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Batman Eternal #8

Things in Gotham continue escalating as Batman and the GCPD come head to head in Batman Eternal #8.


Batman Eternal #8
Written by John Layman; Drawn by Guillem March

Well we finally get back around to Stephanie Brown this issue, though briefly but it is significant as her parents start trying to take care of her threat to bring everything down and thus I find the first problem in having Stephanie back, her parents are BOTH evil!

What worked so well before was how much Steph’s mom and Steph got along, how they were both trying to go on and live life with a good for nothing husband/father who cared about no one but himself and wanted to be a criminal genius, which he most certainly is not, and at best, a b grade knock off of The Riddler. Steph for a while was a lost soul and her anchor was her mom, who often felt like that but was always the strong role model, along with Oracle, for her daughter to look up to, and now she’s a villain too? This is only the beginning of this yes, but its off on a wrong foot already with this revelation. I’m not happy about it, and hope the creative team can make this work or man I’m gonna be wishing Steph was left untouched, and I dont want that.

Steph narrowly escapes a drive by shooting attempt that leads to an innocent man being shot down, which we see when Lt. Bard goes and investigates a couple days after the crim. He gets ambushed and talks to Vicki Vale about the ongoing gang war in Gotham and why there’s little involvement of the GCPD?

Well Cocktool Commissioner Forbes is still hell bent on bringing down Batman so Falcone and fully run Gotham as Batman has been ruining operations around town and the writing of it and how it goes down is very entertaining given how familiar I am with the writing of John Layman and his damn good Detective Comics run and more importantly, Chew over at Image.

He really gets Batman honestly and knows how to make and have fun with it and all the situations Batman is put in, but he can also make exciting action sequences, such as when Batmab goes to see Forbes and the GCPD. Forbes is all ready to end it but Bard lets D-Team of SWAT fire off which is smoke bombs. Batman still has at least one ally left in the GCPD next to him and even Bullock, Sawyer, pretty much anyone but Forbes really.

Batman goes off to Hong Kong to find out more on Falcone as a mysterious woman notices the familiar Batman but isn’t too happy he’s there. Now this is the new character completely made for this series and that’s about all I know on that.

Guillem March has been a fantastic artist for DC and comics in general. Mostly for how he’s done Gotham City Sirens and Catwoman at the start of the New 52. He’s mostly done pin ups and cheesecake like style, and well it works for him, but the interior works of a book fits him too as he makes everything standout. He’s very detailed in how his art helps tell a story. His Batman looks incredibly badass and all his character details are very nicely done. I’d love to see him and Layman work a little more together on something, but here won’t be the case given this is the start of Layman’s last works with DC Comics. Shame as again, his Detective was damn good!

Everything that’s been set up is moving forward to fully forming a story and I’m all in for this!



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