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Batman Eternal #10

Pasts are brought up, discovered, and well a lot of shit goes down in the 10th issue of Batman Eternal!

Apologies for the lateness of this post, my internet was down for a great chunk of time on Wednesday and it came up later that day but other things got in the way of me writing it at this time. So please enjoy.


Batman Eternal #10
Written by John Layman; Drawn by Riccardo Burchielli

Carmine Falcone is given a bit of a spotlight here to show what went down between him and Catwoman five years ago as it seems to make a slight adjustment of what happened in Year One to make it fit within the timeline of New 52. Falcone is seeing himself as a protector now of animals in Gotham, which is great timing as Professor Pyg and his crew barge right on in for revenge on Falcone for what he did to Pyg’s lab and this sets up the most major part of the story which is handled very well, again thanks to the strong writing on Layman’s part.

Professor Pyg is still to me one the weird and exciting villains to join Batman’s Rogues Gallery in sometime. He could be just another deranged guy but honestly he’s exciting to read about, even when he plans to turn Carmine into a falcon and Catwoman into a literal cat.

Batman does get involved after dealing with the family drama of Alfred and daughter Julia. I’ll get back to that. Bruce sees the hostage situation on the television and goes to break things up, save the day, all that jazz. Batman and Catwoman do manage to get away and while she does know that she’s capable of Falcone’s capabilities, Falcone let slip to her that it seems he’s working under someone bigger, meaning there is a bigger threat behind him, just as a mysterious figure is watching them from the shadows.

Now this image came out back in November. Let’s take a look at it shall we? Like a real good look at it.


We might as well called this not Batsgiving, but Foreshadowing.

Jim Gordon is in cuffs, thus that ties into what happened in the first issue of Eternal. The man looking right at Catwoman is now Carmine cause I couldn’t tell with he scars not being as visible with Tiger shark and Roadrunner next to him. We of course see Stephanie right there next to Harper, obvousily blonde Dick Grayson, and Professor Pyg with Penguin.

But do you notice between the bowl sitting Batman and Titus? Look closely. Ever since the issue came out there’s rumor that that man shown in the shadows of the last panel is indeed, Hush. What’s got to do with the bowl? The bowl is full of unwrapped bandages, which Hush usually wears to cover his face. This theory might have something do it and would make sense as Hush AKA Thomas Elliot hates the ever loving fuck out of Bruce Wayne. Honestly I think it would be great, as long as New 52 Hush is well handled well is all.

Even the owl is connected meaning Thomas could be in connection with the Court of Owls from the beginning of Snyder’s run on Batman. That I’m not sure of, but the man pulling the strings is Hush? Yeah I’m all but certain on that end.

Well as for the rest the issue its good, but hey look who comes in Jason Todd AKA Red Hood AKA Douchecanoe. Yeah I’m not a fan of Jason Todd, he’s better as a straight villain than anti-hero, I find him uninteresting outside of the first Batman and Robin arc, pre-52 and Under the Hood and its movie, and I still think Red Hood and the Outlaws needs to be cancelled, NOW! Anyway he’s told by Batman to go follow Batgirl in South America so her anger doesn’t get the best of her.

We are however redeemed by a much better former Robin, Stephanie Brown as she’s assumed alive by her dad, the Cluemaster because someone is posting things on the Internet about “Gotham’s latest threat”. and spoiling their plans. Its good to see her again and living up to her Spoiler name, also she’s living in the library secretly it seems.

Art this week is not Guillem March, but Riccardo Burchielli who does a really good job with the action set ups and the character designs. He has a good energy about him to his style, but I was loving the flow brought on by March. He’s fine and I wouldn’t mind seeing him for a few more issues. I like what he has going on here.

Overall I think this was just a fine issue, noting really spectacular but serviceable to the story and a really good read, despite the brief appearance of Jason Todd and all but too brief subplots, but the main plot we got here was really good and I enjoyed it a lot.

RATING: 3.5/5


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