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Batman Eternal #9

Old wounds are opened, old friends return, and Batman takes a small trip out of Gotham as the weekly series reaches the end of its single digit numbering life in Batman Eternal #9.

We’re serving new batch of Japanese dish known as SPOILER Egg Roll!

Batman Eternal #9
Written by John Layman; Drawn by Guillem March

Jiro Osamu was the first recruit of Batman Incorporated. He is the Batman of Japan and one the highlights of both runs of Batman Incorporated. He’s a really good character and a damn fine hero. He is the Batman that Japan deserves. Yeah that line’s never gonna stop getting reworked is it? Six years going strong!

Anyway Batman is enlisting Jiro’s help, as well as Canary and well Jiro’s Alfred, while in Hong Kong after Shen Fang and how he won his war over Carmine Falcone, which he reveals he really didn’t win, he just gave Falcone a 60% cut of his profits so he could get back to Gotham for an “opprotunity”. Bit of a dead end but hey Batman just embarrassed Hong Kong’s biggest crime boss in front of his on men. Small victoires!

Well speaking of Falcone he’s got a problem that Douchenozzle Commissioner Forbes isn’t taking care of masked freaks in Gotham, especially Batman and Catwoman. He’s still a little upset over the little facial work she gave him back in Batman: Year One as she has routinely fucked up his operations as well and hurting his guys. So when she tries to rob him, he’s already there with his men to give her a few scars that she won’t have to live with for long.

As for the mystery woman, she’s stabbed when she and Batman tangled with Shen Fang and brought back for an extended stay at Wayne Manor. Our new resident? Special Reconnaissance Regiment member Julia Pennyworth, Alfred’s daughter.

I love this reveal. I honestly wasn’t expecting it because, I forgot the character was being introduced until last week. John Layman’s writing is again strong here as his trademark style is all over and once again, Guillem March one the best artists out there. Any chance to see him draw Catwoman again and badass looking cabs like the one Roadrunner, who seems to have survived that explosion, drives at the beginning of the issue.

Thinks are truly starting to pick up for the story. Pacing is going by fast and furious and man its not at all hurting the storytelling or art. Everything looks well done, nice, polished, and wonderful. This is one the best Batman projects in a while and I’m excited for what’s next.



One response to “Batman Eternal #9

  1. GSP

    I like it that Snyder isn’t “writing for the trade paperback” with this series.

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