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Batman Eternal #13

Unlucky #13 for several people of Gotham as Batman Eternal finally goes into teenage wasteland, my review of the weekly series right here!

NOTE: Prattling Panels again will post end of July for a retrospective piece of comics in July as I prepare to take Prattling Panels to video in August, but written reviews of Eternal will continue!


Batmen Eternal #13
Written by James Tynion IV; Drawn by Mikel Janiin

Father-and-son bonding time. A game of catch, fishing, sharing a first beer together, plotting an escape from jail. Yes this is what James Jr. wanted to see daddy about, a plan to help bust him out. The issue opens with a great dialogue between the two, how Jr. sees some of himself in his daddy, looks aside. He says he knows his dad knows deep down he hates Gotham City. He wants to give him an out, proving that he hates the city he swore to protect and man its gripping stuff and a real highlight of the book thus far with Tynion’s writing truly cutting to the cores of the characters involved.

Tynion’s writing really excels at that and helps paint the book with colorful, memorable, and engaging people, much like his creator owned series, The Woods which you should all be reading. He’s honestly one my favorite Batman writers in sometime. I’m excited for his future and what Gordon might do with this plan.

On the other side of the law with the GCPD, Bard’s plan goes off without a hitch. You know, the plan he cleverly hinted at last week and is ready to move in motion to capture Batman or as it turns out, “associates” of Batman working for Carmine Falcone with Vicki Vale on hand to report the arrest. Yes I admit, that was fun seeing the little twists and plan pay off for new golden boy Bard and he, Sawyer, and Bullock all help to get Weasel Commissioner Forbes discovered as being in Falcone’s pocket. Forbes is ready to let them go before Vicki asks if he wants to be quoted on that, thus tying his hand even when promising Carmine he’ll take care of it over a wiretap from Bard and Vicki. Great set-up leads to great payoff.

Elsewhere, we get some followup with Tim, he tracks the origins of the nanobots to Toyko and says he’ll have a talk with Harper about boundaries when he gets back as she secretly snuck into his nest. Cute stuff, but the only other meat on this steaks is Steph in her quest to spoil her parents plan is being ignored despite acknowledgement from Joey and being on gotham’s top leading gossip forum because it involves as Vicki put it, a second-rate Riddler knockoff. Well what does her daddy do? Send a bomb to her place and accidentally kill her best friend.

Yay we got Steph back, bad news she has to be as broken and depressed at first as all Batfamily members are. FUCK! Alright, I guess since we got her back, its a new Steph, different continuity. I’ll roll with it right now until it hits a speed bump.

Mikel Janin’s art here again is stellar with the nicely crafted looks into the character’s, they don’t blend into one another or look the same. There is a uniqueness among everyone when he is writing. His perspective too is outstanding and I liked the use of a dutch angle to help open up the conversation between Gordon and Jr. a little more when the book begins. Tynion and Janin work well together and compliment each other perfectly.

RATING: 4.5/5


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