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Tube Talk: Hannibal: Mizumono

Hannibal - Season 2

Hannibal’s second season reaches its finale. Who lives? Who dies? Who cooked this delicious meal? Let’s read and find out as well as look at season two as a whole.


Hannibal: Season 2: Episode 13: Mizumono: GRADE A+

Hannibal’s season finale only further proves the statement I have been saying, this is the best show on TV and most likely will be the top of my list for best of TV in 2014.

This finale paid off everything that was build up, brought us full circle to the opening fight scene between Hannibal and Jack Crawford, and floored us with the reappearance of Abigail.

Will Graham has turned master manipulator. He’s a much different animal than from season one, and that’s to be expected in a show’s new season, progression of story and character arcs but Will has been the most developed. Everyone has had that treatment this season but none more so than Will as Hannibal has broken him and molded him into what Will has studied. They truly have developed a friendship, well as much as one could when you try to one up the other in trying to kill each other.

The opening is brilliantly executed with Will meeting both Hannibal and Jack lamenting that when the moment comes for each of them, if they can trust Will, which he affirms both of them.

Hannibal - Season 2

We get one last great bit with Freddie Lounds as she’s looking forward to this whole ordeal skyrocketing her career. Ah Freddie, never change. Though Will requests she leave Bloom’s name out of it, right about him and Hannibal. As much as Will Graham is pretty much pulling a Walter White right now in terms of are you on his side or not, he does still have compassion as shown here. Sure only towards a woman he harbors feelings for, who also warns Will not to get himself caught after accepting Hannibal is the Ripper, but still, its shows he hasn’t completely gone over to the Dark Side, where I hear they have cookies. Though this comes back to not be so good for Will as when helping Hannibal destroy patient records and plan on escaping without confessing, he smells Freddie on him, which leads Hannibal to imagine and red faces Freddie, one the many what the fuck moments of this episode, and he starts suspecting something.

Right now I’m gonna stop and highlight something that’s not so shocking in that Hannibal has nothing but great acting. Across the board everyone gives their all, even with characters I’m not that interested in like Randall, there was a good performance in there. Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are truly important to sell this show and this season only further shows their great chemistry together. This allowed more possibilities with them from being friends, to enemies, to reluctant partners, they play the full gambit given to them and its exciting to look at them work together. Mads with the twisted, sick, yet caring and helpful mind of Hannibal and Hugh with the broken man he became and truly being maneuvered into one the twisted men he studied for a living. It was great seeing them together and separate.

Their final meal together where Hannibal questions Will of his loyalty and asks if Jack offers forgiveness, will he take it? Jack is a man after  justice, not willing of forgiveness right now. Hannibal has truly had a God complex about himself and Will is his disciple, Judas Iscariot.

Speaking of Jack, he is confronted by Prunell (welcome back Cynthia Nixon) about his plan to entrap Hannibal and allowing Will to not only kill, yes in self-defense, but mutilate Randall Tier, you know for what is my least favorite episode of the whole season it sure is an damn important part of the story here, and not thinking straight due to his wife’s cancer, who also appears so yay for more Gina Torres.

Hannibal - Season 2

The stage has been set, meals prepped and ready, napkins in laps, glasses full, I now present, Hannibal’s last course.

Bloom warns Will the FBI’s coming to arrest him so he leaves just as we see Jack enter Hannibal’s house and we are finally full circle with the opening of the season in Hannibal and Jack’s fight, which is still impressive as all hell, and we get to Jack retreating to the wine cellar as Bloom shows up, ready to shoot Hannibal. Welp, turns out he took her bullets, but after she retreats upstairs and reloads, she turns and see’s Abigail Bloom (Kacey Rohl), alive and well and sorry as she pushes Alana out the window. (Also seems worth noting, we saw Will’s hallucination of daddy dearest, Garret Jacob Hobbs (once again played by Vladimir Jon Cubert.)

Will arrives and finds Abigail, this was handled very well with true genuine shock on both parts and a nicely played scene with the only words spoken are Abigail’s apologizing to Will, saying she didn’t know what else to do but listen to Hannibal. Speaking of the devil appears and can now truly bring his plan together by taking a linoleum knife and nearly gutting Will before slicing Abigail’s throat, a way to pay Will back for betraying his friendship and utmost trust by trying to imprison him.

Hannibal grabs his coat and walks off in the rainy night as Jack calls Bella gasping for air, Bloom bleeding in the rain, and Will embracing Abigail, holding out for hope as they both bleed out, and we fade to a clear blue sky. The end…ing doesn’t stop there as we see post credits, Hannibal is on a place with travel companion, Dr. Du Maurier.

David Slade came back to end the season on a high note and goddamn he did with again more brilliant cinematography by James Hawkinson and Karim Hussain, the camera tells an amazing story here that grabs you and never lets go from the beginning. Fuller is an expert in plotting and crafting and this season of TV clearly proves that more than anything. All the puzzles pieces put in front of us this season came together to show a very gruesome, dark, macabre, wonderful, beautiful puzzle that just blew me away one way or the other every week.

This finale encapsulates all what makes this an amazing product. This was something cooked very slowly and perfectly timed out for an amazing flavor with a spectacular after taste.

I already highlighted Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen but the whoel cast deserves a hand. Laurence Fishburne has greatly stepped up as Jack with a true since of demand and confidence in his job, despite how much he’s been played like a fiddle this season by supposed, Hannibal Lecter. Caroline Dhavernas again has not just been the object of affection on a show, she’s made Alana Bloom a fully realized character, again more so in this latter half of the second season with her involvement of Hannibal and trying to rebuild what’s left of a friendship with Will. She’s just been wonderful.

The medical team even was a nice bonus, more so Hettienne Park, but Scott Thompson and Aaron Abrams have been good this season. Of course I love the recurring players of Lara Jean Chorostecki, Gillian Anderson, Raúl Esparza, Anna Chlumsky, Eddie Izzard, Cynthia Nixon, Gina Torres, Katharine Isabelle, and Michael Pitt. This show seems to bring out the best in everyone’s performances.

The production crew deserves as much of the love too as week in, week out, they put together such amazing sets, cinematography, and some the most horrific images I ever seen on television.


Hannibal’s second season has improved upon everything that made the debut season an instant smash, the best debut show of 2013, and made what might just be 2014’s best TV show overall. NBC has taken a risk by betting on this show and it is paying off in spades with all the praise this show is getting and deserves. Hannibal is something not to be overlooked people and I eagerly await the arrival of season three in 2015. Thank you all for joining me these past 13 weeks covering this incredible show and I hope you come back next time for another dish of Hannibal.


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