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Prattling Panels: 5/9/14

Prattling Panels is back and man we got some excellent books here, including some great indie books and wonderful Marvel books. Also awesome Green Arrow and Batman.


Loki: Agent of Asgard #4
Written by Al Ewing; Drawn by Lee Garbett

Ah Loki, that trickster. He knows how to get around situations. This book just seemed to out of Loki’s immense popularity thanks to The Avengers film and well Tumblr, but its very well done and an entertaining read. I’m not opposed to books being spawned out of a sudden popularity rise, which if a Deathstroke book happened now I wouldn’t mind, but I’d still ask why there is a Deathstroke solo book. Back on point, its all on execution, to justify something like a new Loki book, but goddamn its an entertaining read. Writer Al Ewing gets the character, with a great blend of smarminess, cunningness, intelligence, bemusement, and coyness. He really nails down what makes Loki so entertaining. Lee Garbett’s art itself is very good and makes the book a visual treat.

Oh I should get to this issue, well its a wonderful read with Loki and Sigurd continuing their own rivalry highlighted last issue. Though I’m already loving the character of Verity Willis who we met back in two, the one who can see through any lie, so much so that she noticed the invisible Sigurd in Loki’s apartment as they eat what sounds like a delicious salmon dish. Again this has been a fun read since the debut, just a wonderful read. Not much going on with Old Loki, but again I can’t complain with such a delightful read here. 4/5

Green Arrow #31
Written by Jeff Lemire; Drawn by Andrea Sorrentino

The Outsiders arc has reached a climatic end and its honestly one the best Green Arrow stories in a while, despite the fact its in the wasteland that is the New 52. Lemire is still Ollie’s best writer on the book since the relaunch and I see he gets a great understanding of Oliver and all the characters around him. Even a nice translation of Diggle from CW’s Arrow into the books, also I will be doing a full season two write up of Arrow soon if anyone was curious as to my feelings on that.

Back to the story, lots of death going on here but it all helps the story. Everything that happens here is natural to the story, and just some really great action, also again to highlight Sorrentino’s art that really brings it all together. Its perfectly piece together and has some nice set up for the upcoming new storyline which seems to have Seattle at the sight of an all out war.

I’m looking forward to it. 5/5

The Woods #1
Written by James Tynion IV; Drawn by Michael Dialynas

The Woods is a new creator owned series at Boom by notable Batman writer, James Tynion IV and artist Michael Dialynas in which a high school is suddenly teleported into a moon as wisely stated by one the students. This books does well establishing and setting up our main characters and settings very well. Again the struggle with any series like this with no established continuity, history, characters, and so on, this takes its time. If you’re staring a new comic, you gotta have a character, or well characters worth following and we get those in spades. World building, main conflict, core characters. Perfectly set up. This also reminds me a lot of Morning Glories, which is a good thing, in that we have a big mystery that revolves around the kids of a school. Now Morning Glories is great, this can be a nice companion to it. 4/5

Angel & Faith: Season Ten #2
Written by Victor Gischler; Drawn by Will Conrad

We pick up with Angel finding Nadira alive and we see Faith go to join Kennedy’s company. Each have great pacing and writing to help hold it up. Faith is more interesting here in her way to fit into her new situation and her goodbye to Giles was excellent after all they had been through together. Her story at the end allows for Faith to be Faith and that is great. Angel’s Magic Town escapades are great that end in a badass fight scene and helps set up the events for the next issue well. I’m highly enjoying this two issues in, and Gischler’s writing pairs with Conrad’s art very well and I see this book being hopefully as entertaining as what came before. 4/5

Black Widow #6
Written by Nathan Edmondson; Drawn by Phil Noto

The issue picks up where five left off with Natasha discovering old nemesis Damon Dran AKA the Indestructible Man is very much a live and brought back Molot, after going into an airplane turbine, its comics, never mind, comic doesn’t even bring it up. The book continues its great character exploration into Natasha and why she does what she does, what drives her. Also for Edmondson’s great writing is how he’s laying groundwork for a grander, bigger story to come and its excellently put together. Something is coming and I for one can’t wait to see what it is. Also Phil Noto’s art here is what is the co-star as his stark character designs and varied colored palette is perfect and gives this book a distinctive look among the others on the shelf. Its expertly done, wonderfully crafted, and enjoyable. This isn’t the first Black Widow solo series, but this might just be the best. 5/5

