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Batman Eternal #7

Everything goes to hell quickly and a few familiar faces pop back in Batman Eternal #7!

I am vengeance. I am the knight. I AM THE SPOILER!

Batman Eternal #7
Written by Tim Seeley; Drawn by Emanuel Simeoni

I love that cover. Penguin swimming away from his exploding Iceberg Casino as he keeps his cigarette among the water to drag a smoke. I find that so great. Which also ties into the huge sequence in which Roadrunner, a new villain in the Gotham Underground from Scott Snyder’s brilliant Detective Comics run. Its the highlight of the issue. While dealing with the involvement of Catwoman looking to tell him that innocents are getting caught in the middle of his and Falcone’s  ongoing war, his place is bombed and attacked, with assistance from Tiger Shark, yet another new villain from Snyder’s Detective run. Emanuel Simeoni’s art really shines there with all the action going on and what to fill up the panels with when it all goes down.

The exciting sequence is wonderful and filled to the brim with action. I honestly loved it.

Now to what else worked is how good a threat Professor Pyg is. Professor Pyg was created by Grant Morrison during his tenure on Batman and he’s been in the forefront of this series kicking off the event that sets everything up. Him and his Dollotrons have been creepy creations to the Bat mythos ever since then. Pyg truly is an unsettling person.

I present this as evidence.

Well the majority here he’s fighting Batman as his current residence is exploding as a set up by Falcone to distract Batman and all was set up by Roadrunner. He is kindly paid back with a bomb in his car dealership with all of Gotham City as his lab now he declares. He has Asshole Commissioner Forbes to thank for that as he released him to show the GCPD won’t be working with of accept help from capes.

Falcone has an upperhand now that Penguin’s lost his money, his business, and well weapons. This really ups the ante.

Tim Seeley does excellent writing here having everything going at a great brisk pace and never once feeling slow or too long. No major character reveal this time but is still great without that which is nice to have a break from every now and then.

This weekly series is quickly shaping up to one the best things out there on the shelves right now and it worth looking at.

RATING: 4.5/5


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