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Batman Eternal #5

Things start to get hotter in Gotham as the gang war continues with a nice focus on Red Robin Harper Row in Batman Eternal #5


Batman Eternal #5
Written by James Tnyion IV; Drawn by Andy Clarke

So to divulge for a moment, among the many Robins Batman has had, Tim Drake is the best to be. I love most the Robins, Jason Todd was only interesting in Under the Hood and Under the Red Hood, sorry fans. Tim stood out to me as being the only Robin who wasn’t completely broken into being Robin. He was just that inspired by Batman to do good. He also deduced Bruce and Dick’s identities and saved Bruce’s life, thus becoming Robin. Okay his mom was murdered and dad crippled, but that was after becoming Robin.

Anyway, Tim always had this sense of fun and true goodness to him that elevated with me and I loved his style both as a person and crimefighter. His solo series was good too and had remarkable storytelling, also Stephanie Brown. As Red Robin, he got better. New 52, he’s kinda gotten the shaft. I had how he’s been treated, but he’s still part the Batfamily, and when he’s not being handled by Scott Lobdell.

Such as here where Tim is investigating the children from Professor Pyg’s attack in issue one and how they seemed to show flu symptoms days before the event. Of course he and Batman cross paths over it and it is a great scene that shows the Batfamily is still broken from what Joker did to them in Death of the Family, read it if you haven’t, Damian’s death and Dick’s “death”. Batman’s more occupied with the gang war and wants to try to do everything to help. But he knows he just can’t.

Speaking of, that takes us to Vicki vale at the Gotham Gazette where she’s talking to Warren Spacey, crime writer for the paper, who’s brining on Joey Day, fresh reporter to the paper. Vicki’s there to get more stuff for her Gordon story, but decides to follow leads by Spacey on the gang war.

In a great sequence, she gets in over her head and is saved by Harper Row, recent fan favorite created by Scott Snyder back in Batman #12. Tricked out tazers and all, drawn lovely by Andy Clarke. His art in this issue is fantastic. He does faces well, well sometimes, and draws action lovely. She takes them in where little brother Cullen is awaken, after having a nanobot swarm attack Red Robin as he invetigated him showing the same symptoms as the other kids.

Again drawn greatly by Clarke who does weird shit very well too. The way everything is starting to connect is really good and feels fluid. Its really goddamn great. Tynion’s writing is excellent too, his been on the rise since that Batman Annual #1 gave him notice, well to me at least. He’s a good storyteller and knows how to craft on perfectly. I really recommend his work.

Oh and the last panel reveals Sergei was behind the nanobots. Sergei being a tech master that trained Bruce before becoming Batman back in Batman #22. Snyder came up with the story for this issue, so that’s a bit shocking yet not. He’s really bringing everything together.



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