The Punisher #5
Written by Nathan Edmondson; Drawn by Mitch Gerads

Back to Edmondson, his Punisher is entertaining thanks in part to the new scene of L.A. as The Howling Commandos prepare to start their move in on Frank but pull back when Electro and the Del Soles cartel blackout L.A. as to carry out their nerve gas attack in some very nicely done art by Mitch Gerads. Electro is used better here than in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, yeah I hated him in that movie, but he’s also the problem here as the issue ends the same as the previous ones, where it seems Frank has the upper hand on Del Soles only to be blindsided by Electro and taken down since he’s human. But the pieces that Edmondson has been putting together here will hopefully come together and we get a battle with Punisher and Electro where Frank convincingly is able to one up the shocking foe. This is a very well put together issue, but also my least favorite so far, but I still can’t help but enjoy it. 3.5/5

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #2
Written and Drawn by Kaare Kyle Andrews

I’m dropping this book. This isn’t Iron Fist to me, I also still thinking Andrews is a terrible writer whose nice art doesn’t make up for it at all. I’m for a dark Iron Fist series, just not this one in particular. I think Andrews isn’t that good a writer and can’t put together a story well. He draws well, I like the art and think this would be good for an Iron Fist book, but it needs a different writer. His plotting isn’t strong, dialogue is bad, narration is decent to shit, and overall they make a mess of a book that I find unreadable and not worth the read. Drop this from your pull list people, drop it now! 1/5

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #4
Written by Zack Whedon; Drawn by Georges Jeanty

Now that I got my hands on this, I love this book. The continuation of Firefly from the Serenity film had to happen but its great its this good. We’re bringing back The Operative and that upsets the balance and its great. The uneasiness of having him on board is great, even Jayne wanting to take a stab at him. The tension is still there, Jeanty’s art is still good on character referencing and the story feels good. ITs all centered now on how to get Zoe free and I’m all on board with a Great Escape idea with the Serenity crew. 4/5

Moon Knight #3
Written by Warren Ellis; Drawn by Declan Shalvey

Much like last time, art is the heavy focus of this issue and that’s not a bad thing as Shalvey’s art as Moon Knight  fights punk rock ghosts. That’s pretty goddamn cool. He’s shaken as to how they can attack him but then realizes he has all this Egyptian God equipment in his place and puts it on to fight them and again the art is stellar on it. I love it. There is writing of course by Ellis, we see why these ghosts are here and it ends the issue on a rather somber note that feels genuinely emotional. This series just feels interesting and really out there and that’s why I am liking it. 4/5

Deadpool vs. Carnage #3
Written by Cullen Bunn; Drawn by Salvador Espin

PENULTIMATE(!) issue of the miniseries and man it gets crazier. Deadpool and Carnage are still on the same highway as the end of last time and things get crazier. Deadpool is still delusional in that after he’s thrown under a semi and horribly fucked up, people’s worries about him as message to keep hunting Deadpool. The issue ends with an amazing spread by Espin of Deadpool who his dismembered from every limb at a secret military base overtaken by Carnage, four different symbiotes come to him.

This has been a very fun ride I must say. This miniseries has been as entertaining as it promised from the premise of these two fighting each other. I just find this a ver fun read. 4/5

The New 52: Future’s End #1
Written and Drawn by Various

Now the second of THREE weekly books, the first of course being Batman Eternal and the other being Earth 2: World’s End. Here, Batman Beyond world is being brought into the New 52, and its decent. This is a smooth opening with Terry being sent back too late to stop Mr. Terrific’s Brother Eye from launching that will become the end of humanity itself. The creative team behind this is more interesting than the story itself. We get our main focuses with Terry, Grifter, Mr. Terrific, and Firestorm. Art here is nice and helps put things together but this was just eh. Not sure how much loner I might stay interested in this. 2.5/5

