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Prattling Panels: 6/6/14

Ah man Taystee and Red be the shit! I was shocked when Alex…Oh um this is awkward.

Well Orange is the New Black has returned so here’s some comics reviews for you including the return of a much beloved book here. Now excuse me, I need to see what the fuck is up Morello.

Amazing X-Men Annual #1
Written and Drawn by Various

The first Annual for Amazing X-Men is a mixture of things, mostly a story centered around Storm and something from her past haunting her that’s pretty damn interesting and the other is a history of Starfire. Both seem to add something for each character, but Storm’s section is more meaning since Starfire’s is just her origin, and doesn’t have any much narrative to it outside of that. Its nicely done, but still lacks to the Storm story which was more engaging, let us in on her past, and had some really impressive art by Salvador Larroca. Loved it. This really isn’t something I’d rush out for wait until its in an Amazing X-Men trade collection. 2.5/5

Swamp Thing #32
Written by Charles Soule; Drawn by Jesus Saiz

Crossover! So the crossover lives up to the expectations it with Aquaman and Swamp Thing going up against a giant sentient algae monster, which is as awesome as it sounds. Though this is a crossover, it feels like you don’t need the backstory and just really jump in here and enjoy. Soule’s writing is great on here as he’s kept a damn good consistent pace with the book since taking over for Scott Snyder. I guess he’s awesome at writing green skinned comic book heroes. The destruction of the Parliament of Trees is mentioned and seems to be heading into the next storyline, nut its handled well for those just reading the issue that haven’t read Swamp Thing before.

Jesus Saiz’s art is damn good and really fits here. He’s got something of nice Bruce Timm/Darwyn Cooke thing going on with the people and sometimes just goes insane with the weird stuff and its delightful to see. Its a really nice book to look at. Again like many of the book this week, the writing and the art are complementing each other. Soule is doing wonderful things with Swamp Thing and I’m excited to see where it goes. 4/5

Rai #2
Written by Matt Kindt; Drawn by Clayton Crain

Rai #2 is a very good issue that works on the premise set up and well honestly more of Clayton Crain’s cinematic style art. It is breathtakingly done an moves swiftly as a camera. Its just so goddamn great to see, which helps make up for a tiny step down in the writing, which dips a bit too much into monologue territory and we get a little bit more exposition, but its the beginning of a new series, so some of that is a bit expected but it is solid overall. Rai is more fleshed out, Lula Lee is explored more, and even they get great dialogue together. the world building is very good and the investigation into the murder is the more compelling stuff. Rai is pretty good, but I need a few more issue to get a good sense of where it can go. 3.5/5

Green Arrow #32
Written by Jeff Lemire; Drawn by Andrea Sorrentino

Its the start of a new arc on the spectacular run of Green Arrow by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino, which DC has touted as a new jumping on point, which actually you can, despite the references to the recent storyline and the reveal at the end, can work for someone just picking this up. As Stan Lee said, every comic is someone’s first, and this ain’t a bad one to start with.

We’re thrusted right into it and everyone gets caught up fast. This is a very fast paced rocking adventure, which is kinda a change of pace with the slower, more taking its time approach Lemire usually takes. The main story gets going and paints a picture of something big to come from a backstory for Richard Dragon, which has a great twist at the end of it, and Green Arrow’s battle with D-list villains, write anything with characters like that and you got my heart.

Sorrentino takes his style to a new level with the usual art we seen from him helping move things quickly and where we understand all that is going on but with flashback sequences that show a difference in his style that works so well and have a nice retro 70s feel to them. Its awesome! This is the start of something new, and a great continuation of one of DC’s noteworthy books. 4.5/5

Loki: Agent of Asgard #5
Written by Al Ewing; Drawn by Lee Garbett

What we have here is a magical heist. I’m a heist film fan, Thor and Loki reader, this made me so, so happy. This truly does feel like a heist film all over, setting, plan, roles, the play, its all great and Ewing obviously has watched a lot of him and we need to have a movie night very soon. He plots everything so well and the twist as to what the crew is after is a nice reveal and will certainly lead into the Original Sin event currently ongoing.

