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Batman Eternal #11

Batman Eternal gives a look into dads and daughters in #11 of the weekly series. Here’s the review!


Batman Eternal #11
Written by Tim Seeley; Drawn by Ian Bertram

Batgirl gets put back in the spotlight of the weekly and man its a pretty fun adventure down in Brazil looking for that Dominguez guy she spotted at the train track the night of the incident from #1. She does find him as he’s in the middle of a debt dispute with the Club of Villains and the hired assassin they sent, Scorpiana. Turns out that Dominguez allowed a Club member to look like him through a seriously fucked up procedure, which killed my Clayface theory, so it was that mysterious member there that night.

The two escape with the help of Red Hood and Starwhore…I mean Starfire. Or that thing pretending to be Starfire on orders of Batman last issue and they called in Batman of Argentina, Gaucho, who takes care of Scorpiana This is both the best and the worst part of this is the Batgirl section. Best because it has Batgirl just being awesome, smart, and kicking a lot of ass. The fight is damn fun and that’s hugely thanks to the great artwork of Ian Bertram. A few elements of Grant Morrison’s Batman run and Batman Incorporated are here and its slightly there in the art. This art feels like a mixture of Frank Quitely and Chris Burnham’s, more so Frank’s but its exciting and just fun to look at. Just weirdly awesome stuff going on from facial expressions, when the exaggeration really works and its stellar for the great action here. Bertram certainly has a style about him and isn’t afraid to let it show all over the panels. He does such great work here that I want more of him. Maybe next issue? This book as a definite flair to it in its differing art styles.

What was so wrong? Oh yeah Douchecanoe AKA Red Hood. As stated last issue, I don’t like Jason Todd. I only really liked him in capacity was his surprise appearance in Hush and the Under the Hood story, as well as the great animated film it was adapted into. I don’t like him outside. I was not looking forward to his appaearance but then Starwhore showed up. Starwhore is what I call Starfire as she basically is in the New 52 and was at the beginning of Red Hood and the Outlaws, which I’m told gets better, but I tried and this book is still as appealing as the huge dino shit in Jurassic Park. Its an awful book with awful characterizations of two wonderful characters and a homicidal asshole. Starwhore’s appearance only furthers how much I didn’t like that, but Jason did do something useful. He called Gaucho, who is a much better character than Jason Todd will ever be.

But this does lead to another good thing, fathers and daughters. Barbara is doing all this to help clear her father’s name as Alfred is attempting to get through to his daughter and get her to stay, and also help out Bruce put Falone away with any assistance from the SRR, while Stephanie digs up some past info on her own bad daddy, and Selina reads a letter from her father at the grave of her former best friend and fencer, Lola. Batman shows up to help Selina burn the letter and talk about Falcone but she says to not worry. She never really had a dad and doesn’t need one now. This theme is a pretty powerful one and one I think that is explored and done well on so many levels. tim Seeley wrote an excellent issue here.

The stuff I think I liked most aside from the art and Batgirl’s part was the Step stuff seeing how the downfall of daddy dearest began. He’s not that bad a villain, or well started out as one. This story continues to fascinate me, but the Selina stuff was just as powerful. There’s a theory, yes another, it like LOST here, where Carmine is her true dad. That would be a twist. Alfred and Julia have good stuff but among everything else, its the lesser of them all. Not bad stuff, but just the least interesting in an interesting issue.

Overall I think this issue was a step in the right direction for this book and I for one think its among the best this series has done yet. RATING: 5/5


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