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Tube Talk: Hannibal: Shiizakana

Hannibal - Season 2

Wild animals abound yearning for the connection they crave on this week’s Hannibal here on Tube Talk.


Hannibal: Season 2: Episode 9: Shiizakana: GRADE: B

First to get an elephant out of the room, no follow up on Chilton getting shot in the face? Now I know in my review I said he was dead, but it seems there are reports he actually survived the shot, and evidence has proven how he could, but just isn’t in the rest of season two. alright, if that is so, I apologize for jumping the gun on that, and will do much better next time. Though my one flaw last week was they didn’t say anything right away, its also a bit of a flaw I have with tonight’s episode in that we still don’t know the hell happened to him. He’s a very prominent character on here and from the novels, which this show makes me wanna read now, so hey, follow up? I trust Bryan Fuller, but shit man, resolution, please?

Where was I? Oh yeah Hannibal was really good this week and still TV’s best show.

This week seemed to be about intimacy, odd since Hannibal and Bloom aren’t shacking up once in here. But intimacy doesn’t always mean sex, its the connection many people feel to a person they care for, a thing, or just friendship. Its all lover the place, especially with Hannibal as his therapy with Will continues. They determine, Will needs to fulfill a lust, a lust that is on full display in the opening which is grotesquely awesome. Oh and Will goes a step further to tell Hannibal that Dr. du Maurier confided her belief in him. Hopefully this means more Gillian Anderson and that she plays a big part into the rest of the season, we know Freddie’s back given the promo for next week.

Another sense of intimacy is between Will and Margot as she visits him at home to discuss Hannibal’s therapy. This is a nicely done scene between the two, good to see her interacting with characters other than Hannibal so we can see more of her acting range. They seem to come to a conclusion that they must kill what holds them back. For Will that’s Hannibal, Margot, her brother Mason, again another flaw with the episode, we need to see Mason. Season’s nearly done man. I digress, they did a wonderful job together.

Hannibal - Season 2

Speaking of, Will and Nega Will AKA Peter Bernardone, and its brief. Nice, but brief, we get flashes in Will’s head of wanting to kill Clark but he fought it, that and Hannibal prevented him. This was a nice epilogue to all that happened last week.

Now to our case, which was the most interesting aspect, next to the intimacy theme. Which we come back to with Randall Tier (Mark O’Brien). A patient oh Hannibal’s as a teen, he’s the main suspect in a series of attacks that looks to have been done by a wild animal. In reality, it is him using a mechanized cave bear mask to rip flesh and bone to bits. Its fascinating how set up it is really. He feels as if he is an animal trapped in a human body and props to O’Brien for being so creepily convincing in the role.

Hannibal confides in Randall he will be caught but wants him to kill Will Graham for him. He gets Will’s attention by injuring one of Will’s many dogs and attacks when he brings in him inside. Not much to it, we then cut to Hannibal coming home and Will basically whipping his dick out and slapping Hannibal in the face with it as he present’s Randall’s dead body on his table.

Hannibal - Season 2

This was a brilliant move by Will to show he’s not fucking around with Hannibal, but let felt a clear sense of relief from having done this. Its nicely acting and done by all actors involved. Again, Mikkelsen and Dancy’s chemistry together is a key part as to why this is the successful show that it is.

This week, yeah maybe not my favorite episode because of what it seems to lack, but its not lacking much. We got a great mystery, further development of the story and character, amazing music, and lovely, disturbing imagery. All I want from this amazing show.


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