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Prattling Panels: 5/16/14

May is in full effect here people and isn’t it exciting?! Summer is here and people be graduating college so this one’s for you guys enter adulthood!

We have another pretty Marvel heavy week but hey DC published less of the titles I read and the same as far as my indie reads.

NOTE: I’m not reviewing Superman Doomed. Already have plenty of stuff to do and review, this will have to fall on the wayside.


All-New X-Men #27
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Drawn by Stuart Immonen

Well picking up where the last issue left off with the reveal of the Future Brotherhood, this turns exciting real quick. The Battle of the Atom was one the more better and exciting X-Men crossover events and this was a big element as to why. Charles Xavier III here gets the most fleshed out story, as he’s really the one in most need of it given the upcoming storyline Bendis has centered around Xavier upcoming in Uncanny X-Men. But back to this, his backstory is greatly developed and well told. But back in the present, they are launching a full on attack at the school and that stuff, while great too, lacks punch to the Xavier III backstory by comparison.

Thought some the younger members of the team are really cool here under pressure. Immonen’s art is something truly spectacular and always seems to be the best of this title. He and Bendis have a great chemistry together and it always so well on page. This has been the main X-Title for a reason and its great issues like this. 4.5/5

The New 52 Future’s End #2
Written and Drawn by Various

I really don’t like this issue. I think I kinda hate it actually. At Green Arrow’s funeral, Mister Terrific, who seems the be the book’s villain as he developed Brother Eye, isn’t there out of love for Oliver Queen, some shred of respect as a fellow hero. He’s watching the coverage of Seattle as it mourns its fallen hero and he exits his limo to help get coverage for himself and his company and says the sentence, “Watch me trend.”

Brash, rude characters can be entertaining, even when unlikable as long as the writing is there, but man fuck Mister Terrific here. That and the fight between Arsenal and Firestorm sum up a lot that’s wrong with DC Comics, today. Death and violence are just all over with lame ways to make them sound hip and modern. There are even Twitter hashtags used help give a sense of somber over Green Arrow’s death over social media which just reads out as ridiculous. Heroes fighting among each other is fine if done right, which it isn’t here. I didn’t get a sense of good and fun off of this book at all and that’s a huge factor as to why I’m not really recommending it.

I just don’t like this. Its showing some the bigger flaws of DC Comics at the moment, despite their stronger suits on the books. The moments of good writing that do shine through when good words are being said about how great a man and hero Oliver Queen was and that’s it. This series has not gotten off to a good start, at all. I fear it could get worse from here. 1.5/5

Deadpool #28
Written by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan; Drawn by Scott Koblish

Deadpool honeymoons in Toyko with Shiklah and its an outrageous adventure as Deadpool needs to meet a friend and hand something off but comes across thieving children, super-powered orphans, the Yakuza, and Sunfire! Its an issue that’s all over the place but still manages to feel entertaining. It is a direct follow up but we’re not given much into the Deadpool/Shiklah relationship. I feel like this was a fine standalone issue full of entertainment, but not much substance. The writing is still wonderful and Koblish’s art really works, especially in creature designs. The honeymoon is over kids, time for the real world. 4/5

Batgirl #31
Written by Gail Simone; Drawn by Fernando Pasarin

I loved Gail Simone’s Secret Six. I declare its one the best comic series ever actually. I mostly mean, the Gil Simone run as that’s the only one I have really read but still, I love it and found the group of villains so damn entertaining and very interesting. I really recommend it if like me, the current Suicide Squad book just doesn’t do it for you. But also its a damn great book.

Why bring up Secret Six? Well Rag Doll is in this issue, hired by Mr. Rain from the last annual as an assassin as Barb’s roommate Alysia and pals to destroying the place, having been coerced into someone working for Knightfall. Alysia calls Barb in panic after she was just told by Ricky, he’s gonna sue her dad for shooting him without cause. Batgirl and Rag Doll’s right is great, suspenseful, and tense. Very entertaining too given Rag Doll is a master contortionist. Simone’s gotten both Batgirl and Rag Doll so well from previous experience and writing their first encounter here in this continuity, its outstanding.

What’s even great is among all that, Alysia steals a kiss from a lady friend, making this maybe the first transgender kiss in comics given Alysia is transgender. Glad to see this isn’t that big of a damn deal here and no one likes to bring it up too much. That and Fox News is making this sound like the end of the world. Pasarin’s art really help sells the book and puts Rag Doll together so well and makes it a joy to look at. Simone’s Batgirl is still a golden nugget among the DC line and this issue is no different. 4.5/5

All-New Ghost Rider #3
Written Felipe Smith; Drawn by Tradd Moore

This series continues to prove itself worth of the Ghost Rider name and going against what we normally see here. We start off with a wonderful Jekyll and Hyde conversation between Robbie and Ghost Rider. The writing here is written nicely to show how and why Robbie was chosen to be the spirit of vengeance. Kindred spirits is a strong reason why. We also get development on both sides of the coin there, even with the villain storyline which is also mirroring Jekyll and Hyde, and me thinks that’s on purpose.

