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Tube Talk: Game of Thrones: Season 4: Episodes 5 and 6

Well shit got real over these last two weeks so let’s get to it!

This review has been put on trail for SPOILERS!

This week’s episodes are “First of his Name” and “The Laws of Gods and Men”.



Game of Thrones: Season 4: Episode 5: First of His Name: GRADE: A

Tommen is crowned king as Cersei and Margaery discuss Joffrey, and that Tommen deserved to be king more. It is agreed by her and daddy Tywin that she and Tommen are to marry in a fortnight, I know where they registered, but also Cersei’s wedding to Lord Tyrell and bring up how the gold mines of  the Westerlands have run dry. All the while Cersei tries to play them, and Oberyn, to her advantage in Tyrion’s child. Oh and the Lannister’s are in heavy debt with the Bank of Braavos.

Baelish and Sansa make it to the Vale of Arryn where they do meet Lady Lysa Arryn and breastfeeding son, Robin. They marry later that day at Lysa’s request, but later in the night, Lysa and Sansa have a talk. Lysa confesses she knows Baelish also loved her sister more but doesn’t care but then goes to thinking he has seduced Sansa, which she proves isn’t true.

Over in Meereen, Daenerys hears news of Joffrey’s death and decides to postpone her invasion of Westeros in order to bring order to Slaver’s Bay and pronounces herself Queen.

On the Kingsroad, the Hound catches Arya practicing her water dancing, and he angers her by saying how that fighting style, and by extension her teacher Syrio Forel, are worthless after she owns him in a demonstration. (DICK!)

Brienne and Podrick are also on the road, where Brienne finds out her new squire has no practical skills like riding and cooking. However, she is impressed with the fact that he killed a Kingsguard in order to protect Tyrion. NEW OTP!

We conclude Beyond the Wall where SHIT! GOT REAL! Jon and crew attack the mutineers in Craster’s Keep and when Locke attempts to kidnap Bran, Bran warges into Hodor and kills him. Jon kills head mutineer Karl. Once all are dead, Craster’s Keep is burnt down.


Game of Thrones: Season 4: Episode 6: The Laws of God and Men: GRADE: A

Stannis and Davos enter the Bank of Braavos where they are denied their request by Tycho Nestoris, namely for their lack of a large army and the food needed to sustain them. However, Davos winning him over with a passionate speech on Stannis’ merits as a man of action, leader, warrior, and how weak Tywin is at his age right now.

Daenerys meanwhile in Meereen is granting supplicants wishes and so on. Including giving a goat farmer triple his goats worth after her dragons destroy them.

Yara Greyjoy leads and attack on Ramsay Snow’s castle in an effort to capture and rescue Theon, but when he shows he’s totally broken and destroyed by Ramsay as his plaything, also when Ramsay himself corners them in the dungeon and battles them, she retreats saying Theon is dead.

King’s Landing is a buzz with Tyrion’s trail that day and behind the scenes on that, Jaime asks Tywin to spare Tyrion, offering to leave the Kingsguard and return to Casterly Rock, to be Tywin’s heir. He accepts and tells Jaime that Tyrion will be allowed to join the Night’s Watch after being found guilty of Joffrey’s murder, provided he pleads for mercy. Tywin also  puts a price on the Hound’s head and instructs Varys to continue spying on Daenerys.

The trail begins with judges, Twyin, Oberyn, and Lord Mace Tyrell. Several witness’ are brought up, likeMeryn Trant, Pycelle, Cersei, and Varys.

Shae is then brought in to testify and falsely testifies that Tyrion and Sansa planned Joffrey’s murder as vengeance for the Red Wedding and Ned Stark. she goes further with his sexual desires, embarrassing him in front of everyone.

Angry and upset, Tyrion straight up lays into everyone from Cersei, to Tywin, Shae, and even all of King’s Landing itself, saying he regrets that Stannis then get the job done. He confesses his innocence in Joffrey’s crime and demands a trail by combat so that the gods may decide his faith.



Over the last two weeks, we got two of the absolute best episodes of the season so far, more so over The Laws of God and Men.

This episode has the most brilliant monologue of Tryion’s done by Peter Dinklafe. Just look.

What you want me to say? What do you want me to add? Tyrion don’t give a FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! A lifetime of hate just came pouring out. This is the Emmy moment for Dinklage and he deserves it after that piece of fried gold. This was so full of passion, honesty, and just fan-fucking-tastic talent. Peter Dinklage has always been an outstanding actor, but Thrones has really brought him out to forefront in that regard. I was just blown away by what he had done in that scene. Tyrion was finally broken. He’s got nothing so if he doesn’t have anything, he’s gonna go out swinging. He will not take joining the Night’s Watch as his only out. He’s given everything for King’s Landing and what’s the thanks he gets?

Tyrion, when placed in a situation, will find a way out, provide the smarts needed, and give that clever charm of his, but he will spill blood if needed like now. He’s the smartest man in the room and he’s still gonna prove it.

Also, holy hell, Craster’s Keep. This elevated the episode up to me from how well it was handled with direction, flow, pacing, and fucking awesome moments like Hodor. It was great payoff to the great buildup from that section of story from this season.

Also is Theon’s attempted rescue. So well executed and just heartbreaking too with Yara proclaiming her brother dead. Both are exception action scenes. Also, I suddenly am truly sympathetic to Theon. Guy is in a deep shit situation. Alfie Allen’s acting in that scene is so damn wonderful to see him play that part of a tortured and broken man.


Daenerys’ part is slowing down due to her ruling in Meereen, but there’s still great acting. Emilia Clarke is simply amazing in the role and I’ll watch her do anything. Maybe anything. Get back to me on that in two weeks.

The show continues to up its own ante and we’re now halfway, this is the strongest season so far with very memorable moments cramped into so much story. I continue to be fully amazed by the quality of this fantastic show. Nothing ceases to amaze me about Game of Thrones.


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