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Tube Talk: Mad Men: The Monolith


This week we have a field trip out to a far worth taking and obvious metaphor is obvious, but still effective. This week we deal with trying to adapt in Mad Men on Tube Talk.

Enjoy a nice refreshing can of SPOILERS!

Mad Men: Season 7: Episode 4: The Monolith: GRADE: A-

Breaking News: Pete Campbell does something worthwhile, he got SC&P go for Burger Chef which is looking for new business. Hooray for you Pete, you’re not in my buss hitting fantasies this week. That belongs to Don Sterling! TOPICAL!

Anyway this a huge deal and Peggy is put in charge of the project in order to appeal to homemakers and Lou puts Don on to the project, thinking he will implode not just under his strict guidelines, but the fact he’s reduced to working for Peggy instead the other way around. Its great stuff and really strong, even more so when they move Don into Lane Pryce’s office. Not so symbolic but this is how Don is. He’s a fish in the water at the prey of the great white sharks that circle him. Even Peggy knows what’s up, being told she can build her own team by Lou, who also gives her $100 raise, but must have Don on it. She knows the deep shit she’s in and is willing to play ball, but Don so clearly isn’t.

For anyone who had money on how long until Don broke his new rules be one episode, collect your money! Don gets hammered after a sobering talk with Cooper about how well they done without him and takes Freddie out to a Mets gam, but they don’t make it cause Don is taken back home and given a big old wake up call from Freddie himself, who is again excellently performed by Joel Murray. Don does sober up and begin working away making tags, but I don’t think things will be all nice and fine next week


Speaking of change, a new office computer is being put in and is being installed in the creative lounge, which of course leads to the creative team to believe they’re being phased out. Not the case but that was some interesting stuff with that, mostly the main guy wanting to ask Don how to market his business with new advertising but its okay. Doesn’t hold a candle to Roger’s story.

Speaking of, Roger coyly is able to continue dipping his toe into counterculture when his son-in-law, Brooks (Derek Ray), and ex-wife, Mona (Talia Balsam), show up to tell him his daughter has gone off to a hippie commune, abandoning their daughter. Brooks goes to get her, but ends up in jail and leads Roger and Mona to go and get her.


Roger’s slide into being against type has been in play since his LSD trip, which is still amazing, and so to see this full circle here and he convinces Mona he’ll do fine on his own is the best part of the episode to be honest. Its great bonding between father and daughter before that great ending with them. Margaret, oops, I mean, Marigold, says she can’t go back. If she’s not happy, how can her child be happy?

Roger forces his hand and tries forcibly to bring her back but she brings up how he did this to her. How Mona would just be off in the tub with a bottle of gin and him chasing any young tail he fancied. The look on Roger’s face said it all. Here’s this well established man, wanting more of life, but find he’s not that far removed from what he is and wants to be. He can’t have it both ways and hearing it from his daughter and seeing her do the same things he’s done cuts him deep.

Mad Men has truly been at its best when characters have realization moments about themselves, double dose this week in different ways for Don and Roger. They like to put up facades of themselves and present who they think they are, but when shown what they really are. Its great television and I find it absolutely amazing.

I really am gonna miss this show, but so interested in how it all ends.


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