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Batman Eternal #12

Jason Bard proves his worth and Gordon goes to trial as Batman Eternal #12 keeps the wheels of story going. Here’s the review to find out what happens!


Batman Eternal #12
Written by Jame Tynion IV; Drawn by Mikel Janin

Well Eternal is progressing as quickly as it is and juggling a number of plots. This week we get the beginning of Gordon’s trial with opening arguments and how it first seemed his defense attorney was talking about the good Gordon did, but then it was revealed to be the prosecutor as he lambasted Gordon. Nice fake-out there, but Gordon seems fine to let the system chew him up, despite Batman’s efforts which speaking of comes into contact with Lt. Bard who has a plan to guarantee the madness and be handled and that the gang war in Gotham will be noticed, as he and Bullock, Sawyer, and Vicki Vale want. Batman has to get caught. That makes me interested in how that plan might be pulled off, like a Dark Knight situation? Less fiery helicopters?

Tynion has something up his sleeve, and speaking of Tynion, first script on the book since it began and its welcomed. Tynion has stepped up to be a proven Batman writer. He gets the true fundamentals of characters and motivations. He’s also excellent at juggling many storylines which is what I think is s top requirement of this book.

We get Julia nearly discovering more of Alfred’s secrets after Tim Drake comes in yelling about how Harper Row had earlier hacked into his suit computer system to do some digging as he pays Professor Pyg a visit in his jail cell and locks her out. Nice follow up there from when that happened, but I would have loved a little more Harper here as she’s climbed up the ranks but I shouldn’t get too greedy, I mean we do know her future thanks to Batman #28. Nice bit.

Follow up on last issue with Batgirl and oh goddamn it, Red Hood. Its a brief segment that amounts to them getting back in time for the trail. Oh and he calms her down to reason and realize she needs to be smart about the whole ordeal.

All that stuff is great, but the bulk of the issue is the Gordon trail which leads to the reveal that James Gordon Jr. is alive and well having paid off a guard so he can speak to daddy one-on-one. Well he’s back and no I didn’t read his time on Suicide Squad cause I don’t like the New 52 run of Suicide Squad.

Overall this issue feels like a bulk of setup, but good setup, interesting setup. Wheels are in motion and oh Mikel Janin’s art really good here. He excels in character faces and expressions which are a vocal point of this issue as everyone is seemingly running out for Gordon. Dark times are ahead for us everyone.

RATING: 3.5/5


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