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Tube Talk: Game of Thrones: Season 4: Episodes 3 and 4

Boy it has been an interesting two weeks since the last reviews. Well let’s not stall any further, just get right into things!


This weeks episodes: “Breaker of Chains” and “Oathkeeper”.



Game of Thrones: Season 4: Episode 3: Breaker of Chains: GRADE: A-

We begin in King’s Landing where Sansa Dontos flee via ship owned by Lord Petyr Baelish. Baelish and Dontos conspired to get Sansa out the city and Baelish proceeds to kill Dontos to protect their secret. Meanwhile Tywin and Cersei lockdown King’s Landing in the wake of Joffrey’s death and search for Sansa, believing her to have a hand in it as much as Tyrion, who speaking of, is being kept locked up. Tywin and Cersei are visiting Joffrey’s body as Tywin begins to groom Tommen Baratheon to become the king, queen obviously being Margaery since she’s informed by Olenna she’s not queen due to the fact Joffrey died before they could make it official. Jaime enters and he anc Cersei have a moment alone to talk. Cersei is angry at him for showing some compassion to their brother and he beings to kiss her. She doesn’t want to do anything, but Jaime refuses and forces himself on her and rapes her within the vicinity f their dead son’s corpse. We’re gonna get back to that people.

Elsewhere on there, Tywin interrupts an orgy Prince Oberyn and Ellaria Sand. They have a private talk where Twyin accuse Oberyn of having a hand in Joffrey’s death, but denies it and instead accuses Twyin of having Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane rape and murder his sister, Elia. He denies too, but they strike a deal where Tywin will get The Moutain to talk to Oberyn if he’s one the three judges at Tyrion’s trail. Tyrion for the second week in a role give up someone close to him and tells Podrick to get the hell out of King’s Landing for his own safety.

Arya and the Hound continue their journey in the Riverland when they come across a farmer and his daughter and they talke them in for the night, but the Hound as thet leave steal their silver which they desperately need, much to Arya’s strike.

Up North, Sam has Gilly moved to Mole Town as he fears for her safety in Castle Black, despite her desire to stay. All while the wildings still raid the Northern Villages. Jon Snow warns them the Wildins want to lure them from Castle Black and need to build on their defenses, but says fuck that right away when word a band of Night’s Watch mutineers have set up camp at Craster’s Keep. Jon tells them to get a party together to take care of them.

We close Daenerys and her crew at Meereen where she lays siege to the city after Daario defeats their champion and then fires catapults with barrels filled with broke slave collars into Meereen to as a sign of the freedom she’s about to bring in.


Game of Thrones: Season 4: Episode 4: Oathkeeper: GRADE: B+

Daenerys captures Meereen and takes control. Right away she has the master of all the slain slave children nailed to posts. Fun times.

At King’s Landing, Jaime and Bronn continue their sword training, when Bronn convinces Jaime to visit Tyrion, which he does. There Jaime informs Tyrion a knighthood has been offered to whoever captures Sansa and bring her back. Tyrion boasts his confidence in her innocence as well as his own. Jaime goes to visit Cersei who is pissed beyond reason he went to visit their brother. She goes on to chastise him for not being able to protect their child and being caught and released by Catelyn Stark. He tries to convincer her to listen otherwise, but this being Cersei, she does not.

Later on Jaime gives his Valyrian-steel sword to Brienne and charges her with finding and protecting Sansa. As well as taking Podrick as a squire in order to protect him and to avoid him being used in Tyrion’s trial. Margaery is encouraged by Olenna, who is soon departing for Highgarden, to bond with Tommen before Cersi can use him against her. She follows up this later that night as she visits Tommen in his chambers and they talk about their future marriage and begin to strike up a relationship.

At sea, Sansa and Lord Baelish discuss Baelish’s upcoming marriage to her aunt, Lysa. He denies having anything to do with Joffrey’s death and that Sansa had a stone missing from the necklace Dontos gave her. He notices a stone is missing and it might have been used in the poison for Joffrey’s murder.

Up North, Alliser allows Jon to lead an expedition against the mutineers occupying Craster’s Keep, which should be interesting given how those same mutineers now have Bran and his crew in their company having stumbled upon them there.

Way, WAY up North, a White Walker takes the latest newborn son of Craster’s and places him in an ice altar before picking the child up and touching his face, causing its eyes to turn blue.



No way of getting around this. Jaime raped Cersei while in vicinity of the corpse of their son, who is a product of their incest.


Now I don’t read the books, but my friend, and fellow avid reader, Caitlin Turner of One Of, has read them all and informed me in our usual discussion of the show, that was in the books but was consensual. Not rape.

The episode was written by creators and showrunners, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, and directed by Alex Graves.

When asked about the scene, Graves described it in one interview, “and then Jaime comes in and rapes her.” Then in a later interview said, “it becomes consensual by the end, because anything for [Jaime and Cersei] ultimately results in a turn-on.” He added that she is reciprocating physcially.

I didn’t see any reciprocating at all in that scene, it was full on rap. Even the showrunners said it was.

They stated, “Cersei’s resisting this. She says no, and he’s forcing himself on her.”

Obviously there seems to be major miscommunication among writer and director because what the hell? This is begs the question, why the change? Why did we need to have the rape scene in there at all? Caitlin even said thing that I agree with based on both her having read the books and seen the show, and my only seeing the show. This is out of character for Jaime. He loves Cersei, loves women, and cares for them. He’s gone through such a redemption arc, why throw this in? Also how was it he lost his hand last season? Right, protecting Brienne from being raped!

Now I’m not an expert, nor do I really think I’m the right guy to get that in depth of the situation. I am but a viewer, but I do have my own opinions, well you know as your reading them, but this was unnecessary. It didn’t do anything and it has no impact in the next episode, maybe it will down the line, but if not, what the hell? For real. If you wanna read something more detailed, and frankly smarter about this, read this great AV Club piece about it.


Now as for the rest of the episodes, they were damn good. Again highlighting amazing acting on everyone’s part. Peter Dinklage again acting his ass off as he has to let go of Podrick to protect those he loves. Bronn might be save, but no one on the show really is.

Daenerys was the best part of the recent episodes despite her shortened time on screen, she commanded it. Emilia Clarke is a gifted actress and she plays the full gambit of emotion with Daenerys. Her command is powerful and strong, and she is a fair but harsh ruler. I’m ecstatic of what’s to come next from her storyline.

The Bran storyline got more interesting with episode four, wasn’t particularly interesting in three, which I find to be the better episode. Stronger, better paced, better writing, minus rape scene, and well Daenerys. Four had plenty of strong elements but immediate fallout of the rape would have been good.

Lord Baelish and Sansa continue as well to have some the most interesting scenes together as their back and forth only gets better and better with each time the share the screen.

Well that was it for this week, join us again in two weeks for episodes 5 and 6!


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