Cyclops #1
Written by Greg Rucka; Drawn by Russell Dauterman

So this is past/young Cyclops’ series and its a frockling space pirate adventure with his long thought lost dad, Corsair. Rucka writers them both so well and it feels genuine in how there’s a son wanted to reconnect with his dad and the dad not wanting to fail his son in being a father. The situation sounds more like a dramatic plot twist of a long running show, and well that’s kinda perfect for something like X-Men. This is a good Cyclops. Past Cyclops has been far more interesting than current cyclops who is good, but not as much as the younger one who’s trying to avoid the future he sees in front of him. The art by Dauterman fits this nicely here with the sci-fi setting of the book and his has ver expressive character work. Its a nice joy to watch his human and alien design, especially that of Corsair’s wife. This was a fun book, plain and simple. 4/5

Magneto #3
Written by Cullen Bunn; Drawn by Gabriel Hernandez Walta

This is a very intense Magneto than before, he’s truly taking no mercy on those in his warpath, even with the creator of the Omega Sentinels and a paper clip. the writing and narration by Bunn gives us a clear look into the mind of Erik, his thoughts, fears, the gears in his head, and why he does everything he does. Walta’s art still continues this great muted sense of color, but it works for how dark a character Magneto is. If you’re an X-fan, pick this one up. 4/5

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #1
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Drawn by David Marquez

Picking up from the previous volume of books and Ultimate Spider-Man #200, Miles is still trying to put life back together for him with his mother dead, father gone and blaming Miles for her death, and the rise of two evil Spider-Man twins. The issue was really good, nice intro page to set things up for those unfamiliar to Miles. Good entertainment here between Miles and Ganke, Miles’ bonding with his new girlfriend Katie Bishop, talking to MJ about revealing his identity to her. Lots of great things all over the issue. Bendis still writes better here to me than he does in main Marvel, but he’s still a good writer overall. But the real talker of this issue is the major twist ending that is spectacular yet kinda anger inducing to me but I won’t reveal why. 4.5/5

Detective Comics #31
Written and drawn by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato

The second issue of the Icarus arc is nice set up and brings our focus to Harvey Bullock. I love Harvey Bullock and think of him as a great character within Batman’s world. He has a history with Icarus thanks to Flash #25, a Zero Year tie-in. He only sees Bruce as primary suspect number one since Elena’s death occurred on Bruce’s doorstep. the pacing is good, story is easy to follow and flow is wonderful, but it lacks Elena’s daughter Annie who is so interesting. The ending fight between Batman and Sumo is goddamn great in both how well timed, written, and of course drawn it is. The art is beautiful as usual from Manapul. He’s a standout artist in the game today. I thought he might not fit something as grim and dark as Batman, but I’m wrong. He’s fit in here as if it were an old shoe. Its so goddamn good. Detective has been on an upswing ever since John Layman took over and it continues here for all the better. 4.5/5

She-Hulk #4
Written by Charles Soule; Drawn by Javier Pulido

Next to Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk has to be the best book of the All-New Marvel Now wave of books. There’s a real true sense of fun, excitement, and adventure. Soule really gets this and while it is pretty reminiscent of what Dan Slott did, it stands out as its own thing. Soule’s lawyer experience again shines here in more ways than one as Jennifer goes to San Francisco to meet fellow hero attorney, Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil. That’s fun seeing them together and its thanks to Pulido’s art which shines even more here than before. His style is very energetic a little stylized but still worth the price alone. the best parts being in San Fran and Latveria with Doom and a giant Doom bot. I’m in love with this book because most importantly, it gets the character of She-Hulk. This is an amazing character. 5/5

Nailbiters #1

Written by Joshua Williamson; Drawn by Mike Henderson

If you frequent here, you know I do weekly episodic reviews of NBC’s Hannibal, renewed for a third season today, and this book feels like a comic of that. Buckaroo, Oregon is a player that has been the home for a huge number of serial killers. Particularly the set up with a mentally fucked up cop who is called back in, alright not that similar but still, he’s the Will Graham of this book. The Nailbiter’s arrest is what opens this book and its really fascinating. Really, this book has to be read itself. Joshua Williamson has excellent set up here with a great idea. Henderson’s art is sick and creepy. Its a perfect fit. Honestly, I don’t want to say too much about this, you have to read this book. 5/5


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