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Tube Talk: Hannibal: Tome-Wan

Hannibal - Season 2

Hannibal’s penultimate goes all out as we get our appetizer for next week’s big feast here on Tube Talk.

This review is dripping with SPOILERS!

Hannibal: Season 2: Episode 12: Tome-Wan: GRADE: A

Penultimate(!) episodes are a wonderful thing. The last bit and chapter before the end comes fully into place. Hannibal’s penultimate(! seriously I love that goddamn word!) sets everything up, perfectly!

The interconnecting storylines of Will, Hannibal, and the Vergers all come together in what is seriously the bloodiest episode of the show yet. No, really. This is the most blood I seen in an episode. All that comes towards the second half when Hannibal is at the mercy of Mason and Will. Hannibal’s throat slitting, Matteo’s femoral artery bleed out, Carlo’s loss of legs via pigs, and Verger Meats new food, Mason Bites!

Yeah the whole episode really is build up to the big finale for next week but its great build up. Especially since Jack is showing his cards to Will by revealing they have Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier in their hands. So yay Gillian anderson is finally back! Yes we haven’t seen her in a while and I was wondering if her belief in Will’s innocence was ever gonna pay off, and it seems it will.

Her scene with Will in the interrogation room was excellently done as Bedelia reveals Hannibal did persuaded her to kill a patient, though it was self-defense, giving us the sense of how far into one’s mind Hannibal can go. He’s trying to make Will his apprentice, again I bring you back to the father/son relationship they have from last week. Also plays into Jack’s fear of Will not being able to pull off their plan, but Will is very certain they will be successful in bringing in the cannibal. Hell even Jack shows slight regret as he has come to know Hannibal as a friend, a man who saved his wife, and who feeds him great meals with chilled vodka. I love character drama like this. Its like a great meal that fills me up.

Hannibal - Season 2

So let’s get right to it, SHIT! GOES! DOWN!

Yes Mason and Will put their plan into place to feed Hannibal to the pigs. Hannibal is attacked in his office and shows off some agile skill of kung-fu on Carlo but straight up kills Matteo by stabbing his femoral artery. Now I’m not much a doctor but I do know once that’s stabbed or punctured, you’re fucked in all kinds of ways so he bleeds out.

The scene in the barn is full to the brim with tension and expertly put together with all actors one cue. Even the swerve that Will helps Hannibal is great even though you se it a mile away given what the finale has to build to next week, and oh the show is named after him. That leads us to our big showcase of the episode, but before that, we see Will wakes up to see Hannibal had taken them all out and fed Carlo to the pigs. RIP Carlo, I really hardly knew you.

Alright enough cock-teasing, Mason Verger truly becomes Mason. Hannibal drugs Mason the fuck up and wants him to demonstrate how his papa used his knife to inspect pigs, but on himself. Which leads to Will coming home and finding cuckoo Mason ripping his own face apart and feeding strips of it to his dogs. GOD! DAMN! Like goddamn Hannibal, I seen some fucked up things and I knew Mason’s disfigurement would be a showcase but fuck. We don’t see the full extent of the damage, but what we see of it from the shadows, is gruesome. Bryan Fuller has posted a photo on his Twitter of the full Mason so look at it here for your own benefit.

RIP Fabulous Mason Verger

Its really just fucking out there and again, how the fuck is this done on NBC? Man I’m just constantly amazed by this show, but that also leave dear Margot, who will no doubt now make Mason’s life a living hell caring for dear brother, in her hands. Margot appears briefly but it does have fallout from last week’s operation, how Mason wanted to leave a scar on her and make sure she has a constant reminder of it, that he owns her. Well not the case anymore. I truly have loved how much the Verger’s have played into the story of the series in such a short amount of time and how Michael Pitt’s Mason is such a memorable villain. Again he drinks the tears of orphans and that’s fucking great to me.

Hannibal - Season 2

Hannibal is still head and tails, the best show airing on TV at the moment. I found this episode to be an excellent example of whay it has that title. The character drama was on point, the cinematography darkly beautiful, music was hauntingly memorable, excellent direction, and incredible acting and writing.

The table is set for the last supper of the season. Hannibal is soon going to see it all crumble down and I for one have many expectations for this great show to pull of the finale.


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