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Prattling Panels: 6/13/14

Happy Friday the 13th!

A new week and a surprisingly light batch of books this week including the beginning of a new arc for Coffin Hill so let’s get right into it!

Sadly I was unable to get my hands on She-Hulk #5 and All-New Ultimates #3. Those will be reviewed when I can get them.

All-New X-Men #28
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Drawn by Stauart Immonen

Charles Xavier III and the future Brotherhood of Mutants again are in the spotlight for the new All-New X-Men issue. They are still very much taking over the school and it gives us a look into their past, as well as the X-Men’s future by doing so as Xavier takes over Jean Grey’s mind, which the further development of young Jean Grey is the most I’ve been interested in her besides when she is the Dark Phoenix. Speaking of being better than usual, this I think is a more interesting look into the future Brotherhood than was done in Battle of the Atom, which I enjoyed myself personally, as while we do see more about the past of Xavier III, we get more into the past of evolved Beast and the formation of the future Brotherhood.

Bendis truly has a lot to love about this idea and he’s treating it right and having Stuart Immonen on the art with him helps out as well given he’s still the best artist I think this series has had given how he makes characters truly standout and can put together a nice action sequence very well. I think its one the best X-titles that’s been around for a while. This book never stops to be boring, its just boom, boom, boom and I love it. 4.5/5

Justice League United #2
Written by Jeff Lemire; Drawn by Mick McKone

Well Justice League United is going okay but it feels like this story is drawn out. Having a #0 did not help. They should have straight out start with #1 cause that #0 was basically the debut issue. #2 is just drawing things out and I feel the book would be better paced had this be #3 as its the third part of an arc. Things like that can have an effect on the reader and factors as to how much longer they will be reading this book.

Jeff Lemire’s writing is still top notch here as his team dynamic is good and especially in having Stargirl as the leader and the bickering between Green Arrow and Animal Man which is funny. The Adam Strange bits are good, the story is just meh. It lost my interest quickly in how engaging it started out as. McKone’s art is servicable here, he does good with the faces and action. The ending does make me curious to continue. I think my continuation of this book will depend on the execution here of the first arc which started strong but has kinda petered out to me already. 2.5/5

Secret Avengers #4
Written by Ales Kot; Drawn by Michael Walsh

Another fine one-shot adventure of the Secret Avengers continues to make this book a fun read month in, month out. Dealing with the Fury again, Hawkeye and Nick Fury go into a place that technically doesn’t exist anymore as M.O.D.O.K. and Maria Hill continue to have an amazing back-and-fourth together that’s making them one the best odd couples ever in anything. Ales Kot has a real sense of fun here while sticking to traditional espionage as well to keep things interesting and the story engaging. Michael Walsh’s art makes things feel really energetic and full of excitement. They go together well and the balancing of the stories going on helps out too and makes this to me the best Avengers book out there! 4/5

Nightcrawler #3
Written by Chris Claremont; Drawn by Todd Nauck

Nightcrawler and Amanda must again deal with Trimega and even get a visit fro old mother figure, Margail Szardos who plays heavy into the issue and Nightcrawler has a moment here that makes it the standout moment of the issue when he’s back in “heaven” (The Danger Room” and has a great heart to heart about his actions and its consequences to old pal Logan. Claremont really shines here by really getting into the mindset of someone who just had all his beliefs, his life reaffirmed for him, and to just go away from that to where he was before has had a deep effect on someone and he gets right to it. The rest is standard superhero fare with some nice fights, humor among the team, and reveals towards the end. Nauck’s art is still really good here and fits in nicely. This series has continued to please since I thought I wouldn’t care too much as, yeah there are too many damn X-books out there, but the ones that are enjoyable and worth it, are just that, enjoyable. 4/5

Coffin Hill #8
Written by Caitlin Kittredge; Drawn by Inaki Miranda

Coffin Hill is back and man I love this. I think this is one the most entertaining and most visually engaging horror stories in sometime. Vertigo has really hit something here on the mark as we get the beginning of a new arc with looks back into Eve’s time as a cop tracking down the Ice Fisher. Its a great thing too, as we briefly got a glimpse into that when we began but I didn’t mind as it lead to the bigger story that came but now I think its godd we get more exploration into that having already dived into a lot of her personal life with her family and such from the first arc, which is now out in trade paperback collection, so go pick it up.

