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Tube Talk: Mad Men: Field Trip

Mad Men - Episode 7.03 - Field Trip - Promotional Photos (5)

An episode that’s all over the place puts everyone in difficult positions on the latest Mad Men so let’s take a Field Trip to see what’s good and bad about it here on Tube Talk.

We’re going to the SPOILER Factory where who details of an episode are talked about!

Mad Men: Season 7: Episode 3: Field Trip: GRADE: B+

Don Draper is a man of many hats. Funny as he seems to wear just the one we always see him wear. But honestly, he’s always struggled to be many things at once, but always manages to have a certain cool, calm, swagger about him, but it gives out sometimes. This is never more evident than in the latest episode.

There’s Husband Don who gets a call from Megan’s agent, after she had blown an audition and had to track down Rod Sterling, yeah she’s gonna have to press a bright red button for that, and broke down in front of him for another shot. Don of course gets the next flight possible to L.A. and he and Megan have sex, not gonna sugarcoat it here people. It comes out after how he came there and that he hasn’t been into work for a while. Megan gets pissed and asks him to leave but later calls him up to tearfully apologize.

This was a good segment of the episode as it just really showed that as much he is a husband to her, he’s really yet another father figure to her. Its kinda depressing and Jessica Paré has a terrific scene telling off Don in her L.A. where she wants to know what the hell’s been going on, as she was one his secretary and she knew how to keep things hidden and him from her.


We also meet worker Don who comes to SC&P much to the confusion of everyone as he’s there to meet Roger about returning to work after going to him the night before that he had secured a job with the rival firm from last week that proposed him. Roger tells him to come by the office tomorrow.


Everyone has confused and very awkward reactions to Don’s return, even Peggy. Not surprising as she has seemed to many, including herself, to have eclipsed Don in the advertising game. Don is welcomed with open arms by plenty, but gets a chilly reception when Bert lays eyes on him. Thus leading to a partners meeting where shit gets heated and well the terms of Don’s departure are brought up.

Its a brilliantly tense and well acted scene that really shows off the greatness personified by most of the cast in Mad Men. Don is brought back but under rigid, and nearly impossible to work under, conditions, also cause buying Don out would be a major hit in the moneybags for the firm. This is what Don Draper really he. Sure he’s mixed in the husband and father part of his life, but Don knows work, advertising. Roger realizes this. Work is the glue that hold Don Draper together at the end of the day.


Then there’s Betty (January Jones). Hi Betty, welcome to the end! Alright let’s get this out the way, Betty has been the weakest link in the whole cast of Mad Men, since about forever. January Jones is a bit of a weak actor to me. She’s often too emotionless for my part on here, which you think would make her great for Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class. Betty has had some of the most memorable moments on the show don’t get me wrong, but man she’s worthless otherwise.

Betty works best with Sally, mostly thanks to how goddamn amazing Kiernan Shipka is as an actress. Where it be confrontational or when Sally got her first period, both seems to bring the best out of each other.

Now one of Betty’s defining characteristics is that she’s often upset and/or just angry with her kids. You know what the subplot of taking Bobby to the far field trip was? Just that! Yeah it started out interesting with Betty thinking she neglects her kids too much over lunch with a friend, but I wish we had a better outcome. Season seven goddamn it! She gets upset when Bobby trades her sandwich for gumdrops as she uses the bathroom. Eh whatever. This was slowing down the show from the great tense drama we were getting back at the office. I know we’d need something to balance it out, but why not something more interesting?


Mad Men’s latest offering starts planting seeds that the times they are a-changing and coming fast. What that means for these people we’ve come to love is uncertain, but let’s hope at least some of them get a happy ending.


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