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Prattling Panels: 5/2/14

Well we got us a Spider-Man movie! WHAT?! Yeah so let’s talk about comics and no, I’m not talking about Amazing Spider-Man #1 cause One More Day. Also we’re mixing mainstream and indie all up in this bitch this week. Let’s go!

All-New X-Men #26
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Drawn by Stuart Immonen

With Jean Grey’s trail over, we’re getting back to normal, well as normal as can be with all that came because of it. The majority of the issue is our Scott talking to past Jean and its some really compelling stuff. Its easily some the best stuff to come out of this book. I love how Bendis deals with it and how they know things aren’t just gonna be right because what they know. Meanwhile X-23 works through her own stuff and she helps to set up the next major arc that’s coming for the book which is interesting. Immonen’s art help convey emotions so well here and amazing expressions. He’s a true artist gem. 4.5/5

Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual #2
Written by Justin Jordan; Drawn by Stephen Segovia, Edgar Salazar, and Jed Dougherty

New Guardians has been my personal favorite Lantern title in the New 52 and for the simple reason its fun. Lately more so since Justin Jordan took over. Fantastic space adventures with Kyle, Carol, and the New Guardians. An interesting new threat is introduced and its an interesting idea and some great emotional beats are brought up from that threat which leads to great fighting and action scenes by three different artists here that doesn’t hinder the book at all. Though this book falters in the end with a confusing conclusion to be continued in the next issue of the main book, that hopefully is wrapped up. 3.5/53790738-04

Furious #4
Written by Bryan J.L. Glass; Drawn by Victor Santos

PENULTIMATE(!) as we get a lot more into Cadence’s mindset and how she’s felt on her redemption and its honestly really good. She mostly talks to a cop trying to stop her from going over the edge and its goddamn great. Her breakdown is emotionally gripping and powerful. She owns this and Glass’ writing here does shine, especially when our villain shows up and fucks shit up majorly. Their connection is strong and the climax of the issue feels so classic comic book set up is really well done and Santos’ art again really helps sell the carnage, madness, and subtly of the story. Its so good, I really do recommend this book. 4.5/5

Rai #1
Written by Matt Kindt; Drawn by Clayton Crain

Well here is a first, I’m reading a Valiant Comic! And hey, I’m gonna be covering this fantastic book. First I will highlight the real star, Clayton Crain’s art which is fucking outstanding. Beautifully detailed and put together. The perspectives, angles, and panels make this feel very cinematic, as does Matt Kindt’s writing. Its exciting and sets up wonderful ideas, characters, and action. The premise is that the first murder in Japan for over 1,000 years. Its a great premise and our characters feel pretty fleshed out right now. Exposition doesn’t feel very heavy and natural at some points. The world of a 41st Century Japan is greatly built and gives us the feel we can expect great things of this. 5/5

Batgirl Annual #2
Written by Gail Simone; Drawn by Robert Gill and Javier Garron

This is a Batgirl story, but its also much about Poison Ivy and how she fits into Batgirl’s life. Now I don’t read the current run of Birds of Prey because its not that good, but having Ivy in there is interesting. Ivy here we discover is suffering from S.A.D. AKA Seasonal Affective Disorder and how it completely changes her all over. The art here really helps sell that by Gill and Garron also Simone’s writing who continues to have amazing writing cause she’s Gail Simone. She’s amazing. She understands these characters gets into them very well. Batgril gets plenty here but make no mistake this is truly a Poison Ivy story. Though I will say some pacing could have been tighter. 4/5

Batwoman Annual #1
Written by Marc Andreyko; Drawn by Trevor McCarthy and Moritat

Well hey dangling plot threads. Yes the story that had been going on before the abrupt end and a new storyline gets resolved here but not by J.H. Williams III and W. Hayden Blackman, but by current writer, Marc Andreyko, but hey they kept Trevor McCarthy on and Moritat on fill in. This wrapped everything up nicely, felt really great given the build up, and was exciting. Now the writing was what I believe to be the original script, minus the changed ending with Batman and Alice, which I suspect that was still in there but I could be wrong. Moritat’s fill ins are nice but McCarthy’s main art is amazing. Things get wrapped up though it seems to lose a bit of its voice due to this being a different creative team than the one that originally crafted the story. Still, I wanted resolution, I got resolution. 3.5/5

