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Tube Talk: Mad Men: The Runaways


Mad Men offers up its best story of the season yet here on Tube Talk.


Mad Men: Season 7: Episode 5: The Runaways” GRADE: A

Where do I even start? Lou’s cartoon? Sally’s broken nose and the dickery of Henry? Stephanie’s return? Don’s threeway? Lou Avery’s cartoon? Nipple? This episode had a lot going on and its well balanced and handled so let’s get right to it.

Stan goes to the Xerox machine and find some cartoons left there and they are written and drawn by Lou so of course Stan being Stan, shares it with almost everyone and they have a laugh. Lou’s not happy, when he overhears Lou snicker over it in the bathroom and being the reasonable boss he is, has the whole team work all night. That’s inconvenient as Don hears from his niece Stephanie, played by Caity Lotz of Arrow, and since its been a while since we seen her, she’s pregnant, and broke, he calls up Megan to host her for the night and that he will fly out in the morning. Well into the night, Lou does change his mind. Lou even has a secret meeting with Jim Cutler, which I think was about getting Don out and their meeting at the end of the episode.

I love Caity Lotz on Arrow so to see her back on here where I first saw her, excited. She and Megan seem to along well until she says thatr she knows a lot more of his secrets, she gets her right the fuck out with a $1,000 check. (Note: I totally know how to handle my job search problems now.) That was just random, but we do see Steph is all good in Oakland, hey before the Raiders sucked. Its good to see Don still have feelings there and that among all the shit he’s under, there’s still some good out of it all.


Speaking of Don being under something, yeah he got his way with Megan and actress gal pal Amy. This was certainly a twist as I’m sure Don off screen has had this before, but the way he expresses himself seems to show otherwise, but damn if this wasn’t a shock to see on screen. It was for sure one the sexier moments of Mad Men’s run and something no viewer will forget.

Much like how Michael Ginsberg cut his nipple off because he’s paranoid of the computer! Yeah Ginsberg is a very old school dude but man I wasn’t expecting his distain to have him end up in the looney bin via Peggy who is handed said severed right nipple. I wasn’t sure how to feel about that when I first watched it but when I re-watched it and well he’s always been a guy to make everything big, which I didn’t care for at first but I’ve come to like from Ben Feldman. He’s a very exceptional actor and seeing how Ginsberg think the computer made Lou and Cutler secret gay lovers seems about right and how he tries to reproduce the human race with Peggy. It was at first odd but again I thought onto Ginsberg and yeah I wasn’t that too taken off by it.

Sally’s back and makes Betty’s story worth caring! Alright I say this is the best episode so far but I do think the Betty part is a little weak but it still kinda works. Sally gets in a sword fight with golf clubs and breaks her nose but she comes home at a time where Betty and Henry are fighting like cats and dogs, especially after Betty voices her opinion on the Vietnam War during Henry’s political campaign dinner and this being the 1960s, Henry is upset his woman actually seems to have a mind for herself and tells her to limit her topics to bread crumbs in the toaster. What an asshole, that fight sends Bobby to ask Sally to take him away with her. That was some really nice emotional stuff there and I felt like that didn’t detract to much despite being a slight weak point in a very strong episode.

I love that this song plays at the end of the episode. Don Draper comes into Lou and Cutler’s meeting with Philip Morris executives. They of course are still upset with Don’s published anti-smoking letter but he’s quick to remind them all that he did to save his business and how he’s the only experienced cigarette man with knowledge on the competition. He gets himself on this. Lou and Cutler bitterly thank him and remind Don his time is limited. With all the guidelines Don is under, only he with that swagger if his and don’t give a fuck, could do something like this where anyone else would play along to stay employed. This marks the second week in a row which Don openly defies his handlers but I can see some reserve in his eyes that he’s gonna try to play ball while systematically fucking with them. The song fit perfectly and was just too good not to use for that.


Mad Men has two offerings left now and I’m too interested in seeing where it goes.


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