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Tube Talk: Game of Thrones: Episodes 7 and 8

We been away for a bit, hope you all had some fun because Game of Thrones is back and holy shit we got lots to talk about!

These episodes will be judged in TRAIL BY SPOILERS!

This weeks episodes are “Mockingbird” and “The Mountain and the Viper”.



Game of Thrones: Season 4: Episode 7: Mockingbird: GRADE: A

In King’s Landing, everyone is still reeling from Tyrion’s epic speech and trail by combat request, especially Jaime as he ridicules Tyrion for not accepting to offer put in place by Tywin. Tyrion of course asks Jaime to be his champion in the trail but refuses due to his performance with one hand and Bronn can’t due to his impending marriage, but later gets Prince Oberyn instead, well as a means to get revenge for his sister and her children against his opponent, Ser Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane.

Not much with Jon in the North here, just celebrating the victory from last week, implores Ser Alliser Throne to block passage through the Wall to prevent Mance Rayder’s army to get through, but gets turned down (for what?! That’ll get like Vine and Twitter to come here right? Lil John references?).

Queen Selyse and Melisandre over at Dragonstone discuss plans to depart form there, Selyse doesn’t want her daughter to come with but Melisandre convinces her otherwise.

Brienne and Podrick continue on Kingsroad but stop at the same inn Hot Pie is serving and privately tells them about his journey with Arya after overhearing them in public. Hot Pie relays that she was taken by the Brotherhood, who planned to ransom her. But then Podrick remembers Sansa is the last remaining Stark with money since Walder Frey rules Riverrun. They head off to Vale.

Speaking of Arya, she and The Hound come across a wounded man who The Hound kills out of mercy but are suddenly attacked by a man known as Biter and Rorge. They both get killed after attacking them but Hound is badly bitten in the neck and Arya tries to cauterize the wound but stitches it instead due to Hound’s fear of fire since his face was pushing in one by his brother, Gregor.

Daenerys meanwhile deals with Daario in her quarters and well has some fun with him. Ser Jorah in the morning counsels her on trusting Daario, given how he betrayed and killed the other Captains of the Second Sons. Daario and his army are ordered to retake Yunkai and orders Jorah to tell Daario to take Hizdahr zo Loraq with him, to advise the masters of Yunkai in conforming to her rule.

Concluding in Vale, Robin laments on when he and Sansa are married he’ll kill anyone who bothers them with the Moon Door, but then Robin destroys a toer replica of Winterfell, Sansa snaps and slaps him. Later one with Lord Baelish, he reveals to Sansa his true motives by telling her that he greatly loved her mother, Catelyn, and the reason he had Joffrey killed was to avenge her. Petyr then kisses Sansa, but before she pulls away from him, Lysa sees them. Lysa summons Sansa later and tries to kill her by holding her near the Moon Door, but oh what timing, Baelish arrives, promising to send Sansa away if Lysa stops. When she does, Baelish declares his true love for Catelyn, and pushes Lysa out the Moon Door. 760004gotmp090313ep408-13271jpg-958ae3_960w

Game of Thrones: Season 4: Episode 8: The Mountain and the Viper: GRADE: A

Starting off the The Wall, Gilly is talking to one of the prostitutes at Mole’s Town, before Styr, Tormund Giantsbane, and their armies ttack the village. Ygritte discovers Gilly, but spares her when Ygritte notices the infant. News of the attack reaches the Wall, where Samwell laments his decision to leave Gilly there, and ponders whether she is still alive.

Ramsay Snow up in the North, rehearses his plan with Reek to masquerade as his former self, Theon Greyjoy who enters Moat Cailin with a white flag among his horse. Theon agrees to terms of surrender with Ralf Kenning, but Kenning declines before being killed by ne his own men who agrees to the terms. Ramsay repays them by flaying and slaughtering them. For retaking the Moat, Lord Roose Bolton legitimizes Ramsay as a true Bolton before departing for Winterfell.

Missandei catches Grey Worm watching her bathe. Lesser problem then when Daenerys discovers Ser Jorah has been spying on her as a royal pardon from Robert Baratheon. Jorah is order to leave and never return.