Kittredge has made a world come to live in such short time that I truly do think this can be a great read not just for Halloween time but year round. I think that does have a true love of horror, covens, and supernatural. Eve is no doubt her best creation here as she’s a wonderful character and looking a little more into her past is great and yes there is some follow up on the events of the first arc here at the end that makes me curious as to the stuff going on in the present. Inaki Miranda’s art is bac in top form here having taken an issue off with the one-shot but it still goes well with Kittredge’s writing. Coffin Hill is a scary delight. 4.5/5

Deadpool #30
Written by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn; Drawn by Josh Lucas

Well Deadpool and past Dazzler in current time is as entertaining as it sounds. Turns out Deadpool’s plan works as Dazzler is frying up some vampires here and the art of it done by Josh Lucas. Its exciting to see not just that but the chemistry between Deadpool and Dazzler as written by Duggan and Posehn. Its just so funny and amusing that it entertains me to no end. Even better when Deadpool gets in the 70s mood and dresses up and has a “special time-travel hat” for Dazzler when she sees somethings out of place. As with the Original Sins part, its blended in well. There are goofy, fun Deadpool stories and also some legit serious ones and the from what it seems for all the fun Dazzler stuff you get, Agent Preston’s hunt for Deadpool’s family that leads to the issue’s end was very intriguing. This is what works about Deadpool at the moment is the sense of how fun it is and how to throw readers off in a fun way. Pick this one up. 4/5

Batgirl #32
Written by Gail Simone; Drawn by Fernando Pasarin

Man Ricky is having a shit time. First being under Knightfall’s thumb, being shot by Barb’s dad, and well what happens towards the end of the issue sucks too, but I won’t reveal that. A new arc is beginning here and its a decent enough jumping on point, but I’d recommend reading this whole series as I think its one the brightest books at DC under the direction of the one and only, Gail Simone. Her understanding of Barb is so wonderful and its at some points a funny enjoyable book, but here the main focus is on Batgirl trying to bring down Knightfall once and for all while dealing with the mess that is her personal live.

Fernando’s art here is still excellent in action sequences but the faces and looks to people sometimes isn’t that striking but when he gets that dead on, its wonderful, but his action is where his major strengths lie in how well constructed they are and how he can help convey emotion in Simone’s powerful script that’s off to a good start here. 4/5

Captain Marvel #4
Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick; Drawn by David Lopez

Ah Captain Marvel continues to really dazzle me as one the best books in sometime. Both runs of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s have done excellent work in progressing the character of Carol Danvers into a true hero that anyone can look up to. At cons there are groups of people, the Carol Corps, and yeah consider me a member of that group. Why the Carol Corps? Why not? She’s gone over so much change and been such a big part of the Marvel Universe that she has touched a lot of people’s hearts, even the new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan. This stands up there as one of Marvel’s best and most consistent books.

Now that I’m done gushing all over the character again, this issue sees Carol herself trying to assisting aid in Torfa’s issues, not being a hinderance. Her part in taking part the city hall open discussion opening is great stuff but two things are blended in here. First Carol’s upcoming joining the Guardians as we see J’son, Star-Lord’s dad and leader of the Spartax, is apparently playing a hand into what’s going on here as Carol and her crew from the beginning of the series, who she finally meets here, have a run in with the Spartax army.

The meeting of Carol’s crew is great, especially Jackie who I instantly love, and David Lopez’s art again works well here with the nice, unique designs, and the ability to go through heroic and comedic sides of Carol which has made this art, to me personally, better than the last run, which had very good art. But Lopez is just doing something so right here than I think is just a joy to look at. I love Carol Danvers, she’s a true hero. 4.5/5

Detective Comics #32
Written and Drawn by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato

Man Detective has been on a roll lately and its new creative team has a huge hand as to why its going so well. I think this is one the best Detective runs so far and its only their third issue. The story being weaved together with incredible art is truly just wonderful as this is true detective Batman. Hopefully the next arc is True Detective: Gothm.

The story has had a main focus on Batman but also Harvey Bullock who gets development here as we see he loves himself some cats and well his history with the Icarus drug. The determination by Batman and Bullock make for this great detective story going on as they both share the same goal, but there’s Bruce and Bullock butting heads of Bullock being so damn sure that Bruce Wayne is involved in the crime here. Both have such stake in the death that they are going to their limits and beyond them. This is just such a great story, just pure detective work, no big powers, big villains, just Batman being Batman and Bullock being Bullock.

The issue is raising more questions than it is answers right now, but its a mystery, any good long arcing mystery does that and reveals when it needs to. Such as this with continuing on from the last issue.

Francis Manapul again is amazing here on art. I was worried him and Buccellato wouldn’t translate so well from doing Flash to Batman but they are fit as a glove for this. This book is becoming just as, if not more engaging and readable than Batman or the other Bat-Books. I’m finding myself anxiously awaiting the next issue with anticipation and I wanna know more! I hope they have a long and good run on this book. 5/5


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