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Batman Eternal #6

Batwing and The Spectre. The buddy we never knew we wanted! This and more as the Batman weekly reaches magical number six!

SPOILERS! The one this review deserves and can’t avoid!

Batman Eternal #6
Written by Ray Fawkes; Drawn by Trevor McCarthy

So Batwing isn’t covered here because, well I am gonna be dialing back on a few book or already have, this is one of them. I’m reading the trades for Batwing and I find it a good series. The Spectre is a character I love. He’s interesting, creative, allows for great storytelling, and as always, amazing imagery via the art. Spectre shows up to tell Bruce he senses something at Arkham, which could have something to do with the opening appearance of Gentlemen Ghost fighting Batwing. Maybe the fact that also, Doctor Phosphorus is still below Arkham.

Well at Arkham, its our weekly what the fuck reveal, this time its The Joker’s Daughter, a character I never really been that big a fan of. I just don’t care for the character and here she appears to be amputating the arms of some of Arkham. Why? No goddamn clue.

Batwing and Spectre go to investigate Gotham as our comic ends with Phosphorus under Gotham in the sewage system being lead by someone and told its time to go. He sets off an explosion that sets off manhole covers over the city and leading to an explosion of an 18-wheeler.

That leads to the biggest compliment here, McCarthy’s art. I already talks about his work with the Batwoman Annual recently but he draws action and characters very well and helps tell a nice story. Ray Fawkes, he’s an okay writer. He was the fill in writer when Gail Simone was briefly fired from Batgirl then brought back on. He has a grapse of narrative, but writing wise, he’s okay. I like what he does with Spectre here as his scenes are a highlight night to how good Batwing looks via McCarthy. This is the weakest issue of the series yet and maybe it can pick up steam next week.



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