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Tube Talk: Tyrant: My Brother’s Keeper


Tyrant gets its shit together, if only for an hour as it provides its best hour yet. Which isn’t much, but its still something. Check out my thoughts below.


Tyrant: Season 1: Episode 3: My Brother’s Keeper: GRADE: C

Tyrant’s best episode still shows signs of huge weakness. It is the best episode, even with confirmation, Sammy’s gay, the daughter had almost nothing, wife just stood there concerned and what not, and Barry is boooooooring. Upside? No sexual violence against women.

Almost was when it seems Ahmed is about to make sure he and Nusrat consummate their marriage. Close call.

Alright this show does tap into the one spark of an interesting idea it has which is one of Barry’s old friends Fauzi Nadal, played by Fares Fares, the freedom fighting reporting journalist who has been at odds with the family before. He factors into the story when his daughter is caught up in the group led by Ihab Rashid (Alexander Karim) in the attempts to assassinate Jamal. Of course they suspect him but when Fauzi brings evidence to Barry that they’re about to hang the wrong man, Tyrant suddenly had a glimpse of good.


The reveal that its the husband of the woman Jamal had sex with said husband and kids hearing out in the hallway and made her go down on him back in the pilot is again interesting, but then it leads to the interrogation where Adam Rayner’s boring monotone acting is put to good use, not as effective as the scene from last week where it honestly worked but it was okay. There should’ve been some high dramatic acting in this scene that it just felt boring. I felt disinterested in it, just meh honestly.

Jamal and Leila’s story, whatever. She shows up more now to him since he’s in power and well can’t use his penis for a while. Whatever, that was approached poorly. Feels like melodramatic soap opera love. It just does. There has to be a better way to do that, hopefully its found soon.

As for Sammy, yeah he gets his sex on with Abdul (Mehdi Dehbi) and that again, just nothing really, it was okay. The writers can’t write kids/teenagers well. I have nothing to care for about them. Emma? She’s in like one scene and that’s to scoff at something her parents say and poof, she’s gone for the rest of the episode. They have nothing for them! The political stuff here was just there to fill its political quota.


I don’t know what else I can really say about this episode, it just didn’t offer up much in all honestly aside a brief glimmer of hope with a storyline and a less than awful outing than last week. Tyrant needs to pick up quick!


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