psychological exam require by the CCPD. We get quick rundowns just who Barry is and how Forever Evil affected him. Its quite clever and genius to see the doctor look away and in a moment’s notice before she notices, Barry’s helped construct a prison wall, cheered up a depressed colleague, and stopped some crooks.

Brett Booth’s art is good, when focusing on the central characters, his depiction of superspeed leaves much to be desired, it feels less dynamic than what all previous artists on this book have done, but again with the main focuses, he does good work. I hope Barry’s return isn’t half assed because goddamn it Wally West is amazing! 3.5/5

Daredevil #2
Written by Mark Waid; Drawn by Chris Samnee


Elektra #1
Written by W. Hayden Blackman; Drawn by Michael Del Mundo

Yes former lovers are back together to share this title of being amazing among all the others. Daredevil and Elektra have one the most complicated pasts together. They are just, damn. But hey fate has got them together on the shelves as they both have new books going on. gonna start with Elektra first as well its new.

Elektra #1: 5/5

W. Hayden Blackman was the co-writer on the amazing Batwoman, so I was happy when he was announced for his and yeah he still writes amazing Women so damn well. The characterization is wonderful, he really goes into her mindset and we instantly get a feel for the book. That feel is aided by the fact Del Mundo’s AMAZING art. This is the best drawn book of the week. Its so beautiful and well done, its almost dreamlike in how its done and the colors are spectacular as well, adding some uniqueness to it.

Elektra is an assassin and that’s all she needs to be according to her. She’s fine there and feels no qualms about it. Also exciting set up for next issue as well.

Daredevil #2: 5/5

Daredevil still is getting use to the San Francisco surroundings as we get The Shroud back. The Shroud is let’s say the Rorschach to Daredevil’s Batman. They work so well off each other, blind man vs. blind man on opposite sides of doing the same thing. Waid’s writing is again on par as he sets up Shroud so well and lays more seeds as to what all happened in New York, of course via another another mentioning of Foggy.

Now Samnee’s art is incredible as usual with the fights that goes on with Daredevil and Shroud. Its dynamic and clear to see. Samnee doesn’t fuck around when it comes to the art on this book or at all and that’s what makes him one the most entertaining artists today.


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