Also as usual, Tradd Moore’s is outstanding and fits something as batshit insane as Ghost Rider, especially towards the end which is spectacularly insane I had to reread it twice. Its just something so great about it and the highly stylized style is right away memorable. I can’t recommend this book enough. 4/5

Fantastic Four #4
Written by James Robinson; Drawn by Leonard Kirk

The one thing that makes this issue worth reading, is the FF. Future Fountain enters to help the Fantastic Four take on the Wrecking Crew, sorry, Frightful Four. Again, I’m all but ready to drop this title but I wanna see how this storyline goes, though I might regret that. FF as I’ve read on by Matt Fraction, was one the better books of Marvel Now. It was a fun, exciting, rousing sci-fi adventure book that helped set up that Fantastic Four will always live on. I just loved how well they came into this book and fit in. Its a great fight scene too, even with mopey, powerless Johnny Storm helping out. After the fight, boring, up until the cliffhanger ending that S.H.I.E.L.D. is taking the Fantastic Four to court over damages to the city. Goddamn it, I’m in. I wanna see how that goes because I find this too entertaining to pass up, but Robinson and Kirk, whose art is standout in this issue, are on thin ice with the first family of comics. 3/5

Justice League United #1 Written by Jeff Lemire; Drawn by Mick McKone

JLU is off to a good start with a focused team, solid sci-fi story, and good art. Now Stargirl is so the leader of this group. The cover even says this, and she’s a great leader. I love the character of Courtney Whitmore, especially when she was with the Justice Society and since JLA’s debut in New 52. She’s one the few characters of New 52 I can still enjoy. In this issue, her leadership is in full swing as they fight a giant alien, encounter Adam Strange, traverse through Canada, and deal with a bickering Green Arrow and Animal Man, which is still entertaining. Lemire is not bothering with usual team set up and exposition dumping that comes with it, but just putting us right into it and that book benefits from that greatly, letting the read right in on the adventures this book will go on! Team dynamic is great and I already buy these guys as a solid team and great addition to the Justice League family of teams.

Even the subplot that ties into the main one with (pretty) Lobo and Hawkman was good to read, not as much as the main one but solidly good. McKone’s art is okay. Its not exactly that great, its good, but I’d like to think of a different art style fitting this book. He’s a good artist, but I seen better by him. I think someone like a Paolo Rivera would be better for this book but hey, that’s the just me. 3.5/5

All-New Ultimates #2
Written by Michel Fiffe; Drawn by Amilcar Pinna

All-New Ultimates is a book that’s voice is there but its not loud enough to be heard yet. It doesn’t even really speak up until the end. I know that’s something I really shouldm’t say after only the second issue of a book, but that’s just how I feel. the first issue was good, this was eh. It picks up right away and lets us know what all is going down with everyone. I just found myself kinda checking my watch while reading this. ANU was a book I was highly looking forward to since its announcement and I feel like it might have been a little hyped up by myself to me. Writing is good with Jessica and Kitty Pryde and Pinna’s art is nice to look out. This was the most downturn between debut issues I seen in a while and I hope it changes soon. 2.5/5

Nightcrawler #2
Written by Chris Claremont; Drawn by Todd Nauck

Once again, this is the best Claremont has written in a long time. Then again, he created Nightcrawler so yeah of course he’s gonna write him well. I’m not ready to say this book was unnecessary until this first arc ends but I will say so far I’m impressed. Especially with Kurt and Amanda’s history together as we get flashbacks to their life in the circus together as they go to find their past family there as it ties into the events of the end of last issue with that fight and all. Nauck’s art elevates the book above the writing which is primarily great to Nightcrawler, half as good to Amanda. Maybe this book was unnecessary, but only time can tell. 3.5/53817520-03
Secret Avengers #3
Written by Ales Kot; Drawn by Michael Walsh

Secret Avengers proves itself to be fun! This superhero spy book has quickly become a favorite after three issues. The dynamic among the team is so great, even with a lack of M.O.D.O.K., the team feels like a team with Hawkeye now being official as Coulson, Black Widow, and Spider-Woman go out on a mission where we get a different side to Coulson here as he still deals with the events of the first two issues. Maria Hill proves herself as a more than capable leader to this team and it shows in Kot’s writing which is a great blend of exciting espionage with thrilling superhero adventures. Walsh’s art paints a lovely picture as most the book is in a jungle setting. Its really memorable stuff. Again, this book is fun. That’s what its setting itself out to be and I’m more than happy to have that among my pull list. 4/5

Hactivist #4
Written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing; Drawn by Marcus To

Here we are at the end of this mini series. Was it worth it? Yes. I believe this was a wonderful story that can work as a movie. I could totally see this being adapted as a film as I’m sure it felt like it was suppose to be give who its creator is. As a TV show, this wouldn’t work too much but movie? Yeah. This was an interesting story that had a hook in it from the beginning and I liked how it went. Started and ending strong. To’s art is better than ever here and the writing keeps up its themes of uprising and going against the system without ever compromising the audiences intelligence or holding their hand. The ending ends on a nice note and a wonderful twist. I highly recommend this book when collected in trade. 4/5

Captain Marvel #3
Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick; Drawn by David Lopez

Puzzle pieces are slowly coming together for Carol now as we’re brought back to the events of the first issue and see the seeds being planted for Carol’s soon enrollment into the Guardians of the Galaxy. Kelly Sue DeConnick to me is the Captain Marvel writer. She’s gotten the character down here and in the previous series. Its honestly just fantastic as she gets Carol always will do what’s right and truly cares for people. She’s just true good and tat’s just wonderful to see on the pages. Her interaction with Eleanides, Torfa’s presumed ruler, is great to read and some the best stuff of the book.

David Lopez’s art is simplistic yet engaging. Body language and expressions come through here greatly and it shows he has want it takes to be on the same high standards as some of the heavyweight names in the business. Carol Danvers is a great character, role model, hero, and person. She’s gonna save the world and be amazing at it! 5/5


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