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Tube Talk: Hannibal: Naka-Choko

Hannibal - Season 2

Hannibal and Will start to put on appearances, weird sex, and the debut of the fabulous Mason Verger on the latest Hannibal meal of season two!

This review was made with 100% FDA approved SPOILERS!

Hannibal: Season 2: Episode 10: Naka-Choko: GRADE B+

It is a really bad time to be a supporting and/or recurring character on Hannibal’s second season. First off, Chilton is finally brought up, but no official stances was made to say he’s alive or dead, but I’m gonna keep assuming dead at this point and now Freddie Lounds is joining Abel Gideon, Beverly Katz, and Fredrick Chilton as those gone but not forgotten of season two.

Lara Jean Chorostecki as I said before has been marvelous as Freddie Lounds. A role I thought she did wonderfully. Usually male, she proud something new besides a change of gender to the role. I found her portrayal here exciting, with the tabloid blog side and yet still a sleazy journalist, but in a sophisticated way as show by her high fashion taste. She has also stayed true to the character’s ways of getting in the way of investigations, complicating everyone’s lives, and spread information in order to influence the behavior of the killers Graham investigates.

I honestly thought her demise was gonna be at Hannibal’s hands who was waiting at her apartment after Bloom tells Hannibal of Freddie’s suspicions that he and Will are killing ex-patients together shared via pillow talk but she goes to Will Graham’s for an interview he promised and discovers his locked farm as well as Randall Tier’s bloodied animal suit and his lower jaw among other things in his freezer. She flees and tries to call Jack but is caught and vaguely served up to Hannibal by Will at episode’s end.

She’s dead. She is so goddamn dead as Will mentioned its long pig, long pig meaning human. Oh and Freddie’s iconic being set on fire and being sent down on display via a wheelchair is on display.

Will has fully gone dark and they might be someway to pull him back. This episode just goes really deep into Will’s mind. They cover tracks by taking Tier’s corpse and combine with a saber-tooth display. Its fucking great and visually well done. Even better is seeing Hannibal and Will pretend to analyze the crime and the killer that will never be found. Or maybe at least Hannibal given the flash-forward that opened the season. Having Will fully go that way, I think will leave to amazing storytelling ideas and opportunities come the next season.

Since the “eating for two” was brought up, Will and Margot totally boned, so did Hannibal and Bloom, and so did Will and Bloom, Margot and Hannibal, and look Hannibal had a really weird foursome psychological sex scene that kinda took up a large part of an act in the episode. Obviously the lines between the scenes were meant to be blurred and well they accomplished that. This is the most ambitious sex scene I ever seen in a TV show and its nicely crafted, it really is, but continues how weirdly Hannibal does sex. I found this odd, which fits within the show, but maybe a bit odd for my taste.


And we finally get to meet Mason Verger himself, Michael Pitt who is fantastic! He just looks so fabulous! Pitt obviously isn’t as visually fucked up as Oldman was back in 2001, but man he’s wonderful. He’s despicably charming in how he just loves to remind Margot as he successfully trains his livestock of pigs to go feed on humans, that he owns her. Pitt shows perfectly how Mason takes glee in his sadism, I just love immediately what he’s done with this character and he’s barely been on, but he leaves a great mark.

He even invites Hannibal out to discuss Margot’s therapy and what she might reveal and when he brings up doctor-patient confidentiality, he’s so please, he offers Hannibal a treat of on his pigs. He also takes Hannibal up on his offer to treat Mason, also clear from the promo for next week.


Hannibal is back to form with only three episodes left and we still have no word on a season three, but I feel highly confident NBC will deliver one. This show is too good, its amazing, and again, the best show on TV right now. We’ll know in a couple weeks.


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