Garbett’s art here is on point as usual with drawing very nice action, out there moments that could only come from a book like this, and some really weird imagery. This book has quickly become a must read and something of a sleeper hit for Marvel. Read this book, its worth the price of admission. 4/5

Amazing X-Men #8
Written by Craig Kyle and Chris Yost; Drawn by Ed McGuinness

Craig Kyle and Chris Yost take over the book from previous writer Jason Aaron but keep on Ed McGinness as Wolverine heads up to Canada when old pal Guardian goes missing in Canada at the behest if Vindicator, yes these are true X-Men characters. Of course as you can tell by the cover, wendigos are involved for the next of this five part arc and its an odd one but its also a pretty entertaining one given a hilarious start with Colossus greeting Nightcrawler and how almost everyone on the X-Men seems to die and resurrect, sometimes even twice. It honestly made me laugh way harder than I should given well yeah, past experience with the X-Books, or just comics in general. McGuinness’ art is in fine form here and I’ve always loved his style. Its fun to look at and gives off an exciting vibe from a book which I certainly got here, even though this start was a bit slower than I would have liked. 3.5/5

The Woods #2
Written by James Tynion IV; Drawn by Michael Dialynas

Well we get a lot more bang for our buck here with Tynion much more so proving his own worth as a writer on his own work. We really get a deeper look into the characters and the school administration here and how inept sadly some public school administrations. Tynion has a real sense of characters, the characterization in getting the know the characters more is very realized and banter from the kids out in the space wild, which is greatly expanded upon with creatures of the sort that look pretty damn great from the pencils of Michael Dialynas. He’s got a nice style here going for himself that’s really working for this book. A good mix of uncertain horror and character comedy here make this a fantastic read among any book on the shelf right now at your LCS. I think this has something really good going for it. Check this book out! 4.5/5

Cyclops #2
Written by Greg Rucka; Drawn by Russell Dauterman

Cyclops’ strong debut issue is followed up with an equally as strong as Cyclops and Corsair continue their attempt to bond as long lost father and son. Rucka has a real good sense of both characters, but honestly, Corsair was much more interesting here. I think there was a plan to make a Corsair book, but because it wouldn’t sell that high, just disguise it as Cyclops book. I dunno either way, seeing the faults in Corsair this issue was great and helps give us a bigger look into him, keeping up appearances so Scott can see the hero is dad is with rose tinted classes, figurative and literally. But Cyclops does get plenty to do in this issue and its worth it since man its been a while since I been this invested in the character. Dauterman’s art is still wonderful with his out there space designs that make me do some double takes looking at it. This and Silver Surfer are some the best books set out in space. Its some really great stuff art wise. Here’s hoping this book keeps up momentum. 4/5

Angel and Faith: Season 10 #3
Written by Victor Gischler; Drawn by Will Conrad

Angel takes on the Glass Blower, an enormous self-aggrandizing beach ball. I love lines like that and I can totally see David Boreanaz saying where Glass Blower on the Angel show. This season is getting to where it needs to go, this has been a fun first arc so far and a nice pick up from the ending events of last issue. The story is very focused and centered where it needs to be, though Buffy is the better book for far of the two. Again, what I loved so much of the last volume, the chemistry, and while I know it’d be a while before we get that, its a central part of the book. Conrad’s art still pops out as something wonderful and the ending leaves it up for a wonderful follow up, just needs more Angel AND Faith. 3.5/5

Moon Knight #4
Written by Warren Ellis; Drawn by Declan Shalvey

Warren Ellis has mixed gritty street drama and really weird, psychedelic, out there adventures as well and that is shown more in the latest two issues of the limited six issue run. The issue deals with a suspicious sleep study going on and man it lets artist Declan Shalvey to go nuts as Moon Knight discovers its an unspeakable horror that attacks victims as they sleep and its some very wonderful stuff. I love how well paced, timed, and drawn this art is done, and the colors are incredible by Jordie Bellaire who really helps brings this book to life! Its just goddamn great and I find this to be a standout among Marvel right now. Shame its only lasting six issues, but hey, its still there to be enjoyed. Also trade paperback. 5/5

Black Widow #7
Written by Nathan Edmondson; Drawn by Phil Noto

Lot of Marvel mainstays recently have been heading out west to San Francisco, I think its because of a certain lawyer has set up shop out there. Yeah, Daredevil has gotten into a few more crossovers since heading to The City By the Bay, but hey I’m not complaining cause more Daredevil is always welcomed. Which speaking of, the past romantic relationship is explored between the two and even Natasha’s previous times in San Francisco which Edmondson, truly handles well cause he’s just such a great grasp on why Natasha is Natasha and even have an interesting look into Isaiah and his personal life. Edmondson is a true writer’s writer here and I for one think this is some his absolute best work.

