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Batman Eternal #4

Batman vs. Batgirl as the future for James Gordon is bleak! More of this in Batman Eternal #4.


Batman Eternal #4
Written by John Layman;Drawn by Dustin Nguyen

The Batman and Batgirl parts where the best part of what was a very strong issue of the series thus far. Batgirl thinks she may have a suspect who waited at the trains for three hours doing nothing, and leaving before the crash. The man in question is Brazilian soap opera star, Gonzolo Dominguez who has been red flagged by Interpol as a connection to the drug trade.

This was great set up for the book and it seems to continue the darker Batgirl we been seeing in Gail Simone’s run of the book thus far, which you should be reading! It feels like that’s being carried over from there to here. Obviously Eternal will have a impact on all Batbooks, but how isn’t certain yet but it seems the seeds are being planted right now.

Batman visits Falcone to pay a visit and they standoff, Batman revealing he knows why the Roman is back and he’ll do whatever it takes to stop them, Falcone saying he’s back to make Gotham right, and wrap up unfinished business as he touches his oh so familiar scar.

We get more Stephanie Brown who does get her mother and tells her that she heard somethings she shouldn’t have heard and that Arthur us is in on it and she can’t go to the cops. Soon after she hangs up to go and pick her, Steph’s mom contacts her ex-husband and tells her he has a problem, which I thought was a great twist. Usually, the two HATE each other and can’t stand being in the same room, but New 52 so its possible. Again, seeds are being planted.

Asshole Commissioner Forbes is quickly becoming for me, the new Joffrey. The one character you just can’t help but hate. He’s dead set on getting Gotham back to how it was before Batman. He’s gonna use the GCPD how he wants to, even doing so by ignoring Bard the chances to make a task forces to stop the impending full scale gang war that will consume Gotham, and keep focusing on the Batman, including how he captured Pyg’s men from the night before.

John Layman I know best as the creator of Chew and the guy who made Detective Comics in New 52 readable, was one the original creators on board but left before publishing, though his work is still seen on the first seventeen issues. He’s a fantastic writer who has a great sense of humor and fun, but as this issue shows, can do seriousness very fell and do wonderful character work, which you can get on Chew so goddamn it, read Chew right now!

Dustin Nguyen is a great artist. He’s been on my favorite artists for a while and I first discovered him on the Paul Dini story, Heart of Hush, really recommend, and he’s got a wonderful style of stylization with nicely detailed faces, great colors, and fantastic action. I like this team and would to have them work on a book together right now, or maybe down the road when possible.

RATING: 4.5/5


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