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Batman Eternal #14

History helps guide the present right now in Gotham as major changes happen in Batman Eternal #14.


Batman Eternal #14
Written by James Tynion IV; Drawn by Jason Fabok

So does James Gordon take up his demented son’s offer of busting out the joint? Well of course not. In what is the best scene of the book, Gordon laments his time is over. He’s getting older and delighted by the results Bard has made in the GCPD, he suggests Batman make him his new friend. This scene is damn good. Tynion again taps into the characters so well, you’d think he’s been writing Batman for ages, but its been only a few years. His understanding of Batman and Gordon is spot on. Jason Fabok’s art is always welcomed here and he does a great job conveying the hurt on both men in the facial expressions but also just good panel and layout work.

He does it even better when Batman meets Bard later on the GCPD rooftop. Bard this issue was a busy man. After pressuring the Mayor of a possible case he has against Falcone , Mayor Hady accidentally let’s slip Falcone’s location which is then leaked to an on the run Penguin who is slowly losing this mind. Bard’s the one who leaked the location to Penguin which lead to a bloody showdown in which Penguin massacres Falcone’s men and nearly slits Falcone’s throat before Bard, Vicki Vale, the GCP, and a camera crew show up.

Its a rather tense and well done scene as I love how Fabok draws a very sinister and creepy looking Penguin, especially when its one that’s drenched in blood and just nuts. That’s why Batman is a little bit not too cool on Bard, but he responds he’ll do things Gordon couldn’t in order to get the job done. Bard then receives his first Batvanish. Ah his broken cherry.

The build up of that has been impressive and seeing him take down and end the gang war like that is for sure gonna make him Commissioner, oh yeah Forbes went down. YAY!

Else where Scarecrow gets kidnapped through the walls of Arkham as he exposits something bad is on its way and that thing is Joker’s Daughter and elsewhere, Tim discovers Harper is on board. I thought he knew that already with the last issue. Maybe I read it wrong.

The issue was nicely done, but really only big for the Batman/Gordon/Bard section, but we get further exploration of a couple of the million subplots going on here. Its a find issue and well that’s all for Fabok now, back to Dustin Nyguyen next week on art!

RATING: 4.5/5


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