Dexter Down Under #3
Written by Jeff Lindsay; Drawn by Dalibor Talajic

Middle chapter of Dexer’s trip and its the most interesting with the advancement of the investigation and he and Shawna continue to have great chemistry together and really work well as a team off each other. I really need to say, I’ve highlight Jeff Lindsay’s writing because well its really good, but now I wanna say how good Dalibor Talajic’s art is as it really captures to look and majesty of how grand Australia is. Also the characters are well defined and never blend into each other. They are drawn with personality to them. I think its some really wonderful stuff. This story does feel like a Dexter story and I find it interesting its been done in comics rather than the usual novel format Lindsay writes it in. The story is really good and this so far is its best issue. 4.5/5

The Flash Annual #3
Written by Robert Venditti and Van Jensen; Drawn by Brett Booth


Alright so he’s a troubled teenager who is the nephew of Iris West. He’s not featured very heavily in the issue but he is introduced here for what is basically, Looper starring The Flash. 25 years from now Wally has died, Iris is in a wheelchair, Grodd is a meter ruler of his world, and the one thing in common: Barry Allen was the reason for it all. So he’s gonna go back in time to kill himself. This is a fun sci-fi story very fitting for something as The Flash. I’m liking the set up which will continue in Flash #31 and I’m excited for it. Though I don’t want this to get too dark because its The Flash. There needs to be fun. 4.5/5

Deadly Class #4
Written by Rick Remender; Drawn by Wes Craig

Man this book just gets better and better. The events of #3 are carried over into how Marcus is punished and then is sprung to go on a Las Vegas road trip to help kill Billy’s dad. The art by Wes Craig is on full force in this issue as along the way, they stop for some drugs and get acid. Marcus has a bad trip.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 3.45.24 PM

Real psychedelic stuff here and its amazing. We also start to feel these characters more and their central core. Remender feels like an 80s child and I believe it here. Its fun, its exciting, we have some plot development among the mostly single story itself. This book cannot be ignored! 5/5

Silver Surfer #2
Written by Dan Slott; Drawn by Michael Allred

Silver Surfer is a fun book. This issue is just as fun, exciting, and adventurous as the first. Now this start to wear its Doctor Who influence on its sleeve, which I don’t mind. Slott said outright its what helped him think of how to take the book. Surfer this time faces with the Never Queen and again, much love to the Allred’s on the art and coloring, this is just a goddamn pretty book. She’s set up clearly for the newbies and shown why she’s a big deal and a huge threat. We also get to know more of Dawn and she’s fun too. The stuff with her was a highlight of the issue. The book feels lighter than most Surfer fans, but there are big threats coming down the pipeline. If you love comics, Silver Surfer, or adventurous sci-fi, READ THIS BOOK! 4.5/5

Southern Bastards #1
Written by Jason Aaron; Drawn by Jason Latour

So what we have here is the previous writer of Wolverine and the X-Men which I loved and the current writer of Wolverine and the X-Men which I’m lukewarm about to create a new book at Image. Well its amazing!

This book is about Earl Tubbs, old Southern man returning to the small Alabama town he grew up in to pack up the rest of his uncle’s house and we get a good sense of the drama here and feel of the book right away to a flashback of his sheriff father defending their house as little Earl watches on. He’s starting to notice something is really wrong here back home and we’re not let in right away about it, which is good, crafting a mystery which would be great for something like this. You get to know Earl, get a feel for him and come to like him. Aaron’s writing here is gritty and dark and it fits here as that’s what he’s going for, Latour’s art gets that across perfectly. He really draws this book perfectly. His style fits too well here, but that’s great. Its a good thing.

Southern Bastards is an unflinching look into a Southern small town and its heart. A man forced to return and find the quickest way out, which I can relate to, way too much, and he’s doing good. That’s a great story to me. 5/5


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