Of course it goes without saying that Phil Noto’s art here is utterly fantastic and he really does draw a beautiful book and his Daredevil and way of drawing San Francisco is wonderful! 4.5/5

The Punisher #6
Written by Nathan Edmondson; Drawn by Mitch Gerads

Frank Castle isn’t exactly having a really good night. Still with the blackout going on and the well possible existence of L.A. in the balance, now’s just the time for things to get complicated. Domino shows up, Howling Commandos breathing down Frank’s back, Electro just keeps fucking shit up, and yeah again, NERVE GAS! This is a highpoint in Edmondson’s so far as we get a much different ending than we been getting lately and well there is some resolution to the Dos Soles part of the story, abrupt as it feels though, but A.I.M. will still be a huge threat. Gerad’s art is as good as ever here with the gritty hardness feel of it. This book is damn serious with its business and its some of the best stuff Frank’s been in for a while! 4/5

Nailbiter #2
Written by Joshua Williamson; Drawn by Mike Henderson

Issue two of the new Image title really gets down to things and never stops. I like how deep Williamson gets into the characters, including an interesting connection between the Nailbiter, Edward Charles Warren, and Sheriff Crane is very intriguing and promises a lot of development down the road, but the pick up from the ending of the debut and the dialogue that comes from it is crackling and very finely done. Williamson clearly has wanted to do something with this for a long time, well duh given he’s at a creator owned based comic book company, but has put a lot of heart and care into this.

Henderson’s art is very good here and is just as creepily done here as it was in the previous debut issue. He does fire really well in the set piece for the issue. His art has a very cinematic feel to it. His staging of that and the murder at the end of the issue is that of a slasher flick and and really well shot were it a film or yeah, an episode of Hannibal. There is something really wonderful here and I’m loving it. Its a bloody fun time, and not for the faint of heart. 5/5

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #2
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Drawn by David Marquez

So Peter Parker might be alive, he might be a clone. You think we were really gonna get straightforward answers right off the bat with this? With Bendis’ hand pinning it? Well we get immediate follow up on the big reveal from issue one as well as a brief visit to what the hell newly escaped Norman Osborn is up to. But back to Peter and Miles, this was the highlight of the book as their chemistry is so spot on and there, well if it still is Peter. Is it? We ain’t gonna know for a while. I loved the dialogue bouncing off them both, it was just goddamn great. Oh yeah advancement with the Spider-Twins, which is Peter is a clone, he’s so one of them. Next issue promises and heart-stopper with Miles revealing his secret to Katie and if Marquez’s art is as point on here with character expressions and plot beats, this is gonna be great, Marquez and Bendis have a great chemistry together that helps the book standout. Please let Peter be a clone. 4/5

Magneto #5
Written by Cullen Bunn; Drawn by Gabriel Hernandez Walta

First off apologies to Javier Fernandez for not properly crediting him with the art of the last issue of the book, it was a mix up on my part, and I was honestly a little exhausted at the time of writing that time. My bad, do better next time. It has been fixed here.

But speaking of art, Walta is indeed back and man his muted pallet and dark tones are seriously making this book amazing as well as Bunn’s deep, methodical way of getting into Magento’s mind as he meets up with a new associate let’s say in Briar Raleigh, a new character that seems very interested in following Magneto’s crusade for very personal reasons.

Again as I stated before, this is a totally different Magneto and that is what honestly makes this the best X-Men book out there to me next to All-New. Again, this is just as if not, more violent than Punisher. I’m loving Bunn’s exploration of the character and how he really let’s the art truly help with the tone of writing he’s doing. This book is perfectly synched up and I’m loving the results of it! 5/5

The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #12
Written by Nick Spencer; Drawn by Steve Lieber


Spencer and Lieber make their return to the book for the first time since issue #9 and well the book itself took a hiatus after the book went on a short hiatus that felt like eternity but hey I’m happy as a dog chasing cars this is back!

The funniest book out there comes back full force with a pick up of the event of #9, even some nice meta humor about its delay in the opening narration, the story picks up and feels like it never missed a beat. Every character stands out and gets one great moment on panel and at least one truly laugh out loud moment. Spencer truly loves this lovable losers and makes such great work with them.

Lieber’s art is something I also missed a lot with his very simple yet effective style and the whacky daydreams some the characters have and his heist layouts as they perfectly seem in Boomerang’s head.

The book is great, but I have heard its love has made it slightly overrated to some, I’m guilty of this but when a book this goddamn good comes along, you have to seize it! This is a comic book fan’s comic. The writing and art hit on spot, the character work is treated with true love, the got memorable moments, its hilarious, and most of all, its goddamn fun! This is still the most fun I’ve had reading a comic book in a long time and I hope more people can pick this up or the first trade which is out. I’d like to see this series not end too soon. 5/5


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