Baelish is having to keep up his story of Lysa’s suicide via Moon Door in Vale, but given its Baelish, his not trusted. Thus Sansa is brought on to be questioned and reveals her true identity and collaborates Baelish’s story. Baelish plans to have robin tour the Vale and Sansa joins along, given the new power she holds over Baelish.

And we finish off in King’s Landing with the battle everyone has been waiting for! THE MOUNTAIN VS THE VIPER! The battle begins and well goes on. I really can’t describe it but its fucking amazing, before Oberyn lands a mighty blow, demanding Gregor admit Tywin ordered him to to kill his sister and her children. Well Gregor does admit, after he knocked him to the ground and as his gouged out Oberyn’s eyes before crushing his skull. The Mountain then collapses to the ground, severely injured and suffering from his grave wounds. Tywin rises and sentences Tyrion to death for regicide.




Well that’s a lot to take in. I say we get to the big “WTF” moments first so we can let our minds rest. First up, Lord Baelish straight up being a hero saving Sansa, but in the most unexpected way by dissing Lysa, saying he only truly ever loved Catelyn and then tossing her right out the Moon Door. The scene itself was very tense and expertly paced. The acting was off the charts as this and the collaboration between Sansa and Baelish is kinda my favorite thing going on the show right now. Baelish has been a favorite of mine since season one and I love scheming characters like this that plays everyone at all angles. They just fascinate me, and also, the chemistry between Adian Gillen and Sophie Turner is dynamic.

Baelish will forever carry a torch for Catelyn but with Sophie, he sees something, and hopefully this doesn’t go down the route I think it might. Regardless, still one the best storylines going on TV right now. Also great to see it was him who killed Jefforey, but finally admit it and motivation is obvious but still strong for the character itself.

As for the rest of Mockingbird, its a definite highnote in an already great season with more greatness going on such as Arya and The Hound and the scene where Hound shows fear in his pyrophobia given Gregor was the one that caused his facial scaring with fire. The scene where his wound must be healed is something wonderfully done with the acting and giving us a new layer of depth to The Hound. Its honestly just as memorable as the Moon Door ending.

Daenerys even seeming unimpressed by Daario’s package was unintentionally hilarious, Tyrion and Jaime bickering and choosing Oberyn as his champion, Brienne and Podrick’s detour with Hot Pie, Jon’s victory, and Dragonstone, its a pretty damn wonderful episode. Then Memorial Day came which meant HBO took a week off until the showdown of all showdowns!


Was this worth the extra wait? FUCK! YES! The fight is expertly crafter, timed, choreographed, paced, edited, and done thanks to episode director Alex Graves, actors Pedro Pascal and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, and obviously stunt doubles and make up team cause goddamn when that kill happened, I was winching. In a show where a dude gets set afire by a dragon, gets molting hot gold poured on his he, is decapitated, gets his throat slit and then a wolf’s head shown to it, this might be the most brutal kill yet. The pain coming from Oberyn as his eyes and skull became crumbled up paper was brutally graphic, and immensely well done.

The emotion of the fight is charged up to 110% and never lets up. Again the fight is so well handled but I think this spoke for all of us, not just Tyrion at the end of it.


Crowd reactions where great too from Tywin, Jaime, and the smug smirk on Cersei’s face when Oberyn’s head was caved in. She dies soon right? I love Lena Headely in the role but fuck that character is truly an awful person. The kind you just want to hate.

Well like Mockingbird, that wasn’t the only highlight, that came from Daenerys discovering Ser Jorah, or as the internet says, Captain Friendzone, is spying on her as a royal pardon from Robert Baratheon. Again with this season and emotionally gripping scenes people pushing those they love away, though this time it is for betrayal and less protecting both parties. The two have come to be friends, confidants, family. The acting here is what really makes it so, the look on Emilia Clarke and Iain Glen’s faces really help sell it. Its heartbreaking as fuck.


The stuff with Ramsay, Gilly, already covered Sophie and Baelish, all help add to another great episode of a strong season of television for Game of Thrones. Shit has gone down in every episode this season but next week is the penultimate where shit goes insane and then the finale. I look forward to them with excited anticipation.


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