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Tube Talk: Hannibal: Ko No Mono


We should first start by congratulating the cast and crew of Hannibal as of yesterday, NBC renewed the series for a third season. YAY! Congrats again to everyone there, look forward to season three!


Paternity is our central theme of this fiery episode of Hannibal, here on Tube Talk!

The home spoiler test has come back with a definite 100% SPOILER positive review.

Hannibal: Season 2: Episode 11: Kō No Mono: GRADE: A

Freddie Lounds lives! Yes it seems the familiar image of dear Freddie going on a hot wheels joyride was a fake-out with what I assume damn fine molds of her teeth put into a burned corpse. Now I’ll admit, me and almost everyone were wrong of her demise at Will Graham’s hands last week but that’s still an excellent and frightening sequence.

The reveal comes out of Bloom’s fear from the whole episode that Will was the one who had killed her given it seems she’s now starting to take Freddie’s thoughts of Hannibal and Will to heart. She just explodes at Jack over his presumption of Will’s innocence, even questioning if Chilton is really the Chesapeake Ripper, in a great scene that gives Caroline Dhavernas a showcase as I think I really haven’t given the actress much due on here as I should. The reveal is so good and perfectly closed with a sense of smug and arrogance (that works in the character’s favor) in Freddie’s voice as she asks Bloom how her funeral was.

I’m very glad to see Freddie’s breathing but still think she’s gonna be limited as it seems since she’s in on Will and Jack’s plan to catch Hannibal, she’s gonna be put into Witness Protection. That sucks cause again, I love Laura Jean Chorostecki in the role as the show uses her sparsely and very well at that. She’s used when needed and very effectively. I hope she’s around somehow in season three.


Speaking of Bloom, her role has certainly been upped more so in the second half of this season as I’m still shocked by her and Hannibal hooking up but she is somehow to Will, his rock, even though right now she’s want nothing to do with him. They been very distant ever since his release from Chilton’s asylum. Even at the crime scene when Freddie’s “corpse” is dug up and turned into an effigy of the goddess Shiva, which is fucking amazing by the way, she can’t help but think Will had done that too. Her innocence for Hannibal breaking is damn compelling. She plays the role damn good and I find her to be a great part of this cast.

The reveal also shows that all the pieces are really coming together and leading to that fight that opened the season. How much Bloom plays into it, and if she would want to after this episode, we’ll see over these last two weeks of the season. This is a very elaborate trap for them to have played and I hope it pays off nicely.

Oh right paternity I said was this episodes overarching theme. Yeah Margot is indeed pregnant with Will’s child from last week’s roll in the hay as a means to create an heir for the Verger will that can’t be Mason and kill Mason to make sure of it. Margot said Will could be useful as a male influence to the child other than Mason and does regret in having used Will, but still will do anything to get out her sadistic brother’s thumb, who speaking of, starts his sessions with Hannibal. The therapy scenes between the two help us get into Mason’s character himself as Papa Verger favored him more and gave insight to Papa and how he’s heavily influenced the psychopath that would be his son.


Mason’s introduction scene for the episode is something so damn over-the-top it is brilliant. Children of a foster home are leaving the Verger property from a field trip and as they exit through the stables, Mason stops a kid and hands him a carrot to feed a horse. Nice right? Well until Mason emotionally breaks the child so he can cry and wipes up a tear from the child with a small tissue strip and puts it in his martini and drinks it. That scene is so mustache twirling, tie a damsel to the tracks, steal candy from a baby stupid I loved it. It really helps show Mason just doesn’t give an absolute fuck. He’s a sick man and doesn’t care one bit of it.

He’s so sick that when Margot decides to just up and go, he has her car rammed by right hand man, Carlo (Daniel Kash) and takes her to some doctors and horrifically takes away her ability to have any children, in what I’m most certain is an homage to the film Dead Ringers. This pushes Mason further into just horrifically menacing and leads to a great scene between Will and Mason above his pig maze over what he had just done to Margot. Will wants to kill him but reminds Mason the only thing they have in common was Hannibal as their psychiatrist, who is also the one orchestrating everything. He’s gonna use a monster to stop his monster. Yes again, but here I think it makes more sense than with Randall Tier recently given how much more sick Mason really is compared to Randall.

The paternal theme could also apply to Hannibal and Will with Hannibal feeling as a father to Will in his rebirth as a serial killer, shown in the episode with a deer birthing an antlered Will as Hannibal Stag looks on, but also the recent stuff with Randall too. We even get mentions of Hannibal’s sister, which is a element of the novels I hear, and it just fits seamlessly into the conversation at their session. Even Abigail is brought up as a surrogate daughter to both of them, someone they each saw themselves in. Its a beautiful moment actually.


I must speak of this episode’s great direction at the hands of David Slade who has directed the pilot and several episodes of the series, as he crafted this story from page wonderfully. I just am in awe of the high quality of direction for this show week in and week out.

Hannibal still proves itself as TV’s best show right now and I’m overly excited for what they will do for season three, but right now, I’m all too anxious to see how big season two goes right now.


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